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Don Speden comments

Posted in: Police try to work out who should get reward for Aum arrests See in context

Hey I'm with Yubaru one this one , if the J Cops can't figure out who to give the reward money to , I'd be happy to split it with Yubarau san 50 / 50 !

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Ghosn earned Y987 mil in fiscal 2011 See in context

Disgusting ! , nobody should be able to earn any where near that amount of money per year , no matter what their job. What till peak fuel arrives and the car companies are doing it hard , bicycles are the future , and bicycle sales are booming in Japan. Some young people do not want to spend a lot of money on a car but are buying high quality bicycles instead. No parking fees, low maintenance costs , no gas, no shaken, no road tax etc it's the ideal mode of transport for the masses !

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Posted in: Calls made for bicycles to have number plates See in context

Unreal - licence plates for bicycles !, I am the manager of a bicycle shop here in Japan and every new bicycle that is sold has it's own security sticker which the police get a copy of in case your bicycle is stolen. As for accidents when you have cyclists of all ages riding on narrow footpaths with pedestrians you are bound to have accidents. Back in NZ you are stopped by the police for not wearing a helmet, no lights and riding on the footpath !. If the J Cops would enforce some of the rules they have in this country for cyclists who happen to be breaking the law, whatever that may be. People might take notice if they had to pay a large fine instead of a friendly warning . The dumping of cheap Mama Chari's in this country is appalling and because those bicycles are so cheap to buy people don't seem to care if they are dumped at the local train station or tossed away because the chain fell off because they have never bothered to oil it etc. As for cycle lanes they need to be everywhere to allow cyclists to ride safely , cut a car lane off and divide it into two on both sides of the road . There are far too many roads that have too many lanes for cars so surely one of those lanes could be turned into a cycle lane. The points above are needed to fix the problems addressed in the article not licence plates !

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Posted in: Australia asks -- again: Did a dingo kill the baby? See in context

I lived and worked for Ayres Rock resort for 3 years and not long after I arrived in 1988 I asked a local about the Lindy Chamberlain case and it was common knowledge that the Dingo had taken the baby . It's a shame Lindy was locked up for so long and even worse that so many people thought she could have done that to her own daughter !

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