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To me, it looks like she has broken both her arms and is wearing casts.

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I just wonder why there are no incentives like the US to change to Digital. Where is MY free digital tuner? The government will auction off the spectrum and make a load of cash-give it back to the citizens! Also, I cannot figure out why the TVs are so expensive. LCD monitors of a similar size are significantly cheaper-why?

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It makes the England match a must-win for Okada-Japan. Morale must be rock-bottom in the Japan camp right now, irrespective of the sunny statements.

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Posted in: How do you think Japan, which is grouped with Cameroon, the Netherlands and Denmark in the first round of the World Cup, will fare? See in context

FIFA World Cup 2010 + Japan National Team = Grown men crying. And of course the obligatory cries of "KUYASHI"...

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Well from just reading the JT website alone there seems to be enough daily crimes committed by the J-cops for them to have their own special section in Crime. Now the breaking news is that this is merely the tip of the iceberg...

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The discs and hardware are still waaay too expensive. By the time the prices fall to acceptable levels it might be obsolete. I think HD-DVD, although not as high capacity as Blu-Ray, was a better bridging technology because the disc manufacturing factories could be retooled much more cheaply and these savings could be passed onto the consumer. Also, Blu-Ray is horribly uncompetitive price and storage wise against hard disk storage, so it looks like Blu-Ray will just be another proprietary Sony format that doesn't set the world on fire...

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She looks just like my Mother-in-law when she was younger.

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