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Posted in: Republicans face uncertainty in White House race See in context

Uncertainty seems to have never created if GOP accept their own talented people. Yes, I'm a foreigner..

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Posted in: Caught in the cross-fire: non-OPEC, non-shale producers See in context

It reminds me a repeat of 1970s if indeed Saudi has cooperated to weaken Russia, Iran or IS. But its production has been more or less flat for years and weak economies in the West and Arab spring (food shortage) could also be a reason to ask for price restraint. There was no reason to allow high prices since 2011 even Libya's shale quality oil is taken into account. And the time lag between metals and oil...It's too much for my brain.

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Posted in: BOJ chief opens door to stimulus as oil prices drop See in context

Oil prices up, stimulate, oil prices down, stimulate...but as I belong to a younger generation, inflating debts away is a welcome byproduct to correct generational inequality. Perhaps inflation target should be much higher than two percent.

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Posted in: Seventy years on, few Americans regret Enola Gay's mission See in context

U.S. recognizes Japan has special interest in China and American counsels in China supported the coming of Japanese troops. There is an exchange of negotiation talk of Japan taking of China and U.S. taking of Southern Asia (read tin, rubber and oil). Only that Japan gets more greedy, U.S. puts into place an embargo, Japan dived into Pearl Harbour and both countries went into war. It's a quarrel among imperial club members and there is no moral on both sides. Regretting dropping atomic bombs? As a country I don't think so. Nobody can tell U.S. to behave, unlike to Japan, that's why we have Vietnam or Iraq.

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Posted in: 7 customs that Japanese people wish would just disappear See in context

I was surprised everybody hates giving money at wedding. I wouldn't be bothered 30000 yen is collected and then spent on honeymoon, new furniture or whatever my friend needs. Maybe I should think about giving a significant discount at my wedding.

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Posted in: US tries to reassure Japan after documents reveal spying See in context

Yes, we are friends and allies, as we know what you are doing inside out. We reaffirm that.

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Posted in: Fire sale on stuff that burns: Oil, natural gas, coal down See in context

Good time for carbon tax and cutting domestic subsidy (US, too), some air on balance of payments for Southern European countries, more pressure on Russian and IS.

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Posted in: China's island-building faces scrutiny at Asia security talks See in context

So celebrating the 70th leave of the Japanese empire by replicating it and antagonizing neighbors the same way?

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Posted in: Tokyo's largest district OKs same-sex partner certificates See in context

What does partnership certificate actually do? Is it something similar to world peace city declaration every Japanese local cities made?

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Posted in: Japanese girl's WWII job: waving goodbye to kamikaze pilots See in context

70 years have past but we haven't learnt how to say no to each other even on a simplest thing. We like shopping and completely forgot the government is not a gift from afar but elected out of ourselves.

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Posted in: Sexual images of minors in manga and anime: Art or obscenity? See in context

If those mangas reflect twisted social reality, then they are journalism. They are a tiny part of Japan's advanced sex industry, a product of misogyny and skewed welfare system.

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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

Dropping atomic bombs, rampaging through Asia and jihading to the World Trade Center are all equally wrong in my view.

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Posted in: Donald Trump is a superhero – but not in a good way See in context

Bush junior did two terms, then why Trump cannot not make himself a president? He seems give or take what Republicans are to me.

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Posted in: Pacific trade ministers announce progress in Hawaii talks See in context

I still don't get why supposedly Democratic Obama is pushing for the deal.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies See in context

wikileaks documents reveal that none of the targets, including the PM, is categorized as priority 1, meaning most important. agreed but a bit touché.

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Posted in: Pacific trade negotiators chase elusive final deal in tough talks See in context

Usually I'm for trade deals but this one is more than that. The dispute resolution clause lets mega corporations sue countries for trade barriers including regulations. Regulation can be inefficient for societies but could also be something a society cherishes. Do we want cars with massive emission if they cost much cheaper? It is also protecting intellectual property. Feeding Michy Mouse is good maybe but IP means less competition if it lasts unnecessarily. Are we not interested why TTIP was turned down in Europe?

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