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Double standard is what I can say about Western countries. It is alright for Kosovo to be independent but not South Ossentia and Abkhazia. They called themselves democratic countries and yet they have trade barriers. Is it wrong for the Russians to follow the Americans and the Nato footsteps?

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Honda was very successful on their initial F1 but now is a dismay. Toyota started in Indy and became very popular that they've decided to go one step further by joining the F1. Alas, Toyota is nowhere near the success they have at Indy.

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In US, the anti-terrorist act can cause havoc to the society. One wrong word uttered can send you to jail. An overstayed tourist can be detained and treated as a criminal. US govt has gagged and even eavesdropped on its own citizen and would be a hypocrite to question another country, although, they have been the father of hypocrites. Who cares about how China monitors its own people.

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In order for the dead penalty to be abolished, the amnesty international activists should tell the involved government that they are willing to spend their own money to give food and shelter to all the criminals. This way, the government of each countries can relocate the taxpayer money spend in accommodating criminals into other things that can benefit its citizen. This is the best and only way for the world to abolish capital punishment.

Imagine, amnesty international running prisons with their own money and not the taxpayers'. Amnesty Internatioal taking full responsibility when it comes to criminals' right to live. This kind of solution should be encourage.

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