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Posted in: Trump's ex-lawyer Cohen says in book president disparaged Black leaders, including Nelson Mandela See in context

Weren't Cohen's lies to congress to protect Trump? And now Trump's rats are saying that makes him not credible? Funny stuff.

Considering all the crazy stuff Trump has said in front of the camera, it's probably safe to say he has said stuff even more crazy privately. Trump has no principles according to his own sister. It seems believable that he said those things.

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Posted in: Suga says new gov't won't be interim See in context

Campaigning starts Tuesday, with PM selected on the following Monday. Love it! I wish the US would do something more like that. The US's 2-3 years of campaigning is ridiculous.

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Posted in: Trump calls on Fox News to fire reporter after she confirmed his alleged remarks on Marines killed in action See in context

To me, the tantrum the moron in chief is throwing is proof that the allegations are true.

And it's pretty easy for me to tell when he is lying lately, besides just when his lips are moving. When he calmly tries to explain something away, or calmly claims no knowledge of something, or says "many people have said...", or "many people agree with me..." (talk about anonymous sources!) - he is lying.

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Posted in: Report: Trump disparaged U.S. war dead as 'losers,' 'suckers' See in context

No animal - nobody - what animal would say such a thing?"

Um... idiot Trump would, and did.

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Posted in: Microsoft unveils 'deepfake' detector ahead of U.S. election See in context

Boy, apps like this will sure put a damper on incompetent Trump's campaign adds - which of course he will claim no knowledge of.

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Posted in: Trump says Democrats' convention was 'gloomiest' in history See in context

Vice President Mike Pence said in an interview Friday that the Republican National Convention next week will focus on what Trump has accomplished, including on the economy and with his coronavirus response.

Don't blink or you'll miss it. It's going to be a very short convention.

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Posted in: Ex-Trump aide Bannon pleads not guilty to border wall fundraising fraud See in context

“When I read about it, I didn’t like it. I said this is for government, this isn’t for private people. And it sounded to me like showboating,” he told reporters at the White House, adding that he felt “very badly" about the situation.

January 2019 -Trump

"The project has my blessing, and you can tell the media that. "

What a loser!!

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Posted in: Trump floats idea of election delay See in context

Trump is an idiot. The only thing more scary than Trump is that there are actually people who support him

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Posted in: U.S. has more COVID-19 testing than most. So why is it falling so short? See in context

That's an easy question - Trump!

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Posted in: Searching 'racist' on Twitter brings up Trump as top result See in context

No surprise there, it's just telling what we already know.

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Posted in: 238 cats rescued from house in Sapporo See in context

The Environment Ministry says it is very rare in Japan for more than 200 cats to be retrieved from one location.

Makes me wonder how many times 100-199 cats are retrieved from one location. It makes it sound like it's pretty often...

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Posted in: Madonna says she had COVID-19 See in context

Donated $1.1 million (one million euros) towards research to find a vaccine for the coronavirus.

Thank you Madonna!

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Posted in: Trump calls on Americans to cease hoarding food, supplies See in context

Trump: I'm not worried, it's not a big deal, the US will recover quickly, I like the numbers where they are, blah blah blah.

He's an imbecile incapable of thinking of anyone but himself.

Now suddenly he decides to get tested and announces a state of emergency? After what he has been saying up to this point I seriously doubt he made that decision on his own. His staff and medical advisers probably had to drag him kicking and screaming to do it.

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Posted in: Trump accuses Schiff of leaking intelligence about Russia to hurt Sanders See in context

Liar-In-Chief - again! Pretty sure this is Donnie's way of getting back at Schiff by falsely blaming him for something he hopes will divide the Dems....

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Posted in: Avoid crowds and non-essential gatherings, health minister urges See in context

At least one company is taking countermeasures:

Yahoo Japan Corp said Friday it is calling on all employees to avoid commuting during rush hours and is banning meetings of more than 100 people in principle, in addition to encouraging personnel to wear face masks and promoting the use of teleconferences.

For now, core working time will be shortened by two hours from noon to 3 p.m. for the 6,500 employees at Yahoo to facilitate commuting during later hours.

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Posted in: 86-year-old man pleads not guilty to reckless driving causing death and injury See in context

Kawabata’s defense said the accident occurred before he realized what had happened. 

That's exactly why he shouldn't be driving - driving unaware can be deadly.

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Posted in: Environment minister urges coal-fired power project be reconsidered See in context

Glad to see that Japan is serious about 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement. Now if they would only be more serious about making/enforcing non-smoking laws...

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Posted in: Trump reportedly describes White House as a 'real dump' See in context

And these weekend trips are adding up to millions of dollars to the taxpayers...

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Posted in: Teenage driver livestreams crash that killed sister See in context

To me an accident is something that happens by chance. This was no accident - it was clearly preventable and caused by the driver. Sad all around. I hope there are some potentially stupid people out there who learn from it.

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Posted in: Honda announces another recall for faulty Takata air bags See in context

In the U.S., the government is seeking to take over management of production and distribution of replacement inflators in an effort to speed the process and prioritize where inflators are sent.

The government? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I needed a good laugh today.

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Posted in: Smashing glass ceilings See in context

While I understand the many valid points being made, I think many are missing the point. I don't think she's expecting that all women work the same type of schedule that she does. But it will be hugely beneficial if she can help create an environment where Japanese women have more opportunity to work than they current have.

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Posted in: Tochigi Prefecture seeking to create new national holiday: Mountain Day See in context

You gotta love how Japan does so many things without really doing anything. In the same vein as passing a law without any penalty for breaking the law, they now propose a new holiday on a Sunday which is already a day off. LOL! Another case of politicians afraid to vote for something that actually makes a difference...

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

@Iwandabaka, I think you mean 日本語能力試験1級

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Posted in: Why it’s so hard to have your family come to Japan See in context

Huh? What a strange article. The way the author tries to deduce that cost is the issue doesn't make any sense.

First the author says, "Many students from all over the world at my school invited their friends and family to come see Japan and they came in droves."

Then he has a difficult time inviting someone to Japan from his own family, and decides it's because of cost despite the fact that others came to Japan in droves.

So why isn't cost an issue for other international students and their friends/family? They are all rich while the author isn't? Or exchange rates with other countries are that much better than the author's home country? The author fails to make any comparisons.

My idea, which has little to do with cost: Most international students in Japan are from nearby Asian countries. The flight is much shorter to Japan than from Western countries for their friends/family. The culture is also much closer. So a trip to Japan from Asian countries is not as big of an undertaking as it is from Western countries (for most people).

Just my 2 yen...

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Posted in: Does racial bias fuel Obama foes? See in context

Obama is also half white. I don't understand why half black = black. He could just as easily be called white, right? I don't get it.

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Posted in: Sony to begin phased global launch of 4K LCD TVs See in context

Hiniku - you got it VERY wrong. You can't compare full HD to 4K when the screens are different sizes. You can only compare same screen sizes. Not a gimmick at all. 4K = four times full HD is correct.

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Posted in: Obama says Romney has vision from last century See in context

So Obama thinks his policies have been successful this century? Ha!!

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Posted in: Rubble in paradise - Yorkshireman building Pacific’s newest, remotest, poshest airport See in context

Since the FAA paid for most of it, then the good citizens of the U.S. own it, right? What's the point in putting so much money into an airport that has so little traffic. The U.S. has no money to spend on projects like this...

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Posted in: Fukuoka mayor imposes 1-month alcohol ban for public servants See in context

Good for the mayor - he's just trying to make a point, knowing that it's mostly unenforceable. But obviously drinking is a huge problem in Japan. Holding drunks accountable including firing is a better idea as some posters have said. For the posters who think it's a total ban - it's not. The public servants are still free to drink to their hearts content at home.

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