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Sh1mon M4sadaToday  07:36 am JST

Any sane person given the chance would flee rather than face a medieval Justice

He was happy enough to be subjected to the same justice system for 2 decades, the only thing that has changed is he has now been caught out.

A rat and pathological liar hiding in a box to escape justice says it all.

His lawyer should now face charges too, he was instrumental in the bail application. Throw him in the clinker in place of his client is what he deserve.

Spoken like the Japanese judges and lawyers who would have handled this case. I seems clear only one side of the story would be heard in this case. Nissan has had enough garbage going on even after his arrest to wonder what is really going on in that dirty company.... He may not be completely clean... but I wonder if he isnt the only one... I really doubt any fair trial would have happened. The system in Japan doesnt seem very fair. I would have looked for a way to run also. His lawyer didnt break any laws yet he should go to jail because he bailed? Very typical.

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sjjp: nice research. I don`t doubt what you are saying regarding your "facts". You only have to take one look at that van to know its not the safest vehicle on the road. But its a little worse if you have a pot smoking guy who is coming down from a major intake of energy drinks going 75mpg. If these fact are true then I think even your safest Toyota would roll in circumstances like that. So say its Fords fault that their van rolled because the driver fell asleep is completely stupid. No car maker in the world makes a vehicle idiot proof enough for this type of driver.

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Posted in: Lawsuit filed by two Japanese passengers in fatal tour bus crash See in context

Sfjp, are you serious?? "even if the driver was negligent in most vehicle there will be no rollover"???? You are kidding right??

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