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don-in-japan comments

Posted in: Japan's high school English proficiency falls short of gov't targets See in context

The ridiculousness of asserting that you cannot learn a language in schools...

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Posted in: Tokyo school ramps up security over Armani uniforms on first day See in context

ozziedesigner Today  07:40 pm JST

The cartel that sell those backpacks are thieves pure and simple ! How can an el-cheapo vinyl rucksack cost 50,000 Yen ?? My J wife proudly informed me of how much they were. I bet she wished she hadn't after the expletive laden response she received from me.

What Christina said.

And as people have pointed out, 50,000 yen is pretty standard. Middling, even, for a good "randoseru". I also think that if people check the uniform prices for many private schools, they will discover that it's around the level discussed here.

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Posted in: Ninja-themed sneakers See in context

zichiMar. 21  08:23 pm JST

I could find at least 3 great pairs of sneakers for that price.

Ha! You must have feet size 28-or-less!!!

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Posted in: Ninja-themed sneakers See in context

Ugh. "...take down the king"? Asics have a very long way to go before they come close to the colorways on the vanguard shoes of Nike (look at some of the Kyrie 4 designs!). Even then - private customizers are doing WAY more exciting stuff than Nike.

But these shoes? Ew.

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Posted in: How old is too old for a boy to go into the women’s hot spring bath in Japan? See in context

thepersoniamnowMar. 9  09:03 am JST

Anything above a baby is not necessary.

Because... why exactly? Yet another confusing nudity with sex.

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Posted in: Native speakers in demand as Japanese schools step up English lessons See in context

wtfjapan Today  11:36 am JST

well firstly there isnt enough qualified english teachers that want to teach in japan and why would a qualified English teacher want to work for 300000yen a month

30man is a high end one! Vast majority are 22-27. As suggested - you get what you pay for.

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Posted in: Japanese race queens give their opinion on Formula 1 abolishing grid girls See in context

thepersoniamnowToday  08:59 am JST

Don in japan

Men are much more inclined to be heavily into sports and physical competition. This is a well known thing and a well studied charactaristic.

As someone very involved in sport - in two different countries over a few decades now, I think I am qualified to state that this is an incredibly chauvinistic thing to say.

"Well studied charactaristic [sic]"??? I call BS. Gimme links.

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Posted in: Japanese race queens give their opinion on Formula 1 abolishing grid girls See in context

thepersoniamnow Feb. 26  11:19 pm JST

...is because women dont like sports events.

Wow... this is a bit of a craptastic take.

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Posted in: Again the question: Could armed teachers stop shootings? See in context

Ko Today  06:39 am JST

The United States has always been a proudly pro gun culture and nation. Since the very beginning the United States has a gun culture that came from Europe with the British French Spanish and Italians.

More correctly, British. Yet they manage to change. Some huge simplifications in the second paragraph.

Ko Today  06:39 am JST

Guns both single shot semi automatic and fully automatic assault weapons are the constitutional right of every American citizen and a vitally important right in equipping American citizens with the ability to fight against tyrannical governments.

They have been a "constitutional right" of many citizens of other nations, but changes happen. On that... you do realize what the word "amendment" actually means... right? And "defend against tyrannical governments? Please. Oh... and the full part of that status on guns requires them to be in a well-regulated militia. Not much in the way of "regulations" occurring there at all.

Ko Today  06:39 am JST

Guns are excellent tools for harvesting animals and self defense and sports target shooting.

Guns and semi automatic guns and their ownership and unobstructed use are settled law in the United States of America.

Mass murder, too. "Settled law"... please refer to the word amendment.

And that last sentence just caps off the inanity. Holy crapoly. To come out post Marjory Stoneman Douglas and say "guns are fun"...

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Posted in: Again the question: Could armed teachers stop shootings? See in context

1glennToday  11:55 am JST

Of course, doing what Australia did after their one and only school shooting, ban all guns, makes too much sense, so that isn't even part of the conversation.

Well... slight correction there, Glenn. Australia didn't ban guns after a "school shooting". It was after the Port Arthur massacre happened in 1996. I don't think Australia has EVER had a "school shooting".

On this: really? The answer to the guns issue in America is... let's have more guns. Sheesh. As a high school teacher, I'd really not like to be put into either situation - where I have to have my life threatened, OR I have to take the life of someone else.

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Posted in: 17 killed in shooting spree at Florida high school by expelled student See in context

kurisupisu Today  02:58 pm JST

It is no wonder that a brainwashed society resorts to these weapons when faced with social problems.....

Yet literally billions do, without turning to firearms.

And using 'mental health' is a weak sauce argument.

Other countries have mental health issues. The only difference is quite obvious.

I find it amazing to hear today, people quibbling over "how many school shootings" there have been in the US this year - "It's not many..."

Eight school shootings.  Thirty in the country as a whole, and 346 last year.

Yet - hey! - it's a "mental health issue"... and "IT'S ONLY EIGHT/THIRTY/THREE-HUNDRED-AND-FORTY-SIX SHOOTINGS".

Eight shootings in a *** school, man. Eight times where kids have been shot because some idiot has ready access to a firearm.

But no worries! Prayers/good thoughts, amirite?

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Posted in: U.S. Vice President Pence to visit Japan next week See in context

AussieboyToday  05:12 pm JST

He once claimed that smoking does not cause cancer because he knows someone that smoked their whole life and didnt die because of cancer....no kidding. 

There's a poster here in a thread on Japan/smoking restrictions claiming the very same thing...

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Posted in: Japan to restrict heated tobacco use but gives up on indoor smoking ban See in context

erbaviva Jan. 31  03:10 pm JST

my grandma smoke 2 packs of cigarette a day, then tobacco thane reverse smoking. She died when she was 97 years old. My uncle smokes 2 packs a day since age 18, he is now 68 and is very healthy

Your personal experience, dubious or not, does not invalidate the facts.

With what we know now, it is foolish to claim that there's no correlation between smoking and health issues. Be it passive or direct consumption.

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Posted in: Japan to restrict heated tobacco use but gives up on indoor smoking ban See in context

papigiulio Today  08:57 am JST

Due to industry resistance? Hah don't make me laugh. The government and JT are best friends.

Correct... altho', it's more that the LDP and JT are the very best of friends - the tobacco industry being a major contributor to party funds.

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Posted in: Zushi City ordered to pay compensation to man whose wife was killed by stalker See in context

Rick RuinToday  11:51 am JST

To the people complaining about the compensation being too low.. where do you think this money comes from? Some magical money tree?

Maybe they won't be able to repair the same road for the 15th consecutive year...

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Posted in: WWF urges Japan to close domestic ivory market by 2020 See in context

OssanAmericaJan. 14  11:19 pm JST

The question is why wouldn't you think that.

Perhaps I misunderstood your original comment. I wasn't referring to the Chinese black market, but your comment "It will happen for sure." - which I took to be referring to the original article stating that the WWF was urging Japan to close its ivory trade. Japan will do what Japan wants to do.

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Posted in: Japanese cram school gives students permission to smash window, break into building on test day See in context

YubaruJan. 13  12:15 pm JST

They are.

Source? I have a few acquaintances who are either Japanese English teachers or in admin (admittedly, semi-rural Japan), and nothing there yet.

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Posted in: WWF urges Japan to close domestic ivory market by 2020 See in context

OssanAmericaToday  08:44 am JST

It will happen for sure. Problem is that just like China there will be a black market that will continue to trade in ivory.

Not sure why you think that... reasoning?

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Posted in: Japanese cram school gives students permission to smash window, break into building on test day See in context

Count me as dubious that any significant change will occur within public schools in/by 2020. It will mean a massive change in the way the current teachers instruct... I don't see that happening with any haste. BUT... IB schools are starting to pop up, including within the government sector. This is a positive.

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Posted in: Japan to limit work permits for asylum seekers from 2018 See in context

dcog9065Today  04:57 pm JST

There are far too many fraudulent asylum seekers and refugees who make an absolute mockery of the legitimate asylum seekers and refugees fleeing real persecution and violence.

Yeah... all 28 of them.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy dies after being hit on head in hammer throw accident on school grounds See in context

Daniel NaumoffDec. 23  06:16 pm JST

I am sorry I am not the worldy common sense. If you somehow advocate dangerous in theory physical activities,... there is no enlightening to be received.

Much of what happens in life can be 'dangerous' if not done correctly, and accidents do occur. I'd hesitate before recommending that sports be taken off a physical education curriculum in a knee-jerk reaction to an accident.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy dies after being hit on head in hammer throw accident on school grounds See in context

Daniel NaumoffDec. 21  05:01 pm JST

Throwing hammers was never supposed to be a part of the curriculum in modern education. A tragedy that could have been well avoided.

Care to illuminate why you believe this?

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Posted in: Car rams into pedestrians in Melbourne; at least 19 injured See in context

katsu78Dec. 21  11:26 pm JST

Indeed, a history of untreated mental health issues seems like a common thread in terrorist attacks.

I hope that was tongue-in-cheek... Australia are NOT treating this as a terrorist attack.

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Posted in: As Disney swallows Fox, a new era dawns for Hollywood See in context

Wayland Disney?

NCIS RerunsDec. 16  06:13 pm JST

None of this really matters unless Americans can find a way to make the odious Murdoch shed Fox News and his other toxic media holdings before booting him back to Canberra.

No thanks. Dude's a naturalized American citizen now. We don't want him back.

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Posted in: Two ex-Trump aides charged in Russia probe, 3rd pleads guilty See in context

Black SabbathToday  06:45 am JST

"Sorry, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign

Sorry, but the statute of limitation for Manafort's alleged crime is seven years. Sad!

Actually... "six years from commission or discovery, whichever is later."

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Posted in: NRA endorses curbs on rapid-fire gun devices See in context

bass4funkOct. 6  09:21 am JST

Because I can. I don’t need a reason, I could be a gun collector or a hunter depending on the animal, I don’t need to give anyone a reason, the 2nd amendment allows me he right to own one.

You guys never seem to realise what the word 'amendment' actually means...

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Posted in: High school boy in critical condition after 'penalty' run in heat See in context

This is deplorable. Nothing more to say. However, I do encourage people to not offer unresearched, blanket statements about "all over Japan"...

DisillusionedAug. 26  05:10 pm JST

Yes, that's right. However, they fail to produce successful sportspersons with their 'heavy handed' coaching of athletes. The most successful athletes in Japan are all women

Well... that's not entirely accurate. On two levels. Yes, they have successful female athletes - but they also have some successful male athletes too. And as far as high profile cases of "coach abuse", several have been with female athletes being abused.

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Posted in: Wonder Woman promoted in Japan with idol song 'A Woman Can’t Sleep Alone,' angering some fans See in context

How the hell can they miss so very, very badly on this?

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Posted in: Do you check work emails on your days off, after you wake up in the morning and at night after you return home? See in context

I work in an IB school - I pretty much have to.

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Posted in: 7 killed, 48 hospitalized after London terror attacks; 3 suspects shot dead See in context

Apparently Vauxhall is an unrelated stabbing...


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