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DoubleHelix74 comments

Posted in: BOJ to consider 2% inflation target as Abe turns up heat See in context

@ Gaijinfo... Not sure I understand your logic here... And I am not even sure you do either...

If the BOJ is even able to achieve 2% inflation (keep in mind they can't even accomplish 1% for nearly two decades) they will flood the system with Yen, making it weaker. Now, I am sure you have heard what a strong Yen does to Japanese companies right? If I am Toyota and I sell a car in the US in dollars when the exchange rate is 85Y:1USD then I can expect to only receive 85Y per $1 when I repatriate the funds back to Japan (meaning brining the dollars back and converting it to Yen) I will receive less... If Abe is able to cause 2% inflation, then the Yen will weaken and be more on parity or possibly in a favored exchange that allows them to make more... This is why there has been massive layoffs, no profits, and a huge strain the past 2-3 years on Japanese manufacturers due to their reliance on exports. A weakening Yen is in Japan's best interest...

As far as the gov't making you spend your money, think again... Japan has been idle and at times in a stagflation economy for the better part of 20 years. Part of that problem is the Japanese not spending. It creates less sales tax revenue to pay for the immense social programs Japan has for its people, not to mention helps pay fo infrastructure projects, and lastly helps pay down Japan's enormous debt (debt to GDP is a staggering 200% and to compare to a struggling country, Greece has 180%)...

Now factor in an aging population who will rely more on social programs and a shrinking workforce to pay for it and you tell us how Japan is going to cope with this pressure? If Japan continues to run such high debt to GDP, the rating agencies will downgrade Japan and the BOJ will have no choice but to pay higher interest on new issue Samurai bonds due to more risk in investing in Japan.

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Posted in: Chelsea players mobbed at Starbucks See in context

USNinJapan2Dec. 13, 2012 - 10:53AM JST

Michael Reid

****No chance Chelsea's midfield and an in form Torres are to much for them .

Right, so in form that they're playing in the Club World Cup and ONLY in the Club World Cup. Thanks for the laugh...

Yeah right... ONLY the Club World Cup... The same one that only the Champions of Europe could play in? SO for a Europ club to play in this tournament they have to win the Champion's League. Jealousy will get you no where son...

Stick to baseball Yank!

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Posted in: Ichiro heads into final year with Mariners See in context

****The problem is, Ichiro's doing a little bit of nothing at this stage in his career,

Yeah, you are right having 184 hits in a line up that offers him zero protection because it is so weak is terrible! You must be tough to please! If Ichiro played for the Yankees or any other team that had better hitters in teh line up he would already have 3000 hits in the MLB alone...

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context


I completely understand what you are saying and agree with some of these comments in which I have witnessed while visiting there are truly funny... But it seems like every article I read (not just this one which like you said is designed to rant) seems to have a negative connotation to it... For instance, I just read people ranting about AKB48 giving $16M to victims of last years natural and unnatural catastrophes... Saying that its not genuine or its a marketing scheme created by the management... Who cares were the money comes from, really? But there are other articles too that contain threads with really harsh comments. Perhaps I am just reading into this too much? Perhaps this is how the site is? I don't know, I only started looking at it yesterday to get some insight on what life is like there in case my wife and I decide to move to Japan to be closer to her family... No place is perfect but a lot of these comments about what happens in Japan are frankly quite scary due to all the pessimism... Again, perhaps I am just reading too much into this...

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Posted in: New Ranger See in context

tomatoflightFeb. 22, 2012 - 10:41AM JST

Should be an interesting year. Another Japanese pitcher joined the AL West, Iwakuma. The two should face off this season, and I'm sure the press will cover it big-time.

Don't forget about Hiroki Kuroda who is now a Yankee... If he goes up against Darvish and its at Yankee Stadium in NY, it will be mass hysteria! My wife and I drove to Kansas City (from Denver) just to see Matsui play the Royals and even in Kansas City there were hundreds of Japanese fans there seeking an autograph before the game. Surprisingly, my wife wound up getting a ball signed for her brother back in Japan...

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

Nicky WashidaFeb. 22, 2012 - 08:44AM JST

What I am finding hilarious is the the people who have never even BEEN here, or been here 1 month, or even 4 months, thinking that people are being petty and after years and years of being here have no right to an opinion! Try being here 10, 20, 30 years and then see how you feel! Its a totally different ball game when you are living in as opposed to visiting a society.

And tmarie - you are SO right! Can dish it out but cant take it. It seems the truth about the whole month-after-birth thing has touched more than a few raw nerves! Ouch! The truth hurts!

@ Nicky, I am assuming you are referencing my post here... Well my friend you are right and I never claimed that I was an expert on Japan and have only visited there 3 times for roughly a little over a month... And i believe i even referenced that living there for over a period of time is much different. However with that said, you are making it like I know nothing... If life in Japan is so dross and so terrible, why don't you leave? Give me a break and quit you're whining... Nobody is forcing you to stay there and if you truly think it is such a terrible place, than why don't you return home to where you are originally from... I just do not get it! Of course every society is going to have its annoying habits or traditions within its culture but you make it like living in Japan is like living in hell...

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context

All you ExPats crack me up... If you don't like Japan than why are you living there? You all sound like it is a grueling daunting task to live there and have to deal with Japanese culture... Now I have spent about a month of my life tehre visiting my wife's family from the States but I loved every second of it because I appreciate the differences in culture... Perhaps after a few years, I would get tired of it as well but the positives of Japan clearly outweigh the negatives... I can't speak for other nations but for all you Americans out there complaining about living in Japan, think of the alternative... We are in an election year here in the States and all we have are overdone rich white men on the television spewing lies one after another every second of the day... We have religious groups hawking their rhetoric on how ALL should live like a dor to door salesman... And we work long hours and have to pay for everything like the $350 I fork over every month for healthcare and then get charged another $700 to be told I have allergies... Just got done paying my student loans off with a $50K wire transfer that took me years to save for a degree in Biology/Chemistry and guess what I work in Finance. My education was a complete waste of time, just aske the trader next to me who spent $5K at Community College... My point is no place is perfect but one should always be respectful for the country they are a guest in... My take anyway... However, with thats said, I do find some of these to be quite funny because I recognize it from my visiting and also the idiosyncracies of my wife...

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