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This is coming from the man who canceled his trip here this month out of safety concerns for himself.

"Tokyo is the best prepared Olympic city ever and this relates particularly to the focus they are putting on the athletes and the athletes' experience,"

Well isn’t that nice If Tokyo was the best suited city to host the games because of the extended precautions and safety measures in place for everyone else other than the athletes we wouldn’t be in this situation right now to begin with we would be at 40-50% vaccinated like most developed countries.

“ making the athletes feel comfortable and making the Japanese people feel comfortable.”

Well clearly 80% of the Japanese public don’t feel comfortable and have voiced that.

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As we all know Bach was to scared for his own safety and canceled his trip to Japan then spewed hypocritical comments about the state of the games. Looking at the picture attached to this story it basically tells us all what we need to know concerning this waste of space Coates who is obviously calling in from the safety of his home in Australia a country that has handled the pandemic very well but he is still calling from home out of safety concerns in a country with nearly no Covid and telling us a country struggling and at the brink of medical collapse he doesn’t care and the show must go on at our expense. Dirtbag!

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Not sure if anyone has seen what they are constructing at Yoyogi park right now? It’s a huge giant screen viewing area called “live site” for the public to congregate together and view the Olympics with food stalls and seating areas. My question is with the SOE currently on, cancellation of events like Hanami and the banning of spectators, other than honouring promises to quasi bankrupt construction companies what is the purpose of going further down the rabbit hole with tax payers money to construct something like this when it obviously goes against all the promises precautions that have been proposed for these disaster games. You wonder why the public is confused you can’t go to the park fly a kite with your family or have a beer with a friend in the park but masses can gather together to watch pro ping pong or hola hooping there.

stop these disaster games!

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This is Sunday May 16th 2021 at a stadium in Tokyo for a basketball tournament during a “state of emergency” This is a clear indication of how serious the government plans on taking the Olympics its attendance and covid precautions! Watch the last 30secs when they win.

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Testing numbers for Tokyo please! I’m guessing Osaka testing numbers are out of the question but Tokyo numbers would be nice since you actually used to print them everyday but stopped mysteriously when numbers started raising again. It’s also pretty useful to see how many tests have been done during GW each day considering after Sunday you will must likely be printing stories of how the SOE is working and numbers are miraculously dropping.

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