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Posted in: Australian PM, Trump offer different versions of phone call on refugee deal See in context

M3M3M3: Sorry but an asylum seeker who's claim has been examined, rejected, appealed, and rejected again is not a convention refugee. For the AP to keep calling them refugees under a looser definition of the word just cheapens the legal definition and causes needless confusion and hostility towards genuine convention refugees.

Actually, the deal only covers those who have be found to be refugees. They haven't been rejected of that. What they've been 'rejected' from is settling in Australia as the current Australian government policy is to not allow anyone who comes by boat, regardless of if they are refugees or not, to settle in Australia. It is meant to discourage people from trying to pay smugglers to get them to Australia via Indonesia.

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Posted in: Is globalization a good thing for the world's economies? See in context

Is globalisation a good thing for the world's economies? Yes, definitely. Is it a good thing for the people who live in those economies? Well... that's a far more difficult question and has a lot more to do with the way individual countries set up their financial systems. Right now, I'm leaning a little toward the average worker being worse off. However, as has already been said, it's great mechanism for the super wealthy to become even more so.

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I guess that this is the problem with a blanket ban of people from entire countries - you don't just ban the refugees that you're targeting, but also the workers that are valuable to U.S. based companies in this global economy. I'm not sure if this administration will learn from the consequences of policies that far over-reaching what they're meant to target and then subsequently dial things back a little so they can achieve the same goals without as much chaos left in their wake, or whether the chaos is the goal and we'll get 4 years of this sort of thing. Oh well. As they say, life goes on...

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smithinjapan: I mean, just look at how badly Abe is trying to please Trump, as he also did with Putin, and many other leaders in the region.

Hmm... I'm not so sure about this, Smith... Abe hasn't tried to give Trump a Japanese dog yet... I fear he's not tying as hard to curry favour with Trump as he did with Putin. Can we read into this some underlying meaning for Japan's future foreign policy? (probably not!) :)

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TigersTokyoDome: JAL doing Trump's dirty racist work for him. If they had balls they would condemn Trump's policy and say they would only advise passengers and let US Customs do its own work.

Don't blame JAL here. They're actually doing something good. They're saving these people the expense of a wasted flight and a return to Japan. Best to get off the plane now with cash still in hand and try to sort things out. They've already been slapped in the face by a blanket ban that hurts more people that any possible good it could do. No point stealing cash from their back pocket at the same time.

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Lizz: I don't agree with Permanent Residents being banned if that helps

Yes, that part of it seemed really harsh. Permanent residents from the countries on the list who are currently in the U.S. now can't afford to leave the country or they might not get back in. This can include spouses of U.S. citizens or people who need to travel for their job.

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Madverts: What happened to Trump's plan? I thought he knew more than the generals?

I was going to ask the same thing. He said he had a plan, that it was a good plan, and it would get rid if ISIS quickly. He didn't want to publicly release his plan because he didn't want to give ISIS a chance to react. Now it turns out there was no plan and it's up to his generals to come up with one? Surely Trump didn't tell a falsehood on the campaign trail, did he? I'd find that hard to believe...

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Serrano: Trump's got the leftists, globalists and Islamists worried. The three biggest dangers to secular modern western civilization. This is great.

He's also got the economists, scientists, diplomats, social workers, intelligence agencies, military advisors, international allies and the like also worried... Clearly they all join your list of the biggest dangers to secular modern western civilization - in your words "ha ha! This is great".

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Posted in: Top Republicans accept 'alternative facts' from Trump See in context

I wish alternative facts were more accepted back in my teenage years. I'd have done so much better in school tests... "Sir, I know I said that the capital of Russia was China, but my answer isn't wrong, I'm just using alternative facts". :)

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Posted in: Trump says he will 'send in the Feds' if Chicago doesn't end 'carnage' See in context

U.S. President Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday to bring federal intervention to bear in Chicago to quell the “carnage” of gun violence

This statement confuses me somewhat... I thought Republicans were all about small government and reducing federal intervention. Then there's the anti-gun sentiment here, normally it's phrased in terms of "crime" to avoid upsetting certain national associations linked to rifles (you know who I mean). So what confuses me a bit is that this statement is so anti-Republican for what is supposed to be a Republican president. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a step in the right direction. Perhaps even expand it to investigate gun violence nationally. Skip the lobbyists and look at the cold hard facts. The causes. The possible solutions. The weighing of different issues such as safety and freedom. Find a solution that the people support (referring to the people here as a whole, not just one section), and tell the lobbyists where to go...

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

Serrano: Good grief, how about the extent to which information from the media can be trusted?

Totally agree... Frederic BastiatJan posted this media monstrosity:

I agree with you. We shouldn't accept this sort of media rubbish.

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

Hush now, Jimizo... we're having a bipartisan moment here... :)

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

Bass, agreed. I guess that's why I was surprised to find myself supporting who I did. And it's also why I think that the Democrats choosing Clinton pretty much paved the way for Trump. Choosing Clinton as the Democratic candidate was pretty insane when you think about it. With the exception of Obama, we've had nothing but Bushes and Clintons since 1988... In writing, that almost sounds like a North Korea sort of thing. :(

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

I guess the thing that frustrates me the most about all of this is that we get stories of child exploitation rings in basements of pizza restaurants, and of masses of pre-filled Clinton ballots that have all been proven to be totally fake, and yet certain segments of society decry the media as biased for not reporting these stories that, with even the most elementary checking can be dismissed, and yet the same people get all of their news source from the same places that report such rubbish. There's a disengagement between logic and political support that does worry me. Yes, call out the MSM when they stuff up, like making a big deal about the number of people at the inauguration. But you also need to call out the utter rubbish coming out of other parts of the "media" (and I use that term lightly considering some of the sources). When actual facts get buried under a torrent of ****... well, then we get what we deserve...

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

I disagree. Based on my own reading of MSM reviews, I decided that Jeb Bush was perhaps the pick of all the candidates, from either side. And that's a big thing for me as I really didn't like George W's whole Iraq "WMD" and invasion thing. In the end, Jeb was too normal. This wasn't a normal election.

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

bass4funk: I am very relieved and content. I think liberals are making a fuss about nothing, just like the lies that were propagated that Trump took down the statue of MLK, seriously? Are liberals THAT desperate now??

I've already said on this site that I think the number of people who attended the inauguration isn't really that important. What is important, though, is the emphasis that the Trump administration has put on the dishonesty of the media. If left at that, then the statement would stand. But it has been Trump's team that has put out this lie that there were more people at Trump's inauguration, the most ever if I recall the statement. And when the media called them on this lie, the accusation was thrown back at the media of dishonesty. This isn't about how many people attended on Friday, it's about the sheer hypocrisy of the "main stream media" lie that has been going on for quite a long time now. When your administration tells straight out lies at press conferences, it needs to be called out. What's worse is that it wasn't even needed. The Trump spokesman only had to say "so what, grow up!" and they'd have taken the high ground here...

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

Frederic Bastiat: And this is why the main media outlets are in disrepute.

You counter clear photos of the rear of the crowd that CLEARLY show the difference in numbers with photos of the front of the crowd where you can't see the back? Oh, there's disrepute here, but it's clearly pointed to the "news" organization that you linked to... Fake news indeed. Or is this just showing us the "alternative facts"...

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

I don't know why everyone is complaining about trust. Kellyanne Conway clearly stated that the Trump team are using "alternative facts". I'm not sure exactly what that means, but based on the concept of alternative realities, it's where things kind of look like the world we know, but scratch the surface, and it's all lies... In a world of lies, the truth is disgusting and must be shunned...

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Posted in: Trump, spokesman slam U.S. media over inauguration crowd coverage See in context

@RawB Seriously, has the MSM ever been right about anything?

This comment is hilarious. For it to be even remotely true, the moon landing must never have happened (it was reported in the MSM), nor any world wars. Clear ISIS isn't a real thing, nor Christmas, the weather, and obviously all sport doesn't exist and is a MSM lie. I think we've found here what is irrelevant, and it isn't the MSM...

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Posted in: Trump, spokesman slam U.S. media over inauguration crowd coverage See in context

I think, in many ways, the Trump administration has a point. The numbers are down? So what. Is that really a big issue? More important than what Trump said at his inauguration?

Of course, in true Trump style, the high ground was immediately forfeited by a lie of their own: '“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period!” Spicer said'. If you're going to berate the media for not sticking to the facts (and they should be berated if they focus on trivialities instead of the important issues), but follow it up with a statement that is also clearly false, it really undermines any credibility you're trying to create. But I guess, generally speaking, credibility is in short supply these days...

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Posted in: European nationalists flaunt strength, buoyed by Trump win See in context

katsu: These guys might want to turn on their tvs and watch some of the protests coming out of the US. So far Trump's biggest accomplishment is uniting all the rest of us against him.

Protests against them are what leaders like this want. It's what motivates their base and allows an active minority to be able to control the agenda over an inactive majority. Nothing motivates like the feeling that you're under siege. If people actually realised that the quality of everyday life that we have today is of a level that generations past could not even dream of, if people were content, then movements like this one would be dead in the water. They've got to generate the hate and the outrage. While they're doing that, their supports will look at disgust at others without ever really looking critically at what leaders like this really stand for (simply doing so would be seen as betraying your nation/race/religion/ideology/insert-whatever-cause-these-fake-people-hide-behind).

And in many respects, this is one area where far-right movements are stronger than progressive movements. A progressive view is based on the idea of building on the good things of the world and moving forward. Everyone has their own view of what "forward" is, so it's very difficult to unite people. It's much easier to unite people to stop something. Get rid of Obama care? You'll unite your base. Put forward an alternate plan and you'll have disagreements everywhere...

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Posted in: Car hits pedestrians in Melbourne; 4 dead, 15 injured See in context

It is becoming more and more clear that this whole thing relates to mental health issues. Aside from the death and injury caused, the next most disturbing thing is how some politicians think that this incident is a good way to score political points. Yep, one Australian politician in the pocket of the U.S. NRA has used this incident to argue for the loosening of restrictions on semi-automatic weapons. I guess in times of troubles, some scum can't help but rise to the surface...

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Posted in: Car hits pedestrians in Melbourne; 4 dead, 15 injured See in context

Drug abuse messes people up. It seems that this is a major factor here. The guy was well known to the police. I know many people argue about the legalisation of drugs to reduce the "wasted money" on the "war on drugs". I can understand the argument, but drugs do mess up people's lives. What's the solution. Me, I have no idea.

Oh, and FizzBit and Strangerland, the MSM (main-stream-media) and LSM (lame-stream-media - those crazy right-wing fake news sites) all twist and exaggerate to make their stories more click-bait friendly. Call out the side you don't like on their failings - great - but it isn't a one way street. Both sides need to pull their heads in or you're just throwing lies at each other.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd finds Japanese ship with slaughtered whale See in context

I fully support Japan's tradition of whaling... the long tradition of traveling to the opposite end of the earth in factory ships to catch whales for the scientific purpose of freezing the carcasses to then try to force the meat on an ever shrinking market. This is such a long national tradition dating back thousands of years - no, tens of thousands of years I'm sure - that it must be respected. Shame on you all for daring to doubt this! It has nothing to do at all with buying votes in less populated areas that are have an over-representative proportion of votes in elections. In fact, you bringing up that point clearly shows that you have no respect at all for a country's traditions! Shame, shame, shame!

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Posted in: Trump unleashes Twitter attack against civil rights leader; protests begin across U.S. See in context

Look, the election was held and the results have been published. Trump won. If a democracy is to function, then people HAVE TO respect the results. If they don't, then we get into fascist/totalitarian realms.. You might not like the result, but you have to accept it.

The incoming president may be a reactionary troll who feels the need to denigrate on twitter anyone who says anything that even mildly offends him, but that is the president we're stuck with for 4 years. That is the voice of the people. If you're not happy with the way things have turned out, there is the constitution and laws that are aimed at keeping presidents in check. If Trump works within these laws and constraints, then I hope he does so in a positive manner. If not, then it is up to the ordinary people to hold him to account. This is not different for Trump than it was for Obama, Bush, Clinton, or those who came before. If there is no integrity in the system, then there is no system at all...

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Posted in: U.S. embassy Jerusalem move 'assault' on Muslims: mufti See in context

I didn't vote on the "will global security decline under Trump" poll because I didn't think much would change. This sort of thing makes me think that I should have voted "yes". There's nothing wrong with having the aspiration of moving the embassy to Jerusalem (if that's really what you want to do), but it's this pig-headed bulldozing-things-through without consultation that is going to step on a lot of toes. While some may holler and hoot at the "fun" of upsetting anyone who disagrees with them, it's no way to run foreign policy. Decisions have consequences. Diplomacy is the art of getting what you want while upset the smallest number of people. The problem with doing things this way is that it will cause problems that make take decades to repair.

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Posted in: China changes start date of war with Japan to bolster patriotic education See in context

Start dates of wars aren't always clear. Why do we say WW2 started with the 1939 invasion of Poland, yet the 1938 invasion of Czechoslovakia was clearly a part of the same action. There's a good argument for say WW2 started in 1938. So, simply changing the recognised start date is no biggie. The only thing that leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth is that "the move will also bolster patriotic education"... Changing the date to make it more accurate - great. Changing the date to try to make people more patriotic - umm... no.

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Posted in: In view of all the terror attacks that have hit Europe and countries in other parts of the world in the past two years, do you think the global security situation will get worse or better when Donald See in context

I didn't vote because there as no "no change" option. If you're talking about global terrorism, the terrorists will hate the U.S. for what it stands for, not because of an individual leader. They hated Obama just as much as they're going to hate Trump just as much as they're going to hate whoever comes after that. That's why you can't negotiate with terrorists. Their hatred is ideological, so it isn't based on anything that you can have a rational discussion about.

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Posted in: Obama set for pardon frenzy, including Snowden, as he leaves office See in context

Never pardon Snowden... He's the 2nd greatest traitor after Julian Assange! Oh... Julian Assange is now more reliable than all of the U.S. intelligence agencies? Oh... then go ahead and pardon Snowden. It seems that times change as presidents change...

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Posted in: Canadian judge suspended for wearing Trump cap in court See in context

Zabel later apologized, citing a “lapse in judgment”.

As lapses of judgement go, this was a big one. The judicial system is meant to be independent from the other branches of government. This independence is meant to protect the integrity of the government system. (As an aside, this is why the U.S. system confuses me as it seems to break this rule and, therefore, weakens the integrity of the whole government system.) The actions of this judge have resulted in him being suspended. If he really believed that his voice was an important counterpoint to his colleagues, then getting himself removed from a place of influence really defeats the purpose. He got a news headline. Good on him. But now, his more conservative voice is gone from the pool of judges that he (his words, not mine) thought was already leaning the other way. An incredible lapse of judgement. Short term personal gain just to stuff up any long term influence. Maybe with that sort of poor personal judgement, Canada will be better off...

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