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Posted in: Japan, Taiwan activist visits fuel isle dispute See in context

Japan, don't you have more important things to do? Say, like about 200km north east from Tokyo? Ring a bell?

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Posted in: Russia's PM dismisses Japan's anger at his Kuril trip See in context

I wouldn't care about temper tantrums of a spoiled brat either. MacArthur was correct in his assesment.

Burakumindes, right-(s)wingers sure are comical to watch all the time.

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Posted in: Japan looks to sake as new economic growth tonic See in context

Nope, best sake is definitely from Akita. It just evaporates into your nose the second it touches your tongue.

If recipes need to be tinkered to better fit foreign mouths, foreigners should do it. There are many import cuisines that skyrocketed once locals adapted them to local mouths.

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Posted in: Osaka Mayor Hashimoto: 'You have no fundamental human rights' See in context

Sure, Hashimotos's talk can be interpreted as having Kung-tsean values embedded in them.

But he must do the explaining himself. Nobody should come up with arm-polishing excuses for other people. He said what he said and he meant nothing else until he explains himself.

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Posted in: Japan begins power saving despite nuclear restart See in context

all will be inconvenienced, and if heat is high enough, enough people will needlessly die and people will see that a tiny risk that a few extra cases of mostly curable cancers is outweighed by the many deaths of elderly and children right now.

Seriously?!? "Curable cancers"? "Inconvenienced"?!? Dude, you're ranting mindlessly. You did not re-read your text before hitting submit, did you? Your black and white ideology is faulty in so many levels.

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Posted in: Japan opens solar energy parks See in context

For that I will forgive Softbank for injecting unsolicited bookmarks into my iPhone's browser.

Way to screw up PR, J-gov! Why didn't you scream from the bottom of your old, dusty, dehydrated lungs about this law, instead of that mindless drivel about "needing nuclear energy for the economy"? Now the world knows you for your saliva-ridden propaganda mumbo-jumbo instead of this modern and magnificient law!

Waltery, Iceland came up with the idea of using geothermal energy first, so J-gov cannot use it anymore.

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Posted in: Baby dead 'for a day' as mother chats on Internet forums See in context

Mommy seeking pity from the net while child is dying. How much pity is she getting now? She's quite infamous around the world, considering the amount of countries this story ran in.

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Posted in: Whistleblower wins in Supreme Court See in context

Bob is right. Hamada seems to be a good guy, but if one has nothing but a degree from a university that has no name, just the word prestigious in parentheses, and is a "life-long company man", he has no qualifications to work anywhere else in any other line of work. Really a crappy existence.

People demonstrating against government policies, whistleblowers coming forward... There are more good people in Japan that is seen from the outside.

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Posted in: Tokyo bourse 'widens insider trading probe' See in context

Hate no nitpick always, but I've been in Japan far too long to be that naive: "planning" won't restore any trust as long as you decide not to find anything. Even if you truly want to get rid of all the corruption (yes, corruption! You can call it any way you like, it is still corruption, the only thing that is transparent in Japan), it is impossible since you are as toothless as the Japanese environment protection agency with fines even I could pay right now in cash.

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Posted in: Olympus board promises no more scandals See in context

I'm confused on exactly what was promised: no more falsifying records, or them not becoming a (public) problem anymore? Given their track record (and the ah! so lovely Japanese business ethics), it is a valid concern.

Again: The problem was that they falsified records. The problem was NOT that the fact of it became public.

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Posted in: Suspect in train groping case escapes from police 'koban' by back door See in context

That's the level of professionalism we all have come to expect from J-cops.

Then again, with the completely absurd and bogus conviction rate of Japan, I'd also run even if innocent. Especially if I hadn't done anything.

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Posted in: Taliban representative in Japan for peace forum See in context

Now, J-gov must understand that they shouldn't complain about Taliban throwing acid on little girls for the crime of going to school, because that would be being insensitive to cultural differences and customary practices.

Or how did Olympus/UFJ/Okada phrased it again?

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Posted in: Record radiation levels detected at Fukushima reactor See in context

Just a reminder how difficult it is to clean up nuclear power incidents

Preventing them from ever happening, however, is much MUCH easier. A road that Tepco didn't bother itself with. And why should it have: Japanese taxpayers would pay for all eventualities and feed the radioactive contaminants to their children. "Not my problem" = "problem solved", right?

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Posted in: TEPCO to drop nuclear exports See in context

So... the world is saved?

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Posted in: Seismologists warn gov't against restarting nuclear reactors See in context

Do people still remember what happened last time somebody tried to warn J-gov? Because your children will.

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Posted in: Russia seizes Japanese boat near disputed islands See in context

Hey Ishihara! Your money is needed! C'mon, old timer, fork it out!

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Posted in: Japan probes website attacks by Anonymous hacker group See in context

Considering the IT skill level in Japan (Sony etc), they will get bored and find challenges elsewhere in no time. Password 1234 just isn't safe.

I've also witnessed what Kurisupisu just said. Foreign patent owners simply aren't respected. And not much domestic ones either. Hard to see the difference with China. God I hope I'm working for the wrong company here, this is just pathetic.

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Posted in: Night lights See in context

If one wants those, izakaya is THE only place to go.

Izakaya is one I would very much like to see Japan exporting. Izakaya has almost always (us non-smokers always have something...) been a pleasant experience. Kamakura, please expand abroad! Pleasepleasepleaseeeee!! With anti-smoking legislature and wider range of beers, Kamakura would be booked for months on end in my home country.

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Posted in: 46 things that surprise foreigners in Japan See in context

Most things on this list doesn't surprise a European at all. This was a narrow-minded article written with very little worldly knowledge.

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Posted in: Patches of higher-than-average radioactivity found in Tokyo park See in context

I'm sure the park is perfectly safe to eat. It's been tested with magic wands, and it's delicious.

Japan after 3/11 is like "Alice in Wonderland". What are bureaucrats with their B.A of Liberal Arts from a "fancy university" doing there instead of actual experts? Y'know, the people who actually know about physics?

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Posted in: Speed eater 'Gal' Sone announces pregnancy See in context

Speed eater 'Gal' Sone

Calzone? Great, just had breakfast and I'm already hungry.

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Posted in: Runaway penguin 'No. 337' to be named See in context

I was going to a boring "Humphrey", but Squidbert's suggestion just cracked me up!

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Posted in: Russia's Medvedev to visit disputed Kuril isles See in context

Oh for the... Japan, give it a rest, willya?!?

Are we going to have to listen to your "We need living space!" mongrel while pretending we haven't heard that before? Seriously?!

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Posted in: Prosecutors in Nepali's case are 'sore losers' See in context

I can see why the prosecutors would need protection. People tend to get edgy around those who take no responsibility of their own action.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese arrested for drug smuggling in Iran See in context

Ware = broken piece? A deliberate jab, danalawton1?

Any excuse by anybody caught smuggling drugs is very unlikely. Accepting a package from stranger prior to flight etc. is so old-fashioned trick, it's amazing that anybody would fall for that anymore. Just remember the excuses the Japanese woman gave when caught in Singapore! I mean, seriously? I realize that in Japan and in everything related to Japan it's polite to believe everything you're told, but that doesn't make it anywhere near sensible.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese arrested for drug smuggling in Iran See in context

Cases like Govinda Prasad Mainali, Abubakar Awudu Suraj and Karina Garcia show that Japan has no claim to a superior justice system.

Anyway, there are no grounds to doubt what was reported, that they were caught with illegal drugs. Japanese also do commit crimes. It is plain racism to automatically assume the opposite.

In Japan, obey Japanese laws. In Iran, obey Iranian laws. Simple. They didn't get it, now they pay. If Japan wants to punish foreign criminals of Japan according Japanese laws, they can do so with the assumption that Japanese criminals abroad will be dealt according to local laws. If they are harsh, too bad. They knew better.

Anyway, they were probably just mules. They took all the risk with none of the benefits of sales. Just sad.

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Posted in: 'China fund' turns to Japan amid Europe fears See in context

Nice gesture from the much feared neighbour, although they better not expect to receive regular dividends if they invested in the "traditional" Japanese companies (=scammers) such as Olympus.

Is Japan going to reciprocate? If not, China has a foot in the door and motivation to buy Japan just like they bought the United States.

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Posted in: Harry S Truman's grandson to visit Hiroshima See in context

An empty gesture. Clifton Truman did not make the bomb any more than authorize it's use, he had absolutely nothing to do with it. This is a completely different person with no actual connection to anything that happened. And the fact that he is president Truman's grandson is irrelevant, since only a monster could blame an innocent child for the sins of their fathers (or grandfather's).

He owes no apology for something he obviously did not have anything to do with. Him making an empty gesture is not an indication that the actual perpetrators would really be repenting.

But if his presence mean something to the lobby groups and the victims, I say it's good for everybody that he comes.

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Posted in: Honda to recycle rare earths to be green See in context

Somebody from "high place" warned that J-gov is going to accelerate their project "Messing up relations with China" and therefore effectively cutting off supplies?

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