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Posted in: China passes controversial Hong Kong security law See in context

Good, about time too.

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Posted in: FBI takes down Nigerian fraudsters in $46 mil case involving Japanese woman See in context

Somebody tried to pull the same scam on me in Words with Friends, yes, that scrabble game, it's a got a chat function and this guy claimed he's a retired US Army general working for the UN. I googled the name, and it exists, but I knew right away it's a scam, so I just led the guy on as I kicked his ass game after game, telling him yeah, I'm gonna call that no you gave me as soon as my internet is hooked up, yah, I'll send you that email as soon as I get my dog back from the vet. Went on for days, then I asked him to send me some money just to keep up our friendship. Never heard from buddy again.

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Posted in: China, domestic companies to build Indonesia high-speed rail See in context

Moon1 and kabukilover, where are your countries helping out with this project? Hating on China much? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Sore losers always have butthurt comments to make.

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Posted in: Anti-whalers ask supporters for cash to fund next campaign See in context

I'll give the SS money to go drown themselves. Takers?

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Posted in: Chinese director investigated for having 7 kids See in context

$13M a year for producing crap movies? I should be a movie director in China and I'll do it for only $10M.

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Posted in: Japan protests to China over Okinawa claim See in context

Clever way for China to get the Japanese government all riled up and spend more money on defense. Sometimes, I think it's a conspiracy between China and the US to bankrupt Japan. Hey, stranger things have happened. China could really win this one without firing a single shot, just as what the West did to the USSR way back.

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