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Nikos comments

Posted in: New prosecutor defends handling of Ghosn case See in context

Firstly, he is APPOINTED and he must respect the system, no need to listen to him, it is a tape recording. Secondly he knows that what Ghosn was arrested for initially failed to produce good enough results and they kept on going..At the end of the day pray you are not falsely arrested. He has to much power, of the like that you do not find in the west Too much to be just an octopus in a jar

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Posted in: Lawyer for Ghosn slams 'outrageous' rules on seeing wife See in context

Human Rights Commission cannot intervene as Japan has smartly not ratified the applicable treaties. That leaves them alone in deciding to apply a covenant they have signed and has become a law of their country backed by the constitution. And they don't as they prove in their detention practices too. The question that remains though is under what law or framework would somebody seek to find his right in Japan...

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Posted in: Would former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn's arrest be a factor in whether or not you decide to buy a Nissan car in the future? See in context

may be nissan and its practices are the mirror of today's Japan: aging and declining; lets keep a look at the new models

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Posted in: Ghosn not getting much help from France, analysts say See in context

pitty. this is all at the very least Putinesque. let the suspect be judged in a fair trial. On the process so far violations of own constitution and of the signed covenant to human rights. Publically lots of hay by the media. with soy.

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