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Posted in: Putin's health: Pivotal yet shrouded in uncertainty See in context

So "rude health" health means good health? Or is that a typo?

He will seek a third consecutive mandate in 2014? So he is going back in time?

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Before the start of these Olympics, China complained that the diplomatic boycott was political, and that politics had no place in the Olympics. Now China BOCOG is making political statements in an Olympic press conference. Does China not understand the concept of hypocrite?

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TOKYO — The chief of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee on Tuesday did not rule out canceling the Olympics if COVID-19 cases spiked, as more athletes tested positive for the virus and sponsors ditched plans to attend Friday's opening ceremony.

Asked at a news conference if the global sporting showpiece might still be canceled, Toshiro Muto said he would keep an eye on infection numbers and liaise with other organizers if necessary.

"We will continue discussions if there is a spike in cases," said Muto.

"We have agreed that based on the coronavirus situation, we will convene five-party talks again. At this point, the coronavirus cases may rise or fall, so we will think about what we should do when the situation arises."

By Ju-min Park and Sakura Murakami, Reuters | Posted - July 20, 2021 at 8:32 a.m.

So which is it King Bach? No chance of cancellation and zero risk, or reality?

It appears that Bach has learned to lie just like a recently deposed/disgraced US leader.

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Posted in: The waiting Games: Olympians navigate strict rules in Tokyo See in context

Virus outbreaks already, and the Olympics haven't even started yet.

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Posted in: Trump Organization, CFO indicted on tax fraud charges See in context

And this is only the beginning.....

Just watch, there is more to come.

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Posted in: Suga dodges questions on whether Olympics can be held under state of emergency See in context

So Suga can't commit to a safe Olympics. His bosses Bach and Coates won't like that.

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Posted in: EU leaders express support for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Ah yes, let the games begin...

Unfortunately there will be more to pay attention to than just the games, such as the daily virus report that will continue for weeks after the games end.

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Posted in: Other athletes support Osaka's decision to skip press conferences at French Open See in context

For $55.3M I would sit through any number of media conferences. :)

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Posted in: IOC tries to reassure Olympic athletes over virus liability waiver See in context

IOC gets all the money, everyone else gets all the risk....

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Posted in: Australia reinstates COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne after cluster grows to 9 cases See in context

Today's headlines:

-Australia reinstates COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne after fresh outbreak

-U.S. warns its citizens against travel to Japan due to COVID surge

-Osaka hospitals buckle under COVID-19 onslaught

-Japan plans to extend COVID-19 state of emergency beyond May 31

And the Olympics will still go on as scheduled no matter what?

Crazy! Suga, get a backbone!

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We used to drive to visit a production plant in Tijuana regularly. Then after a Toshiba(?) executive was kidnapped, we could no longer drive all the way. At the border we had to switch to a van with darkened windows and a Mexican driver who knew the area better. Along the way I often saw law enforcement with machine guns at check points. Sad to see Tijuana go from bad to worse. Awesome Mexican people to work with in the plant though.

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“Like all of you, I was shocked and deeply saddened by the calamity at the Capitol last week"

And the lies continue. He was not shocked or saddened. Reports are that he looked on gleefully from the WH as the events unfolded, and he did nothing to stop it. WH staff wrote the speech and told him he had no choice but to read it in order to save his skin, so he read it begrudgingly. LOSER to the end.

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Without Twitter, he won't have a clue how to communicate with anyone. That will be a good thing. Truly the biggest LOSER ever in countless ways.

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Posted in: An isolated Trump faces looming impeachment threat See in context

I agree with impeachment and invoking the 25th amendment. And he should also be banned from ever running for office again-

Fourteenth Amendment Section 3

No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

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"A new administration will be inaugurated on January 20. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power," Trump said in a short video.

However, the evidently reluctant concession, in which Trump failed to congratulate Biden or directly admit defeat, was too little, too late to calm outrage over his role in the Capitol invasion.

It's always easy to tell when Trump says something he doesn't believe, something someone else wrote for him. He read it like someone eating natto who hates natto. He read it because the Whitehouse staff told him he had sealed his own fate, that he had no choice. Then shortly after without a script he said something totally opposite revealing his true feelings.

He can't be gone soon enough.

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Absolutely shocking, but unfortunately not surprising. Since being impeached but then let off the hook by the Republicans, Trump had become more and more erratic. It was only a matter of time until he reached the point of no return. The Republicans who enabled him - Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz et all - were also complicit.

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Posted in: Trump downplays Russia in first comments on cyberattack See in context

Once again, Trump evidently somehow knows more than the intelligence agencies who are the experts?? Trump is an idiot, moron, egomaniac, narcissist, lier, traitor, LOSER, etc etc etc.

He keeps proving over and over again why he is totally incompetent and dangerous to the U.S. and the world. He doesn't care about the U.S. And yet there are millions of misguided members of his cult who support him. Why?

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Posted in: Electoral College makes it official: Biden won, Trump lost See in context

Trump wants the title of president, but he doesn't want the responsibilities of president. People he has sworn to protect are dying and suffering economically, while he sits by and does nothing.

Biden is acting more presidential than Trump ever has. I wish Trump would just leave now and let Biden take over.

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Posted in: Trump objects to 'mute' button in next Biden matchup, but debate will go on See in context

It blows my mind that anyone believes anything Trump says, and that he is allowed to get away with it. Trump is a liar. Period.

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

Fauci has more respect and is more popular than Trump (Trump has grudgingly admitted it), and that drives Trump crazy - he's insanely jealous. It also drives him crazy that it's more important to Fauci that 100,000 lives are saved instead of the stock market raising a few points.

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

Two Trump statements in the past few days-

**Two days ago:** "My heart breaks for every grieving family that has lost a precious loved one. I feel their anguish. I mourn their loss. I feel their pain," said Trump, who recently recovered from his own bout with the disease.


**Today: **“People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots," Trump said of the government's top infectious disease expert. “Every time he goes on television, there’s always a bomb. but there’s a bigger bomb if you fire him. But Fauci’s a disaster.”

It's obvious which one is true. Every time Trump says something that makes a little sense (i.e. reads something someone else wrote for him because he would never come up with it himself), shortly after he can't help but to then say the complete opposite when he expresses his true feelings.

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

Wow, the wheels are really coming off now! Those are the rants of a desperate madman (and desperate = dangerous) who is grasping at what he thinks is his last best chance. But he keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper instead. The next two weeks will be interesting and maybe a little scary.

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Posted in: Trump barnstorms Florida while Biden heads for Michigan, early vote surges See in context

"My heart breaks for every grieving family that has lost a precious loved one. I feel their anguish. I mourn their loss. I feel their pain," Trump said.

Now 8 months later he suddenly gets religion? That is not Trump talking. He has had countless opportunities and reasons to express empathy but never has. I'm sure one of his staff wrote it and convinced him that he had to say it because he is nose diving in the polls. I would like to see the video to see how uncomfortable he must have been while saying it. And I don't believe he meant a single word of it except for when he said My, I, I, I since all he cares about is himself. It's too late to convince me any different.

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Posted in: Trump barnstorms Florida while Biden heads for Michigan, early vote surges See in context

Biden won the TV ratings battle between the two events, according to Nielsen ratings data.

Take that Dumpy Trump! In his mind an incredibly embarrassing loss I'm sure!!

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The White House has declined to say when Trump last tested negative for the disease.

Because that would prove that Trump intentionally is a super spreader. He's trying to blame attendees at the gold star family meeting, and at the Supreme Court rose garden meeting for his exposure to deflect blame, when it's becoming more and more obvious and likely that he is the one who infected all of them. He's a pathetic excuse of a human.

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USA Today-

The White House rejected on Monday an offer from the nation’s public health experts to lead the effort to track down and notify Americans who were exposed to a growing coronavirus outbreak linked to President Donald Trump and several top aides.

Meanwhile no contact tracing at all. Further proof that Donald doesn't care about others.

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He then walked upstairs to the South Portico balcony, took off his mask and stuffed it in his pocket...

He tweeted, "I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life...

Trump’s experience with the disease has been dramatically different from most Americans, who do not have access to the same kind of monitoring and care. While most must cope with their symptoms — and fear of whether they’ll take a turn for the worse — at home and alone, Trump has been staying in the presidential suite of one of the nation's best hospitals and has been given experimental drugs not readily available to the public. 

The still-infectious president surprised supporters who had gathered outside the hospital, riding by Sunday in a black SUV with the windows rolled up. Secret Service agents inside the vehicle could be seen in masks and other protective gear.

Even before Trump's motorcade outing on Sunday, some Secret Service agents had expressed concern about the lackadaisical attitude toward masks and social distancing inside the White House, but there isn’t much they can do...

Many in the White House are also shaken and scared — nervous that they have been exposed to the virus and confronting the reality that what seemed like a bubble of safety has become a COVID-19 hot spot. It took until late Sunday for the White House to send a generic note to staffers suggesting they not come to the building if they do not feel well.

I was hoping that Trump would finally "get it" by getting sick, but it's obvious that it will not change his pathetic and incompetent response to the virus.

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No mention of the fact that the President has donated his Presidential salary for 4 years straight.

One trip to Mar-a-Lago to play golf costs more than his one year salary, and he has made many many of those trips strictly for pleasure. He is living the life of a billionaire at the expense of the hardworking tax payers (who actually pay taxes), just by being an incompetent Pres. Many reports from believable people that all of his decisions are base on getting votes, so he's certainly not donating salary because he's full of charity or compassion. He probably see's it as a cheap way to get votes.

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Posted in: Trump booed as he pays respects at court to Ginsburg See in context

Trump is a complete moron. Feigning respect while planning to announce a justice replacement even before RGB's funeral. That's a total lack of respect. Selfish narcissist - he cares only for himself, and cares nothing for the people he has taken an oath to protect. It's beyond belief that he has any supporters at all, and that's what's truly scary.

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“Outrageous!” tweeted Adam Laxalt, Trump's Nevada campaign co-chair. “This is unprecedented – to cancel an incumbent president’s campaign stop inside 60 days of a major contested election in a swing state. This isn’t over!”

Incredibly hypocritical thing to say after all the unprecedented/incompetent/illegal things Trump has done. Glad to see a governor protecting the people from a narcissist who doesn't care about any people.

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