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Posted in: The effects of a frugal Japanese society See in context

The issue long term for Japan will be if food prices become the next bubble economy. If food prices spike the govt will have to print more money to subsidize the cost of dinner. Factored in with an aging farmer (about 70 years old now) spells big time trouble for the archipelago. 40% of the daily caloric needs are provided by japanese producers, rather pathetic actually. So regardless of the apparent success of fast company or Nissan/Honda showing quarterly profits the writing is on the wall. Rather than steer the ship off the rocks I have full confidence that the ship of state will plow right onto the beach and Japan will have another "reformation". Germany wants a low euro because they are a huge exporter, so in effect frugality with low inflation is winning end game for them. Japan cannot keep the same prime minister for more than a year, how can they possibly fight the economic wars of the 21st century ? Nothing wrong with Japan falling behind the 8 ball, the question is how will they respond after the beatdown we all know is coming post 2025 ?

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Posted in: What do you think is the fairest method of income tax? See in context

I would start with lowering govt spending, figure out the taxes after cutting the bloated budget busting programs

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Posted in: Is a strong yen against the dollar good for you personally? See in context

the whole system is teetering on the brink of collapse. Perhaps the one thing Japan has in its favor is that their national banking system didn't buy into the Ponzi derivative scheme foisted on most other countries. A close look at Iceland is a very effective way of seeing how the results may very well flush out. I for one welcome a high yen

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Posted in: Historians rethink key Soviet role in Japan's defeat in WWII See in context

I think the question that begs to be asked is why would any responsible government NOT surrender after the firebombing, the loss of the merchant marine, the continuing losses of combat trained pilots that could not be replaced, the sinking of the entire effective navy, the reduction of oil stocks to the point of near empty, the reduction of caloric intake by the population of the archipelago to near starvation levels, not to mention complete control of the air by the US air force. Answer, they aren't a responsible govt but in fact criminal. I think to debate the significant aspect of soviet force action against the forces of japan is important but to equate that with Japan's surrender is perhaps a bit too revisionist. The topic of the Soviet role in Japan's defeat is a subject worthy of numerous doctorates and debate, but Japan's defeat was foreshadowed many years before Stalin kept his word from the Yalta conference. As to when the surrender became "official" this is a matter for criminal courts since the alleged representatives of the people completely and utterly failed to carry out their duties as responsible human beings. I think this issue should be a matter discussed in Japan but denial and feelings of national sufferings completely mute it. A truly sad state of affairs.

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Posted in: Wives still have passion, but how to get their husbands to realize it? See in context

things might improve if the kids were actually sleeping in their own rooms. I have known kids of 10 years old still sleeping with the parents. also heaven forbid couples should actually communicate about sexual wants and desires !

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Posted in: Last train blues See in context

far too practical to be implemented

certainly only a key line or two would be a major benefit, however

then again the railway workers would have to sign off on it and they already "work" so many hours.

If the train system did have a late night option i know I would stay out later not worrying about last trains...

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Posted in: 3-seat bicycle See in context

cars are the problem. riding a bike is part of the solution

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Posted in: Why do Asian pop stars have a hard time succeeding in the U.S. market? See in context

for the most part its about a lack of talent

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Posted in: Obama is saying that the auto industry represents the spirit of America, so they're not going to let it just disappear. So basically, this means that Japanese and European automakers who will be compe See in context

ethnocentric claptrap. All countries have protectionist tendencies, why should the USA be any different ? count the number of US cars on the streets of Seoul, Tokyo or Paris and tell me that euro and asian govt policies don't have a direct affect on and connection to their auto industry. Lord help Japan and Korea if the US consumer changes their purchase decisions to mimic those in eastern asia.

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Posted in: We understand that the sight of hundreds of frozen tuna looks unique and interesting for foreign tourists. But they have to understand the Tsukiji market is a professional place, not an amusement park See in context

welcome to japan is a joke

the NY stock exchange can work and host tourists why can't tsukiji ?

answer is NY wants tourists, does Tokyo ? obviously not

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Posted in: Department store operators log dismal earnings See in context

cut costs onegaishimasu

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Posted in: Modfather Paul Weller meets popular pastry chef in Tokyo See in context

time to put a JAM cd in the player... thanks paul

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Posted in: Does the U.S. need to have military bases anywhere in Japan? See in context

its simply a cost benefit scenario

at what cost and at what benefit

IMHO the cost is not worth the benefit

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Posted in: What do you think is causing the recent spate of random stabbings in Japan and how can society address the problem? See in context

I think to a large degree this is about most people sleepwalking through life. Not paying attention to what is going in front of them and certainly not wanting to get involved in someone else's problem or concern.

head in the clouds "la-la-la" or perhaps more likely, head focused on the keitai "la-la-la"

meanwhile should someone approaches them with a knife, they aren't even aware of the danger.

the guy in akihabara running around with a knife and folks are watching and filming it... sad state of affairs that.

how can society address the problem ?

how about teaching kids to actually pay attention to what is going on in their general environment. They teach them to raise their hand to cross the street, or to say "ojamashimasu" when entering someone's home or business.

The sheer number of people who saunter right up to the edge of the sidewalk, with cars whizzing by, not paying any attention to incoming traffic just flaunts a darwin award.

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