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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

this begs the question of the Japanese Government as to whether the 50 or so assassins of Quenn Min were also criminals (following the orders or the Japanese Government). and that was cold blooded murder of a woman, Queen or not, and after two other cortisans had been killed by 'mistake' before they found Queen Min. honestly, although i live in Japan, the ruling classes here collectively disgust me with their total disregard and lack or compassion about the horrors their ancestors (quite often actually their family ancestors - ref Abe and his Grandfather, a wartime cabinet member) inflicted on most of the rest of Asia and the Pacific region in the first 45 years or the last century especially. they quite literally do not give a monkey's. however, unlike them, me and my Japanese wife and children will be able to leave this country, as refugees and with nothing if necessary, if and when they lead this country into the sh1t one more time.

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this article, for those of you who have heard of the Financial Times has plenty of comments from Chinese extremists. they don't mention 'the American Imperialists' too much, but they do recommend China settle the blood feud with Japan and kick it's ass. i think some of them actually work for the government. there's no American perspective on this issue. would be interesting to read....

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Posted in: Japan looks to sake as new economic growth tonic See in context

i'm English and i love good sake. also the person who said no tohoku sake is good doesn't know about Akita sake. so may people abroad know sake is the Japanese national drink but only a few people in the US have actually tried it. personally i think it could be as big as vodka or something.

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Posted in: Japan's largest solar power facility commences operations See in context

an aera 7 times Tokyo Dome to power 5,900 houses, not enough land in Japan for solar power !! anyway it's still not very efficient, although don't get me wrong, i like renewables

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