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Posted in: Twitter faces lawsuits over unpaid rent for HQ offices in U.S., UK See in context

Another brilliant strategy from Musk:

change policy to demand everyone to return to the office.

get rid of the offices.

lawfully fire everyone since they aren't complying with company policy.

We need more of these motivational success stories on how to keep companies in the black and employees happy.

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Posted in: Musashino city in Tokyo rejects proposal for foreigners to vote in referendums See in context


"To the people who are angry about this, would you still be happy about non-citizens voting in your own home country?"

Guess what: that is perfectly fine in my home country. Voting for municipalities only requires you are a registered resident of that municipality.

For provincial an national elections one needs to be a citizen.

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Posted in: More U.S. companies require employees to be vaccinated See in context

But Burning Bush, I will not work in an office with unvacced coworkers. The company will need to choose which people they want to keep coming in to the office.

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Posted in: Over 100,000 protest in France against vaccination, COVID passes See in context

Good news Bass4funk, there are 3 vaccines approved by the FDA. More than 6 months ago for all three. If that was a show stopper for you, get one now.

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Posted in: Over 100,000 protest in France against vaccination, COVID passes See in context

People have the rights over their own bodies, but to participate in a society, rules and restrictions apply.

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Posted in: 19-year-old drunk driver arrested after passenger dies in crash See in context

Isn’t the legal limit 0% ?

The body can produce some alcohol on its own. Food may contain trace amounts of alcohol. That makes is very impractical to set the limit at 0.

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Posted in: Japan's unused 14 mil doses of COVID-19 vaccines point to logistical hurdles See in context

"Wealthy Countries" People in Japan are not paid well at all compared to the west...The average salary in Japan was $30k in 2019. In the US the average salary was $94k. 

PIA, first you might want check your facts and supply some sources. Second learn the difference between average and median. Third, the median income in some EU countries is higher than the US, but that doesn't say that much about usable income, the tax pressure is much higher in most cases.

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Posted in: Australia blames EU supply issues for slow vaccine rollout See in context

Dear Australians,

you might read the news and see the EU countries are also having issues with slow rates due to a lack of available vaccines. Be glad you are getting any at all, if the EU was selfish by looking after their own citizens first there would be zero exports at all.

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Posted in: Arrest warrant issued after woman rejects mask in Texas bank See in context

Sadly no tasers got discharged during the filming of this altercation.

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Posted in: Japan to allow use of insulin syringes for COVID-19 vaccines See in context

Zoroto: I bet if they used smaller and smaller syringes, they could "vaccinate" the entire population of Japan from a single vial.

May I suggest we look into homeopathy, a single vial can be used to vaccinate the entire Earth, the problem with homeopathic dilution is that the potency increases the higher the dilution. A potent 200C diluation from 1 vial is enough for 10^400 doses, where we only need 15*10^9.

Just to make sure: this is sarcasm, homeopathy is quackery.

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Posted in: A mister no more: Mr Potato Head goes gender neutral See in context

And one what basis do they assert that a child's "authentic self" is gender neutral?

Giving the ability to " to be their authentic selves outside of the pressures of traditional gender norms" has nothing to do with your question/suggestion. It is just a step away from the generic pink/blue, cars/dolls. Just let kids do/use/play what they want to without shaming them, for the Potato Head stuff that just means mixing some diverse parts in the "starter set". I guess it is a win for the company, it the kid has a preference for some style they now have less of that style in the starter and thus more pressure to buy extras.

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Posted in: Dutch lockdown eased, but curfew extended See in context

I wonder in how far it is a ploy to remain the largest party during the national election in 3 weeks. Stricter or even the same counter measurements might be disastrous for the current parties since weariness among the population is on the rise. I expect less restrictions being announced a week before the voting begins.

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Posted in: Netherlands coronavirus cases surpass a million See in context

It was painfully clear The Netherlands was totally under prepared for this kind of infection rates, ICU beds per capita was one of the lowest in Europe. Combined with a rather high people/km2, a government that advices instead of mandates and enough ignorant people that think they themselves will be just fine when ignoring advice.

It is amazing that the Japanese stats, especially Tokyo are so much lower considering Tokyo is a more than half the Dutch population in 1/20 of the area.

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Posted in: Pandemic reveals hidden poverty in wealthy Japan See in context

Wolfpack, you clearly missed the sarcasm in my post.

But even when you take my comment serious, your remark that the owner of a life set the price is totally wrong, it is society that pays so it is society that sets the limits. I value my life much more then any individual in my society is willing to pay, so do you I presume.

If you can actually pay out of pocket what you think you are worth, nobody will be stopping you, but there are treatments on the market that cost society much more than the average person receiving will be able to put back into it. That is the "cost" of a socialist society, which I'm glad to live in.

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Posted in: Pandemic reveals hidden poverty in wealthy Japan See in context

Simian, we just have to decide what a human live is worth. What should we as a society be willing to pay, with public money, to save your live or that of your loved ones? Let the haggling begin.

Let me suggest an amount based on age and amount of public money spend vs possible future earnings.Persons under 18, no more than maybe 10k USD, younger than 12, no more than 1k USD. Working people up to 50: 250k. For every year above 50, reduce by 10k.

Where do you stand on this Simian, spend more or less?

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Posted in: Thai woman handed record 43-year jail term for lese majeste See in context

Don't know much about Thailand, but living in a constitutional monarchy where the monarch has no power and only must sign laws and do P.R. stuff, the local "lèse majesté" laws were there for a reason: the monarch cannot defend itself. So laws are needed to give the state power of act in the name of the monarch.

One of the good things 2020 brought me was that these laws were repealed. The sad thing is the awful monarchy is still there, violating the separation of state and religion since all the laws signed have the preamble "We [insert monarch name], by the grace of God, .[insert list of titles] ..." gives credence to a very spefic god claim, and most citizens/subjects are okay with this sham.

But whatever the intent of these laws in Thailand are, they are totally disproportional and archaic.

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Posted in: Do you find it troubling that Big Tech can silence a U.S. president, or anyone, for that matter? See in context

Yes, we need these idiots to stay in public view. Silencing them just means they go underground.

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Posted in: Judge to hear Republican bid to void 100,000 votes in Texas See in context

I'm missing what the problem is in the article. I can think of only one issue, that the voter isn't guaranteed an secret vote if there are others in the car.

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Posted in: As anger rises, Muslims worldwide protest French cartoons See in context

Why does any deity of any religion not strike down the unbelievers? Why are these deities so powerless they need mere humans to impose punishments?

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Posted in: Olympic chief says Games cannot be 'marketplace of demonstrations' See in context

Would the athletes please think about the money these OC officials "get". It is quite bad for their business if people start protesting and divert attention.

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Posted in: Dutch finally don masks as second coronavirus wave bites See in context

The government is making even more strange decisions, the Dutch minister of education has just announced that students (universities/polytechnics/colleges) are no longer being advised to wear masks.

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Posted in: Dutch finally don masks as second coronavirus wave bites See in context

Nope, the mask wearers are still a very small minority. Supermarkets and most shops have stated they will not refuse people without masks, they simply don't want to have to argue with their customers, since it still is only strongly recommended.

Just enforce it already.

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Posted in: 'Accident properties' are cheaper, but are the savings worth it? See in context

Just call is what it is: silly superstition.

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Posted in: In quest to go paperless (and save money), Mizuho to start charging for bank books See in context

One of the things that struck me a very odd during my first visit to Japan in the 90s was it's archaic banking system forcing me to use cheques (which were phased out in 2002) to get cash due to a lack of ATMs I could use.

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context

What is the most important part of the performance for a voice actor. Is it the ethnicity or maybe the sound/expressions of the voice they can make?

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Posted in: Low-tech Japan challenged in working from home amid pandemic See in context


"And how much more productive would you be?"

I am not more productive at home. Even though my setup is the same (even a bit better monitors and keyboard). The problem is distraction and attention span. I tend to blame myself for not hitting my targets when I work at home. And instead of calling it a day and going home I now try to get work done outside normal hours, in a time where there is even more distraction in the house. YMMV though, the morale is that we are all individuals with different needs.

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Posted in: 2,500 unaccounted for in hurricane-hit Bahamas: official See in context

Zichi, French and Dutch troops also have arrived, even some Germans (who have no presence in the Caribics). The irony was they were already there for a disaster drill (Caribbean Coast).

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Posted in: FBI takes down Nigerian fraudsters in $46 mil case involving Japanese woman See in context

zichi, not only women fall for these scams and has nothing to do with intelligence. But is sure makes a better media story to have a poor, lonely, fragile, woman be the victim of these scams than those stupid horny men falling for a "russian mail" bride fraud. Everybody that is lonely can make these stupid mistakes.

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Posted in: Woman in mental institution who killed another patient says she is 'robot' See in context

A robot, no way? Maybe if she would be a cyborg, that would be okay.

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Posted in: Drink up See in context

Gogogo, normally a white beer is a filtered wheat beer (Weizenbier in German) that isn't clear (like a pilsner) but tends to be whiteish in appearance. In Belgium and the Netherlands it is an unfiltered (still containing (active) yeast) wheat beer that is actually white in appearance. The is a Cafe Hoegaarden in Tokyo (though it was closed last time I was in Tokyo), they have a least the latter kinds of beers (which are my favorite), if you love beer try to get hold of Hoegaarden or Dentergems.

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