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Posted in: Should bloggers and tweeters be subject to the same libel and slander laws as traditional media outlets? See in context

Spot on, oikawa.

And quite obviously, if the same standards were applied in JT threads - there'd be quite a few commenters in hot water, and I'm not talking 'onsens'!

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Posted in: Should bloggers and tweeters be subject to the same libel and slander laws as traditional media outlets? See in context

Natural extension of this, is applying the same laws to forums/comments... like those made here on JT.

As Peter Payne said: slippery slope.

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Posted in: Japan bows out of Rugby World Cup with 28-18 win over U.S. See in context

Christopher GlenOCT. 13, 2015 - 12:44AM JST Praising Japan's team earns a down vote: surprise surprise. But unless Japan starts a rugby championship like they do for football - their progress in 2015 will mean nothing in 2019

Japan has a rugby union league (Top League). They also will compete in Super Rugby (Aus/NZ/SA/Argentina based) next season. According to a recent Japan Times article, sales of rugby-related memorabilia exceeded expectations by a significant amount. Just because it's not on the same level as baseball/football in terms of participation doesn't mean it "means nothing"...

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Posted in: Karaoke boxes great places for group study sessions with your classmates See in context

Way, way too many distractions. Noise from neighboring booths... and of course: the temptation to participate.

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Posted in: Tokyo recommends 5 additional sports for 2020 Olympics See in context

smithinjapanSEP. 28, 2015 - 09:52PM JST So... one or more games but Japan wants to add EIGHTEEN??

One or more sport, with the end result of adding 18 events - remembering that weight classes or divisions are still events...

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Posted in: Tokyo recommends 5 additional sports for 2020 Olympics See in context

Squash is far more international than Baseball/Softball. If that's a consideration, I suppose surfing/skateboarding are as well (tho' I don't really regard either skateboarding or sports climbing as "olympic sports"!)...

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Posted in: Frustrated fans See in context

Wc626Sep. 24, 2015 - 09:26AM JST Is rugby popular in japan? Or is it only becoming popular now cause of their big win over S. Africa. When I go out, I see the blue soccer jerseys or baseball caps.

I think it will become more so... especially leading-into-then-post 2019.

Japan played the first 50 minutes well... then it became obvious that they were leg-weary. Japan weren't just beaten by Scotland, they were beaten by a crappy schedule (one that none of the top tier nations will have to suffer through).

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Posted in: Idol singer ordered to pay management company Y650,000 after going to hotel with male fan See in context

Sounds like the judge is a fan himself...

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Posted in: Big win See in context

Steve CrichtonSEP. 20, 2015 - 11:10AM JST Cant wait to see Scotland hammer them. Anyway even if they do finish second in their pool, they will play Australia or England and get sent packing. Sorry folks this will not be another 2002 Soccer World Cup performance.

Sheesh Nostrodamus, what a bitter, small-minded comment! Regardless of whether they win/lose vs Scotland (how many wins do the Scots have vs SA in a WC?), this was a fantastic victory.

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yoshisan88SEP. 20, 2015 - 09:11AM JST It probably qualifies as one of sport's greatest upsets, not just Japan. According to information online, South Africa is 2 time Rugby World Cup Champion. Japan had previously won only once in 24 World Cup outings. It sure is one of sport's greatest upsets.

Japan haven't WON in 24 years, and the last one was against Zimbabwe (another "minnow"). This was a brilliant win!!!

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Posted in: Children need to be taught to be wary of the night See in context

YubaruAUG. 27, 2015 - 07:15AM JST Children to to be taught to be AWARE during the night

Which is pretty much what "wary" means... but I agree that it's not just the night that they need to be wary of.

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Posted in: Father of bullied boy who killed himself files criminal complaint See in context

Yubaru... you make it sound like this is not an issue for schools outside of Japan. Newsflash dude...

This is horrific, and if any school won't do something about bullying, the parents should inform police.

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Posted in: China says many in Japan not ready to accept its rise See in context

I would suggest the major hurdles towards mutually beneficial relations between the two are... 1) They both recognize that the problems that exist between China/Japan are created by both China/Japan. 2) China needs a villain to keep the populace in line. Japan fulfills that role. To a lesser extent, that's true in reverse too. 3) Japan needs to reconcile itself with it's history.

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Posted in: Do you think lowering the voting age to 18 in Japan is a good idea? See in context

ReformedBasherJUN. 08, 2015 - 09:32AM JST Ignoring the ever-present urge of some to belittle the country they chose to live in

That's ad hominem. You have no idea as to his motivations for his commentary. Whilst I fall on the same side as you on this topic (I too believe that 18 year olds should get to vote), opinions that don't fall on the same side as ours are still (possibly) valid.

Then again... maybe you know the guy and your critique is valid.

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Posted in: Youth gets 5-9 years in prison for killing Mie schoolgirl See in context

Absolutely inane to think of this guy as a 'minor'. Kinda gives due warning on what's going to happen to the 18yo who killed Ryota Uemura...

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Posted in: Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser dies at 84 See in context

A true statesman, a towering figure in Australian politics - regardless of which flavour of party you prefer. A man who did not let party affiliations impede him when it came to speaking his mind on injustice. Australia's a little bit smaller for the loss.

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Posted in: Tokyo police ask cyclists to exercise caution See in context

Ok... can we have some better infrastructure for cycling while we're at it? And whilst I agree that there needs to be a more stringent application of road rules for cyclists - it's even more important for motor vehicles. EVERY complaint in the article and comment section applies to cars, and is even more important. Stop cars running red lights. Stop people texting whilst driving. Stop people using phones whilst driving. Make sure kids in cars are securely in their seatbelts. Ensure that drivers use indicators when changing lanes. These are all things I see on pretty much a daily basis.

How about the police in all cities focus on some of the motorized vehicles issues?

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Posted in: 2,100 people sue Asahi Shimbun over 'comfort women' stories See in context

Why let the truth get in the way of a good law suit?

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Posted in: Do you agree with the Japanese government's decision to provide $200 million in non-military humanitarian aid for those displaced by conflict in the Middle East? See in context

YenotFEB. 02, 2015 - 06:02PM JST Also the koran was written by a warrior and like all religious teaching, the taking of blood is not only allowed but glorified.

Oh puhlease. Have you read the bible? If you take parts of that book literally too, then it's a pretty bloody-minded set of documents... Historical context is needed for BOTH the Koran, and the bible.

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Posted in: Record number of teachers disciplined for corporal punishment See in context

slumdogFEB. 01, 2015 - 01:16PM JST I think you have misunderstood the headline. A record number of teachers are said to have been diciplined, which would equal the record number being reported.

So you think that schools don't deal with some issues 'in-house'? Maybe the way I phrased that was a bit ambiguous... sorry: what I was implying is that on this issue (corporal punishment occurring in schools), regardless of whatever-it-is you're measuring or the metric is, it's very unlikely that it was anything like what's occurred in the past.

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Posted in: Record number of teachers disciplined for corporal punishment See in context

I very much doubt that this was a "record high". Just that more were actually reported in 2013.

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Posted in: Fuji TV faces harsh criticism over 'ticker' counting down to Japanese hostages’ fate See in context

ZaphodJAN. 23, 2015 - 01:07PM JST Either Abe pays or Abe does not pay. I predict he will pay.

Well... given his attention to the US, and his more-than-hawkish ways over his time in power, I doubt that ending.

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Posted in: Is an entirely English-speaking village coming to Tokyo? See in context

Gimics and "novel ideas" aren't going to do it, Japan. Improve your current education system with regards to English. Fix the nuts 'n bolts before applying glowing lights and a whacky paint-job.

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Posted in: Geldof to fire up charity hit 30 years on to fight Ebola See in context

Wow... can't believe some people are being negative about Geldof actually DOING something, when so many people/nations are ignoring doing anything at the heart of the disease.

WakarimasenNOV. 11, 2014 - 03:01PM JST Feed the World indeed.

HEAL the World?

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal accident says he was drinking, fell asleep at wheel See in context

Bottom line is "tough drink/driving laws" means sweet FA if the police aren't going to enforce them.

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Posted in: As Abenomics falters, problems fester See in context

Yet the very idea of bringing in a significant migrant population is still met with reticience by the government, as half-measures and platitudes remain the modus operandi.

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Posted in: Chiba Batman See in context

harvey pekarSEP. 01, 2014 - 08:11AM JST Let the dude have his fun! He's not hurting anyone... just criminals! Ride on Chiba Batman!

This. There are a lot of hobbies out there that are far more negative than this.

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Posted in: Child's play See in context

I love that they've taken their shoes off to get in...

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Posted in: Teen murder suspect committed 'unforgivable' act, says father See in context

oikawaAUG. 04, 2014 - 08:16AM JST That's a myth. It appears that way because violent street crime is uncommon, but violent crime within the home is extremely common.

You know this... because... ? Completely unquantifiable comment, based on assumptions you're making.

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Posted in: University evicts over 100 students for breaching no-drinking rules See in context

onagagamoJUL. 31, 2014 - 07:57AM JST As if Japan really cares about underage drinking...!

Not sure where you're from... but I know it's WAY worse in my native Australia. If you're from... well... pretty much any Western country, then it's a wee bit hypocritical to point the finger and tsk-tsk.

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