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Posted in: 86-year-old hostage taker 'had grudge' against post office, police say See in context

Hahaha yeah right! 'Friendly'. With friends like that, who needs enemies!

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Posted in: Foreign divorced parents fight in vain for child custody in Japan See in context

I think if they're not going to let you see your kids you probably don't have to pay any money either? Just start again and make sure you get a keeper.

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Posted in: Last Aum defendant sentenced to life in prison See in context

The death penalty is cruel and wrong and those who impose it show themselves to be the same level of human being as those that are sentenced to it. You have become what you hate.

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Posted in: Japanese, Korean backpackers found living in squalor after Sydney fire See in context

Tough town Sydney. The landlord would've known he was breaking the law for sure. Just like all the gaijins know they're breaking the law in Japan. We just act dumb to try and get out of trouble. Anyway, ignorance is no legal else they tell me.

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context

I don't think Virginia's been taken seriously since before the Civil War.

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Posted in: 5 reasons foreigners find it hard to become friends with Japanese people See in context

I'm Australian and we've been doing the same thing for years as well. You're lucky if anyone even says hello to you if you're Asian in this country. I guess if you're white you expect special treatment wherever you go in the world. Maybe most Japanese are just like Australians and look at you wondering, 'what are you doing in my country and when are you going to go home?'. Luckily, I am the type of person that can look back and think, 'I don't give a flying f.... what you think'.

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Posted in: 5 free things for tourists to do in Sydney See in context

Ohh yeahh, Sydney's 'boring', the weather's no good!?!? All there is, is food and "historical heritage research" (first I've heard of that and I've been here all my life). That's why there's THOUSANDS of Japanese living here (and Koreans, and Chinese, and...and....and....). Not many of us choose to go the other way, mate. Sydney's the greatest city on earth, you just have to understand it a bit better. If you want to go shopping, or sit on comfy high-speed trains, STAY HOME. If you want to visit a large metropolis with arguably THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES and NATURAL HARBOUR ON EARTH, come to Sydney. If you're tight Japanese boss only gives you a 7-day holiday every 10 years, then go to OSAKA, because that's the greatest city in Japan (because of the people).

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Posted in: China calls Ishihara's remarks on Senkakus 'irresponsible' See in context

China's a basket case, be careful

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Posted in: Revisions to the inheritance tax in Japan See in context

People probably don't care because there's a million ways around this sort of idiocy!

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Posted in: Putting a price tag on jailing foreign criminals See in context

As far as catering for religions in gaol, forget that and make them understand that by breaking the law they are receiving punishment and their religion is not important. There are some major religions that teach people to have no respect for other people's ways of life, religions, customs and anything. People who believe that should stay home and not travel in other people's countries.

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Posted in: Tokyo man on nationwide wanted list for murdering wife and son See in context

a guy bashes his wife's head in with a spanner/wrench, strangles his 3-year-old, fakes his own suicide and you guys are discussing semantics and the likelihood of him being able to pick up foreign women? god help us all

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Posted in: Teacher forces female student to wear maid's costume in Akita See in context

if more 18 year old girls would wear maid's costumes I would still be a teacher.

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