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In defence of these people, they live on a massive island with only mountains and flood plains, and have probably the greatest number of disastrous seismic and weather events. I think on average they recover better than most places, with no looting or panicking.

The old farts in the J government are dragging the chain on many things, but Japan isn't as backward on climate policy as, say, the US or Australia (, where I'm from - we voted against a carbon tax in 2013, wooh yeah, people power!..?).

There's an old Irish-Australian bush poem that would tease us for our hand-wringing:

And every creek a banker ran,

And dams filled overtop;

"We'll all be rooned," said Hanrahan,

"If this 'ere rain doesn't stop."

But now this poem is dated, as we might all possibly be bloody-well ruined if we have indeed busted the climate.


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What was awesome about Mad Max was the budget, the fact that it was made as a hobby and that it was chockers with 70's Australian muscle cars (and that was when we made some awesome cars) and Japanese bikes (Kawasaki gave them a bunch of ZII's to use) being driven to the max and smashed to bits. Toecutter's post-apocalyptic punks were new, and arguably an influence on the bousouzoku. Subsequent movies had none of these but had at least Mel Gibson. It's great to have the Toecutter back but this movie will need to have something special, some unique and new that the other movies didn't have, in order to to have any meaning at all. I'm not holding my breath but all credit if they pull it off. Someone should have a word to Rossi boots and have them reissue the original boots Mel wore as a genuine motorcycle boot - they'd sell like hotcakes.

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Have you ever seen the stats on drug use in jails? As for the death sentence you might uphold China as an example but would you call their legal system and social contract something we should aspire to? A more relevant exemplar would be the USA, but in some state some (mostly poor racial minority) innocents have spent years on death row and been executed - essentially psychologically tortured and murdered by the state as well as unfairly demonised as criminals. If there's 150% proof in the case of a serial killer or other dangerous type I can see the appeal of capital punishment but otherwise it is dodgy. I would prefer giving someone a life of labour in which they contribute to the local economy over the death sentence by firing squad of volunteers. If just one convicted person is innocent, capital punishment makes us murderers.

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Perhaps Prof Watanabe and his friends would like to strill the Kokoda Trail and look for bones of Japanese soldiers with human teeth marks on them (from their starving comrades). Of perhaps he could sort through the letters from Japanese soldiers and pilots that were censored. The Imperial Army was over stretched in many ways and their superiors were willing to subject their soldiers to unspeakable inhumanity. Any means justified their desired end. Forced prostitution (even if exaggerated in it's details) is completely within the types of mandate and attitude the officer class took upon themselves. Look what they did to the crew of the Yamato. They can try to erase the history all they like but outside Japan it will always be known and if the Japanese populace close ranks with their new Nihinjinron/Rightwinger approved leadership they will only find themselves increasingly isolated as the economies and societies of their neighbours increase in strength and presence. The whole war crime denial thing is a dead end for Japanese society, it's just a question of whether they'll realise before they hit the stops of economic, military or other warfare.

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If only they'd make stuff like that again. I demand a shrubbery!

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It's not about the economy, Stupid.

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Let's cool down a little. Yes I firmly agree that the self righteousness in the Australian position is highly inappropriate, particularly when Byron Bay, Moreton Is, Hervey Bay and many other Aussie towns were founded as part of the West's decimation of the world's whale population that continued up until the 80's. However comparison with the harvesting of kangaroos doesn't stick where Australia often has 'roos in plague proportions due to the wide availability of water bores post European settlement/invasion and we do not proceed beyond our own borders. I do sympathize as tourists hear that we sometimes eat our national symbol, but their consumption does in theory displace hoofed mammal grazing which has destroyed so much of Australia's land and rivers ecology. oAlmost all nations sanction the harvesting of various mammals and other intelligent creatures for consumption, with religious and other beliefs prohibiting the harvesting of certain animals (bovine species for Hindus for example) May I suggest we might all agree the issues in the case of any animal are 1) cruelty 2) whether they are a threatened species and how their numbers affect the food chain, and 3) where they are harvested - domestically or in areas for all nations to share.

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