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Douglas Westfall comments

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Will China meet the Paris Accord requirements?

No, not even close. 

China takes twice as much oil to make the same product, has double the US emissions level, and has a GDP to Emissions ratio of 95. The US is but 28. Japan is 27, India is 109, Russia is 133 -- The world average is 40. China will never meet the Paris Accord requirements. Talk is cheap -- and China is the worst polluter in the world.

The reason the GDP to Emissions ratio is important is that in a technological economy, three things happen:

1) Technological manufacturing and sourcing materials, create more emissions than do people:

  Energy is 26%, Industry 20%, Forestry 17%, Agriculture 14%, Transportation 13%, Structures are 8% and Waste is 2%.

2) The Technological Revolution in any given country (except China) creates a massive middle class. They then can afford the materials made by technology -- including those items that produce more pollution: automobiles, homes, travel; and of course produce more waste. Still, technology creates the greatest emissions in the first place, but creates a greater economy.

3) An economy then grows by three elements: Technology, a Middle Class, and Population Growth. With a growing population, comes a growing economy. Such that pollution emissions increase with a growing economy or GDP, measuring the GDP to Emissions ratio -- shows the efficiency of the country.

China being the worst polluter in the world, has a GDP to Emissions ratio of more than double the world average, and without a middle class -- shows that their emissions come from technology -- which is sent to other countries. Seven of ten Chevy's are built in China...

China will never meet the Paris Accord requirements.

Best Always, Douglas Westfall, National Historian

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