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Posted in: TPP opponents accuse Noda of making hasty decision to join talks See in context

I hope they dont go for it , and whats australia doin with these guys ..USA would ok anything for a buck . Monsanto and Du Pont are already trying to screw every producer in AUS and every other food buyer ...we dont want your crap poison shite...everyone wants clean green foods pls...why cant you do it without this allaince ? too many liers in politics.This world is becoming intoterably dominated by greed and fools in power. Aust PM must go too... shes poorly regarded in Oz . Japan must not let the USA get in there again ,they will screw it all like every island in the pacific in WW2 , sorry to say that but its true ...dont belioeve me have a look at your work ! sad

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Posted in: World's smallest Windows 7 computer See in context

thats crap !

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Posted in: Korea’s popular beer Hite reaches Japan See in context

are you kidding ??? beer from Korea ? cum on , they hardly have fresh water let alone beer water ..the only real beer comes from Australia ! honto Tonto !. as for Heinekin .. Papigiulio , it has 23 preservatives and bottles are washed in formaldehyde.. wanna grow some tits ? American beer ..yuk ..also the worst crap ...get real people... beer is water with hops ..where does the cleanest water come from ? errr AU & NZ thats where ...Im not talking Fosters either!! cheers

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Posted in: Mikie Hara shows her Mystique look See in context

silicon definately

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Posted in: Emi Takei draped in Y60 mil worth of jewelry See in context

so who wants diamonds ? everyone you know has one ..what about some Opals for a change ? Now that would be a knock out ,then donate the rest of the cash to the people suffering

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Posted in: Qantas resumes Narita flights See in context

why dont they re start QF6 Syd-Nagoya like they used to ..I hate have loyalty.

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Posted in: Julia Gillard See in context

well done julie , Yoki and I think you are doing a good job ...eraimonda !

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Posted in: Earthquakes and cherry blossoms: Japan's reminder of mortality See in context

Had to add my 10 ¥ens worth , to say what a good article it is.I have just departed from Narita yesterday unfortunately one week earlier than the expected hanami ..tho I just visited Kenrokuen Niwa in Kanazawa and Nara Kyoto Nagoya Ise it was wonderful to see the plum blossoms almost everywhere, very romantic.As for RobertCB man , pls have a cold ofuro 4 me !

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Posted in: JAL to codeshare with Jetstar on Gold Coast routes See in context

jetstar should be called "jester" ..cause they are just crap.I wish ANA still flew to Sydney ..that was very good.

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Posted in: Apple sells 450,000 Beatles albums, 2 million songs so far See in context

great ... but if only they were good quality files .I seriously hate mP3s and anything compressed but lossless ...Its not the way George Martin mixed it

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Posted in: Kana Kurashina plays against type in a new miniseries See in context

ouch !!! shes' atsui desu ne

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Posted in: Utada: 'I don't want to be a helpless adult' See in context

she is clever ,very pretty and sings like a bird .. massive respect to her . yes nice picture too

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Posted in: Why do you think that Christmas decorations and illumination displays are put up so early in Japan? See in context

anything that brings them out or fukeki (resession) the better ...bring on xmas ..but save the planet and dont have all the lights on all night OK ?

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Posted in: Face to Facebook See in context

what a load of rubbish , give me a good black and white film from the 40's 50's anyday ...please !!

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Posted in: Hooters to open first Japan restaurant in Tokyo on Oct 25 See in context

yeah right .."we want to emphasize the restaurants qualities " ...sure

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Posted in: Apple looks to iPhone, iPad for Mac inspiration See in context

theres no going back after a Mac...who'de drive a volkswagon after driving a Jag..its a no brainer ...try it :)

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Posted in: Miniskirt Police recruit new members See in context

they look so sexy , if they can sing I would prefer listen to them than c -rap or ganster rubbish ... that people call music .. nice legs ...did I see them in roppongi years ago ?

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Posted in: Yoko Ono reflects on John Lennon's 70th birthday See in context

yeah yeah yeah .... anyway ..Happy Birthday John.. rock on !

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Posted in: Tokyo film festival to open with 'The Social Network' and close with 'The Town' See in context

Bring back the Tokyo Fantastic Film Festival !!!! that was cool

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Posted in: Namie Amuro ready to have a 'Wild Summer' See in context

the origninal Miss Cutey...shes great ..I do agree with Ivancoughalot ..we need a full body image here !

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Posted in: Mari Yaguchi offers Japanese beef at low prices in Roppongi See in context

sorry Nettrek ,I strongly disagree US Angus is not the best beef in the world. Australian Beef reins supreme.. Try it Roppongi !

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Posted in: Reaching for the Universe See in context

ootsukushi Maiko -chan gambatte babe !

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Posted in: Final 11 Miss Universe Japan contestants begin beauty camp See in context

yes but are they wearing jewellery ? .pretty gals !!!! honto tonto !

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Posted in: Whale kills Florida SeaWorld trainer as spectators watch See in context

free willy !

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Posted in: Miyuki Hatoyama, Becky, Saki Fukuda among best jewelry wearers See in context

I hope she was wearing a beautiful Australian Opal , instead of Diamond that has been flogged to death in Japan for years ...

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Posted in: KFC pulls Australian ad over U.S. racism complaints See in context

australians have a britsih sense of humour , that means they can "take the piss". Americans took 10 years to understand Monty Python , and still many dont. They just dont understand our humour. Its aint all slapstick. I agree with Stanoue's comment . They know nothing about cricket, so just keep out of it .. and yes he is right we do have a chees called coon. Noone gets pissed off when you talk about Calpis do they ?? Aussies dont get embarred when americans talk about rooting for something . Lighten up and have a laugh, other wise they'll (aussies ) will sue you . LOL

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