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Posted in: Mos Burger’s new French toast: A delicious breakfast with a side of linguistic challenges See in context

Why the hate? It is absolutely not healthy and super sweet for breakfast, but as French toast goes, those photos look good.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6,968 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 45,684 See in context

Its nonsensical that people complain about OTHER people voluntarily wearing masks. There are still many that are upset that OTHERS voluntarily accept a free, safe vaccine. Most of these complainers are those spreaders that never wore a mask from the beginning.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7,844 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 43,365 See in context

The numbers seem to indicate that a closed-border Japan plan is not working. I don't understand the border toughness with all the rapid testing available so cheaply. Test in your home country; test upon arrival in Japan. If positive, quarantine yourself for three days and test again. Bring a bunch of rapid tests to help prove your status.

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Posted in: South Korea hits daily record 400,000-plus virus cases See in context

" Nobody get out of bed for the next two weeks to flatten the curve."

This actually WAS the point of staying away from others in the beginning, and would have worked if EVERYONE cooperated. But too many "Nobody tells me what to do" stubborn people wouldn't stay home or wear masks. The numbers of people afraid of the vaccine are just a mystery. Science is bad at marketing itself.

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Posted in: Movie theaters, shuttered for months, plan July reopening See in context

People need to take some risk in order to get around. Subways, trains, buses and airlines carry a high risk. Movie theaters also encourage close contact of crowds in enclosed areas, but seem like an high risk. Most people have some type of home theater system and can dial up a digital movie on demand. In your home. Where you can stop and start it anytime, eat, spread out comfortably and be away from strangers. Bye bye movie theaters.

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Posted in: 7 rules to follow in order to keep safe while cycling in Japan See in context

It is common sense to support exercise in the form of running or cycling for many reasons, but things have changed a bit with a virus that is transmitted through vapor from breathing. Masks have proven to be one of the best means of controlling the spread of vapor, but runners and cyclists don't wear them at all here in NYC. Studies done on the virus in conjunction with evaluating the slipstream from runners and cyclists seem to indicate that this slipstream of heavy breathing covers a much wider area than just standing still. Give runners and cyclists a wide berth to stay out of their slipstream. In the less populated areas the danger is of course less. Stay safe out there.

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Posted in: Singer Hikaru Utada opens a discussion on racism on Japanese Twitter See in context

Even if recognized as a publicity move by her managers, I admire any "celebrity" that speaks out on social issues, whether the majority opinion agrees with them or not. Better to expand the discussion away from politicians, who always have their own interests first. What needs more media coverage are opinions of life in Japan from the many sub-groups of residents that live with discrimination.

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Posted in: Temperatures soar across Japan amid concerns that face masks may cause heatstroke See in context

Evidence from around the world, along with common sense shows that masks help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We don't have a vaccine available yet. Yes. The mask is a bit uncomfortable, but this bully/tough guy attitude of ignorance only helps spread the virus form asymptomatic people to at risk people- sometimes killing them. If a second wave does arrive, it would be nice to identify the anti-maskers so that we could put them at the end of the line of victims waiting for ventilators.

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Posted in: JK Rowling's tweets on transgender people spark outrage See in context

We can't begin to have a meaningful discussion about race or gender issues until we accept that some folks might express thoughts that differ from the mainstream or from current political correctness. This historically recent tactic of publicly destroying someone that makes a politically incorrect comment just drives the discourse down and empowers the "silent majority" that people don't want to admit exists.

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Posted in: New Zealand says coronavirus eliminated and life can resume without restrictions See in context

New Zealand managed the virus threat as well as could be done. People took it seriously and followed the guidelines. Shockingly many people here in NYC never really got on board, and for the usual childish reasons accepted by US society: "Masks? Nobody tells me what to do!" It follows cultural brilliance like, " Eat healthy and exercise? Nobody tells me what to do!". The cost of ignorance can be measured in lives lost.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy dies after apparently shooting himself See in context

Yeh, getting the gun and bullet is the most important. That a 15-year-old killed himself? Meh, who cares. Is that what people are posting?

Exactly. Different coverage from the death of Hana Kimura. No reporting on the method of her suicide but all focus (rightfully so) on the bullying aspect as the reason. Possibly a follow up will reveal if the boy struggled with some personal anguish or it could be determined his death was an accident.

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Posted in: Suntory CEO says 20% of restaurants may fail as coronavirus slams Japan's dining scene See in context

Until we get a vaccine, it will be a gamble to have a sit-down meal at a restaurant. Providing options for take out and delivery will separate those that have built a customer base by providing good food at a fair value. Playing on the public's sympathy to risk patronizing sit-down places against the loss of income for restaurants seems unfair. Expecting "the Government" to bail out all businesses that face extreme adversity sounds good until the bill comes due to reimburse government bailouts. Loyal customers can directly bail out the businesses they enjoy by patronizing services that adapt to safe measures.

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Posted in: Lawson convenience stores now selling sweet custard pudding sandwiches See in context

In the U.S. Arbys had a milk shake with bacon in it so we're even.

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Posted in: Pandemic deaths in Japan low, but future success uncertain See in context

Because there is no way exhaled vapor can go around that small piece of plexiglass.

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Posted in: Australian officials move to block Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney due to COVID-19 threat See in context

It would be great if there was a way to identify all the people who don't wear the mask in crowds and don't practice social distancing. The damage caused by asymptomatic carriers can't be traced back to them, and they know it. With a list of known, ignorant non-compliant people, it would make it easier to decide who gets medical treatment first in the event of another worldwide spike.

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Posted in: Japan pushes homegrown vaccines for coronavirus to secure supply See in context

It is absolutely in Japan's interest to develop a vaccine IN Japan, both to ensure availability and control pricing. World citizens will watch an interesting combination of science, capitalism and ethics as for-profit research companies around the world race to find a vaccine that can prove effective against some, most or all strains of the virus. The payoff for successful companies will be huge, and it will be one of those rare cases where profit is recognized as acceptable and deserved by value of the generated good for all.

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Posted in: 2 Yomiuri Giants players test positive for coronavirus See in context

It seems that with the low numbers of positives reported in the general population due to successful safety practices and social distancing, it should be easy to regularly test and isolate positives from the team personnel. More worrisome is the untested stadium crowds (even if sparse) that will eventually fill the seats.

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