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civilized countries on the planet gave this up a hundred years ago.

So the USA, Britain, Australia, Canada, etc. are not civilized?

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Posted in: Search resumes for 7-year-old girl missing at Yamanashi campsite since Saturday See in context

This girl could be found in 10 seconds of they used a FLIR.

> "Drako" is 100% correct. Something is missing from this story.

> This type of equipment should be readily available for civilian use

It is available for civilian use. And this is real life not a TV show. In mountainous and wooded terrain FLIR can easily miss a small heat source. The trees can easily block her heat.

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Wouldn't you do testing before bringing them back to Japan?

This is the real world not a TV show. Extracting and testing DNA, which is how they are identified as non-Japanese, takes considerable time.

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So what is? There has to be a cause.

Well my guess is there are a whole bunch of causes. But maybe if scientists weren't doing 'science' to show it is only CO2 they would be able to find ALL the causes.

An average of 3.3mm per year, but the rate increasing

If you went to the NOAA website for NYC you would see it is 2.85 mm/year with no sign of any increase.

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Sea level rise in New York city seems to have been pretty constant since 1856, long before humans added significant CO2 to the atmosphere. And it shows no noticeable increase in rate of rise, despite humans putting increasing amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere since the early 1900's. Maybe reality is showing that CO2 isn't causing climate change.

waters are projected to rise as much as six feet (1.8 meters) by 2100

Well the NOAA and real world data shows a steady rate of rise of less than 1 foot every hundred years. So the 'projection' of 6 feet is not based on reality or science.

and the threat of severe storms increases.

And again the real world data (as opposed to computer simulations) shows no increase in severe storms.

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can someone please remind me WHY exactly do we need to eat whale(!)(?)(!) ? -_-

(trick question. answer - we actually don,t need it......... at all)

Just like we don't need thousands of other foods. Lack of need for a specific one is hardly a reason to get rid of it.

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My J-wife informed me last night after seeing this on the news TV she hasn't eaten whale since they were forced to for school lunch more than 60 years ago and hates the taste of it.

And my J-friend informed me they eat whale once or twice a month and enjoy the taste of it. Different people like different things. The fact that one doesn't like something is meaningless.

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Posted in: Japan's hunt for minke whales resume in coastal areas off Hokkaido See in context

Unfortunately nobody raises voices against the attempt.

I have seen voices raised against it for well over a decade.

but this move is massively hurting Japan's image in Australia

Yet trade between the two countries continues to grow unabated. Political ties continue to be strengthened. And Australian tourist visits to Japan are increasing.

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Still no answers as to what they do with the huge surplus of whale meat.

What surplus?

a staggering $46 million this year

Which is a staggering 0.005% of the Japanese government's annual budget. Not saying the money couldn't be used elsewhere but it is so small that it would get lost by simply rounding off to the nearest 0.01%. If someone makes $40,000 a year, it is like $2. Half a Starbucks coffee per year.

nor environmentally sustainable.

The industry has continued with no negative effects on whale populations for over 30 years at HIGHER levels of hunting. Sure looks like it is environmentally sustainable.

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Posted in: Japan's hunt for minke whales resume in coastal areas off Hokkaido See in context

So, please tell me why they had a quota of 1,000 whales for their BS research in the southern ocean?

Because the well understood science of statistical sampling allows you to calculate how many samples you need to achieve a mathematically significant result. It was all spelled out in their research plan with the math clearly explained.

It's said that Japan catches about 3000 tons of whales per year, of which it consumes about 5%.

Where is it said and by whom?

Forests are being razed to the ground so cattle etc can be farmed.

The amount of forest world wide is increasing and has been for decades.

As whaling has a long tradition in Japan, surely it is only fair that the whales are also caught by traditional methods, namely, people in a row/sail boat without an engine using hand held harpoons to catch them. That would even things up a bit.

Humans are traditionally hunter/gathers, surely it is only fair that you subsist on food you yourself gather in the wilds.

if the whales ever go extinct, then the oceans would die too. The whales are extremely important for the oceans' ecosystem.

Then I guess it is a good thing that most whale populations are stable or increasing.

If Japan is 'Truly' doing scientific research on whales, then shouldn't they be continuing the trend to hunt whales outside of territorial waters for research purposes when they resumed commercial whaling? Otherwise, they would then ''really'' be in violation since the hunts were for commercial purposes anyway.

The main aim of the research was to provide the data to support resuming commercial whaling. Now that commercial whaling has resumed there is no longer a need for that research.

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Really Jim?

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If one is a Christian yes the good book did say God put the animals for man to eat but he also gave a list that one should not eat...

The restrictions are all in the Old Testament. Christians follow the New Testament which changed the Old and contains no food restrictions.

It is a black mark on an otherwise respected country.

The USA allows whale hunting. Canada allows whale hunting. Denmark allows whale hunting. Norway allows whale hunting. Iceland allows whale hunting. Russia allows whale hunting. None of these countries seem to suffer the abuse heaped on Japan. And none of these countries, including Japan, seem to have suffered any significant loss of respect due to whaling.

When 99% of people disagree with something you're doing...


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Posted in: 60% of spent nuclear fuel in Japan to be stored in metal casks See in context

How do they cool the metal? Spent fuel still heats up.

3 to 4 years after being removed from the reactor the fuel makes so little heat that active cooling with water isn't needed. There are thousands of these casks with spent fuel all over the world and none has ever had a problem with heat build-up.

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I would also add compressed air and solar power as auxiliary battery chargers

Compressed air requires some power source to compress it, and it has a very low energy density. Better to use whatever you had planned to power the compressors to directly power the vehicle.

And solar power is so dilute that the time and area needed to charge the batteries of anything but the smallest dinghy is huge and impracticable.

Please say why you disagree with the science facts in my comment.

The facts are wrong. Wind and hydroelectric require huge amounts of steel and concrete, major sources of carbon emissions. Wave and solar are far to dilute to be practicable for large vessels. And all 4 use resources that are mined in ways that cause environmental damage as bad, if not worse, than carbon emissions.

Geothermal, although not requiring much that generates carbon, is another dilute source and only found in certain geographical areas often far from where power is needed. It is fine, in the areas it exists, for houses and small buildings but not a vessel of any size.

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but Fuel-cell hydrogen tank is not heavy as gas is light

Hydrogen tanks are very heavy. If the hydrogen is a gas the tanks have to be huge and/or under immense pressure because hydrogen has a very low energy density. At 1 atm it is 0.0119 MegaJoules/liter, at 680 atm it is 5.32 MJ/l. Compared to gasoline at 34.2 MJ/l or diesel at 38.6 MJ/l. So either a big heavy tank or a smaller heavy pressurized tank. Now if you liquefy it you get up to 10.04 MJ/l but then you need heavy insulation to keep it liquid. With the power and range needed for a ship, hydrogen in any form is a poor choice.

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Japan should consider, wind, solar,

Look into the environmental damage done to obtain the materials for wind and solar, they are "a danger to people, the land, agriculture, water, air, and other animals". Oh, but most of the damage is in other less developed countries so it is OK. Not to mention the damage their installations produce.

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Posted in: TEPCO to decommission Fukushima Daini nuclear plant See in context

We are talking about the decommissioning of a meltdown reactor. So far none has been done.

No. The article is about Daini not Daiichi. And Three Mile Island melted down and was decommissioned.

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Japan still plans to hunt endangered Sei whales, although I admit the number is small (25). They might face less criticism if they didn't hunt them at all.

I will again cite the IUCN for the fact that even though Japan has been hunting Sei whales at almost 100 a year for decades, the population is increasing and they expect to remove the Sei whale from the endangered list within 5 years.

Also the claim was that most whale species are not endangered and that the IUCN assessment agrees with that statement. Pointing out that one species is endangered does nothing to refute either the claim or the facts that support it.

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Posted in: TEPCO to decommission Fukushima Daini nuclear plant See in context

I do not believe it a second and it will last much more than 40 years.

Anybody can make up numbers. The reality is that around the world decommissioning of reactors have been taking place for over a decade so the costs are well known. And a single reactor can be done in less than 10 years.

So let's look at actual sourced information based on reality.

The OECD estimates about 700 Million USD to decommission.

700M USD * 4 = 2.8 Billion USD

Pretty close to the TEPCO estimate. And since all 4 units are together there will be cost savings over doing individual units, putting a 2.6 Billion USD estimate right in line.

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Japan maintains that most whale species are not endangered

And the IUCN agrees.

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Posted in: Myths and risks in app that gives you peek into older self See in context

The app may not be getting access to all your pictures but the article ignores the apps terms of service which grants the company the rights to the photos you do give it access to.

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Posted in: Amazon workers strike as 'Prime' shopping frenzy hits See in context

I would hope, that Mr Bezos can kiss his fortune good bye

Amazon is a publicly traded stock. Mr Bezos can't be held personally liable for the companies actions.

If the Amazon workers don’t even get time for a toilet break then I’d be walking out too!

I agree. If things are as extreme as some claim you would expect to see a huge turnover of employees. But you don't see that. In fact you see hundreds of people applying for any opening that occurs.

John Oliver did a show on this a week or so back.

So a bias satirical comedian is now a source for facts?

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"We create a lot of wealth for Amazon, but they aren't treating us with the respect and dignity that we deserve."

If you really believe that, then leave and get a job somewhere else. With unemployment being so low it should be easy to find your dream job.

Organizers did not disclose the number of strikers, who said employees picketed for about an hour in intense heat before cutting the protest short due to the onset of heavy rain.

If there had been a significant number of protesters the organizers would have trumpeted the numbers. They were so dedicated that they stop because of rain.

"It is not too much to ask that a company owned by the wealthiest person in the world treat its workers with dignity and respect."

So companies owned by people who are just scraping by are allowed to treat their workers badly?

I mistakenly registered for Amazon Prime and will soon cancel it.

Why didn't you cancel it immediately?

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Japan with abundant sun, wind and hydro and it can’t make a move to lessen dependence on fossil fuel?

Most of Japan is too far north to rely on solar, to mountainous to rely on wind and all three source mentioned require large amounts of land which doesn't work well in a densely populated country.

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how easy it was to get hold of weapons capable of being used for mass killings.

Like walking into a department store and buying a knife or ax?

They are fun I admit. But not a necessary in day to day life.

And how many other things can be described exactly the same way? Should all those things be banned too?

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Playing an early season game...late in the season when they have more to lose

The season is more than half-way over. And the entire season record matters for getting into the playoffs. A lose on the first day of the season counts the exact same as a lose on the last day of the season.

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threatening the supply of such water and putting nuclear plants in competition with local communities for fresh water.

Not hardly. For secondary cooling nuclear plants can use seawater, as many do. For primary coolant they require processed water, basically dionized and ultra filter. They process this water themselves and can start with water unsuitable for drinking or irrigation.

As far as the temperature of the cooling water the claim is laughable. A few degrees increase is nothing compared to how much the water temperature changes from winter to summer. And since the cooling is to condense steam which is at 100 degrees C and increase of even 5 degrees in the cooling water is insignificant.

for which there is no known or even envisioned method of safe storage under even the best of conditions.

Well except for reprocessing and geological storage, which are clearly known, envisioned and safe.

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Whales have an extremely slow reproduction rate and they are hunted during the calving season, which means many are pregnant or just had calves.

The reproduction rate is taken into account when setting the quota.

Furthermore, the whales being watched are the same whales that run the gauntlet through the hunting grounds. It’s impossible for the two industries to coexist.

Since the whales have been being hunted for over 30 years, while the whale watching industry was taking root. It has already been amply demonstrated that both industries CAN and DO coexist. Just like both industries have coexisted in Iceland and Norway for decades.

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Posted in: High court nixes call to halt nuclear reactors in southwestern Japan See in context

Just let these so called experts watch the tv show 'Chernobyl'

You mean the laughable propaganda 'Chernobyl'?

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They can quit clubs, but they can't quit national federations - that's tied to one's nationality. In a way, a national federation is a monopoly - one can only play for 1 national federation at a time, and to play for another one, one has to become its naturalized citizen first, so it's not like freedom of movement.

But they don't have to play for ANY national team. So yes they most certainly CAN quit the national team.

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