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douglas wells comments

Posted in: ¥500,000 box of cherries See in context

This might be a different take on this story: I don't believe it. Look at the press coverage of this supposed event. What is the point other than to advertise or seek publicity for the product? I don't think any money changed hands. Its just too ridiculous.

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Posted in: Searchers detect undersea sounds in hunt for missing submersible See in context

I have not seen in any of the reporting anything that indicates that this vessel had been tested at such depths. Surely there must have been dozens of tests proving the safety of the vessel before putting FIVE humans in for a dive. Also not mentioned is the lack of communication methods between the vessel and , well, anyone. Yes, it is difficult so far underwater. But SOMETHING must work. Morse code? Hoping for a miracle rescue but it seems we should have had contact by now for that to happen.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2022 up 15-fold to 3.83 million See in context

Spent most of November in Tokyo and Kyushu. Tourists must be confused to see the obsessive mask wearing everywhere. Everywhere but inside crowded coffee shops and restaurants, where the unmasked mingle unprotected or with a tiny plastic barrier at their tables. And everyone wonders why the high numbers of positives.

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Posted in: Japan's 'Little Trains that Could' battle for survival See in context

The only people that think reducing train service is a good idea never ride them. It is a great way to commute and to get around as a tourist. These small train lines are a treasure-it really is just a marketing problem. Now if we can get the students and young adults to share the seating during busy hours that would be nice. Our local route rule and others seems to be: Two seats for each student to stretch out and two more seats for their backpack!

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Posted in: Jolie details Brad Pitt abuse allegations in court filing See in context

Given the opportunity to be there most people reading this would think, "How cool is this that I am riding in a private jet?!"

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Posted in: China locks down 65 million as holiday travel peak looms See in context

I think the numbers are much higher than China cares to put out there.

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Posted in: Japan reports 220,955 coronavirus cases; 23,129 in Tokyo See in context

Again, the aged suffer the most from this, and they are the least represented in the online community, so we get a skewed sense of their complacency owing to the absence of their digital voices. 

Perhaps the wisest comment on the subject in a while.

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Posted in: Japan reports 139,687 coronavirus cases; 21,958 in Tokyo See in context

JT doesn't publish the number of tests taken, so we don't have an accurate look at what percentage of those tested are positive. The number of positives reported really depends on the number of tests taken, including all those at-home rapid tests that aren't included and those infected that do not test at all, recover and move on. These figures here are just a vague indication of the spread that folks can use to decide how they want to change their behavior towards protection, or not.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,663 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 36,903 See in context

Still lacking the important data of how many tests were taken.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,011 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 28,510 See in context

The numbers reported do not reflect the number of tests taken, and therefore do not show an actual useful number (% positive). Are the 3011 cases out of 2 million tests taken or 3020 tests taken?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,357 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 30,481 See in context

3357 positives out of 4000 tests taken?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,403 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,353 See in context

I have to say it again; These numbers do not reflect the actual number of tests taken. Holidays, bad weather, etc can reduce the number of tests taken, and thus the reported totals.

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Posted in: Get ready to pay more: Over 40% of Japanese firms to raise prices within a year: survey See in context

I'm not sure I buy all the reasons (supply chain, covid, Russia) for the inflation. Let's see how it plays out here and in the U.S. when consumers vote with their dollars and a percentage of unchosen businesses fail. The old plan was bailouts, even if the consumer simply opted out of the product. Not sure if that will work this time. A free market should lower prices sometime soon, right?

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Posted in: Haneda Airport upgrades security with 12 Hi-Scan 6040 CTiX screening systems See in context

Just make sure the TSA pre-check folks get their bags and shoes scanned as well.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,161 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 26,865 See in context

Why aren't the number of tests taken reported? Isn't it important?

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Posted in: Travelers crowd trains, airports as Golden Week holiday begins See in context

"Now at the start of GW my wife has the same thing and the same negativ

I had a negative on a rapid test back in January and a positive on a PCR the next day. Rapid seems not as accurate. If you did rapid, try PCR.

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Posted in: Amber Heard's lawyers revised article Johnny Depp sued over See in context

I'm not sure why this trial is receiving such coverage. Other than his odd behaviors, it's just not that interesting a case/story.

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Posted in: Man dies after standoff with police in Tokyo apartment See in context

" Gunshots were heard twice from the apartment, the police said.

This, as well, indicating the shots may have been self inflicted. I'm guessing this was a based on a release from the police where no follow up questions were possible.

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Posted in: 64-year man arrested after forcing son to hang himself See in context

It sounds like they agreed to a dual suicide pact and the dad chickened out. "Forced" might imply that Dad tricked the son and planned not to go through with it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,479 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 24,258 See in context

What is the situation in Japan with home test kits? They're everywhere and free in the U.S. now. Some media are reporting that these home test kits now outnumber test sites that actually report results. It appears the numbers of positives might be much higher than reported numbers. This doesn't mean more deaths or give reason to close down; just curious the current validity of "reported" numbers.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6,797 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 47,598 See in context

Strictly commenting about the reported numbers; I find them strangely consistent day to day, and do not see a mention of the numbers of tests administered, unless I am missing it. Seems to me equally or more important the percentage of those tested that come back positive. Can't extrapolate without that info.

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Posted in: No need to stop social activities with Omicron: COVID adviser See in context

At this point no measures need to be "enforced", as we should by now know to be cautious. Easing off too much during the presence of a mild variant gives the bug more of a change to randomly mutate into a more serious variant.

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Posted in: Solo sukiyaki: Cook-in-the-counter hot pot is newest way to treat yourself to great food in Tokyo See in context

That looks great and the price is good. Interesting idea.

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuees to get up to ¥2,400 a day as living allowance in Japan See in context

Ridiculous to see folks complaining that Japan is doing TOO much to help the refugees and should give this small amount of financial help to its own people. A better approach might be to call for donations from the private sector, if one is ashamed of using taxpayer money to help folks

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6,922 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 49,733 See in context

The virus affects different people in different ways. Most recover in a few days. Long term effects are not yet known. At this point most people understand that shutting everything down won't work and might do more harm than good. Its sad that most people now will accept the millions of deaths of their older friends and relatives, but let's not get stupid and attack folks that call for mask wearing in crowded areas and vaccinations.

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Posted in: Scheffler gets Masters green jacket to go with No. 1 ranking See in context

Its never as exciting to watch a GOLF tournament when the leader is so far ahead for so long, but Scheffler absolutely deserved this win.

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Posted in: Save time and water by turning your shower into a bath with this nifty gadget See in context

It dribbles water on your shoulders. Fantastic.

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Posted in: Japan to lift COVID nonresident foreigner entry ban for 106 nations; tourists still barred See in context

I haven't really thought this through, but wouldn't it be fair if other countries treated Japanese travelers to the same set of unclear rules?

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy drowns after falling into irrigation reservoir in Miyagi Prefecture See in context

All communities should have a public fund to financially reward brave citizens that risk their lives to save others. Just even a tiny percent of what we pay sports or movie celebrities. I agree with all the other posters that think that was super cool of that old guy.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,652 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 54,844 See in context

There is a lot of anti-booster sentiment building in the U.S. The way to win this battle is to keep everyone boosted; and who knows how many more we will need. If 50,000 in Japan test positive every day, they will be better in less than a week, have some immunity for a while, but be susceptible to the same, or another strain in a few months. Everyone has to keep doing all the same things they have said from the beginning. We are slacking off.

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