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Gogogo, normally a white beer is a filtered wheat beer (Weizenbier in German) that isn't clear (like a pilsner) but tends to be whiteish in appearance. In Belgium and the Netherlands it is an unfiltered (still containing (active) yeast) wheat beer that is actually white in appearance. The is a Cafe Hoegaarden in Tokyo (though it was closed last time I was in Tokyo), they have a least the latter kinds of beers (which are my favorite), if you love beer try to get hold of Hoegaarden or Dentergems.

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3 times the value? Just combine this with the fact that march 14th is als pi day and make the factor 3.14.

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Dear Akula and sensei258,

besides that morals are totally subjective, you are simply ignoring facts as simple medical mistakes. For example in 2003 and 2007 2 seperate hospitals had to screen about 1000 people (on the total polulation of 16m in the Netherlands) for HIV due to malfunctioning sterilization equipment. AFAIK nobody was contaminated.

sources (in dutch so you most likely have to use a translator to make sense of it): and

With the last source stating: this is the 3rd hospital in 2003 where such an error occured, the first link has the inspectors stating that these kind of errors are unavoidable.

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And in the background: The Eiffel Tower

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