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Very good results for Nippon Ishin no Kai in Osaka.

I see hope that there may at last be an opposition party that can defeat Abe's LDP.

That's what my childhood friend who lives in Osaka told me. A party with liberal modernist ideas led by very young people. With a program to reduce public spending as well as debt. A realistic program for Japan.

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zichi Apr. 20 09:23 pm JST

The Japanese Constitution allows for self defense.

That's not true. The constitution does not allow self-defense at all. Moreover, JSDF itself should not even exist. They have only applied the only provisional alternative until the social and political situation is favorable to change that prohibition. Ignoring this article by creating deliberate excuses to legalize what is not legal. This solution will only give more problems in the future than real solutions in the hypothetical case of a war between China and Japan. Because it will be breaking the war ban. (an unconstitutional act).

I doubt China, which is considered the greatest threat would have any interest to attack Japan or invade it. That would be the end of China with both the EU and America ending trade which would bankrupt China.

China has already publicly demanded the return of the Senkaku Islands. And it has expressed that they will use force if necessary to recover those islands if Japan does not voluntarily return them. That would be considered a serious threat to Japan's territorial integrity.

An overmanned American presence of 60,000 troops is no longer required, even for the defense of the country.

For that to happen Article 9 has to be modified first. Something that for the time being the Japanese people are still opposed to.

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Then most of the people in this forum get upset when Japan decides to increase its military capability, disobeying Article 9 of its constitution.

But very few people are aware that it is China's belligerent attitudes that are causing this dangerous situation. For them the bad thing will always be Japan itself and Abe's government. Or the United States themselves.

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Simon Foston Today 10:31 am JST

The only thing they have shown any talent for is gaming the electoral system to keep getting themselves and their worthless offspring re-elected,

Blaming the d'Hondt electoral system is a serious mistake. Opposition parties don't win elections because people don't vote for them. That's the sad reality.

In the Tokyo elections, Yuriko Koike's political party Tomin First no Kai defeated Abe's all-powerful LPD. Simply because people voted for them.

So don't look for an excuse that Abe and the LDP win by an electoral law. I remind you that the d'Hondt law is in place in 40 countries. And it works perfectly.

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You haven't stopped to think about the current dangerous situation in the region. You don't realize that article 9 is becoming very obsolete.

Japan is investing in an illegal army because it really needs it. And because the US demands it too.

This is the reality that no one likes to admit. But people begin to recognize it very bitterly.

Taking a look at Twitter I saw that most of the people involved agreed with the measure of having long-range missiles. Admitting also that it is a necessary unconstitutional weapon. It's better to have it than not to have it. That's what they say on Twitter.

Cordial greetings.

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Stewie Mar. 18 03:19 pm JST

The rise of right wing nationalism is concerning. It would be prudent for everyone to re-read their history books.

The main culprits in the rise of Japanese nationalism are the left-wing parties. They only engage in protest without offering real alternatives to state affairs. They only speak of sentimentalism or of offering unrealistic utopias in order to offer very complex solutions.

An example: If China takes Senkaku Islands by force. The opposition parties would talk about initiating a peaceful dialogue with China in order to try to reach a return agreement. And not to use force as indicated in article 9. You really believe that's possible in case it happens. Give China Japanese territory to avoid war at any cost. That would only hurt pride as a nation. Making the effect boomeran increasing duplicating the nationalism.

Because you think the number of votes on the left is dropping year after year. They want to live off the revenue of the past but they don't realize it's 2019. And fewer and fewer people vote for them.

Today's Japan is a consolidated democracy. With very definite systems of government different from imperial Japan. Japan will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Changing the second paragraph of Article 9 will not change the pacifist position of the country. It would only recognize a de facto situation that already exists today.

The JSDF is the world's fifth most powerful army in conventional capabilities. And it has the eighth largest military budget in the world.

Right now Article 9 totally contradicts the current situation. Because in theory Japan's military capability should be 0. It should not be in fifth place in the world ranking. But it is. Like it or not.

And in a situation of ongoing open warfare. Article 9 will be ignored due to force majeure. It is condemned to be disobeyed with the current paragraph. It is only a question of time for this to happen. Simply because the current paragraph is too obsolete.

It is also true that Abe will not succeed in changing Article 9. But it will pave the way for another PM in the future. It can proceed to a constitutional amendment process with satisfactory results. As long as the international security situation continues to worsen. Everything points to that being the case.

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Posted in: Ruling finalized ordering cell phone TV owners to pay public NHK subscription fee See in context

The NHK is an obligatory service that is protected by the constitution. And it cannot be dissolved as a public entity.

A constitutional amendment is needed to close the NHK. And here's the real problem. No left-wing political party wants to do that. And that's where the systematic abuse of the NHK comes from.

A constitutional amendment to close the NHK does not affect anything in pacifist terms. And I believe that the majority of the Japanese people would vote in favour of a national constitutional referendum. To shut down that broadcasting entity.

But as always the anti-amendment parties refused to make any kind of reform, hiding behind the fact that the peace constitution would be modified. Although the NHK article has nothing to do with article 9.

This is one of the consequences of maintaining a constitution drafted in 1947. That it is too obsolete for our days. A relic from the middle of the 20th century.

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Japan may ban visas, money transfers over S Korea wartime labor dispute

As the JT cover headline says, this is a labor problem. And it has to be solved within the exclusively labor scope. With private money as it is a labor and business problem.

In this matter both the governments and politicians of Japan and South Korea should not intervene. Nor should taxpayers' public money be used to try to negotiate a solution to a private problem.

It's making a lot of noise to a problem very easy to solve.

If this problem were to happen in Europe. This issue would already be resolved without the need for a media scandal. It would go completely unnoticed.

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Abe and LDP is the best Japan can have under the current circumstances. It is the most sensible option in practical terms both political and economic.

Opposition parties must stop talking about sentimentality and offer practical solutions. Even on issues that they refuse to recognize as a problem for the future. Like the reform of Article 9 to adapt it to current times. Until you understand this concept, you can never win an election. And to be able to take the LDP to the opposition. It's no use winning by spreading lies you can't keep. As it happened between 2009 and 2011. And I assure you that defeating Abe and the LDP is possible. All you have to do is govern with the truth. Although some measures are very uncomfortable for the public, but at the same time reasonable. Provided that the basic principle of reaching agreements at a negotiating table in order to establish basic consensus is applied. Which is precisely the basic principle of a liberal Western democracy.

The governor of Tokyo Koikie is the example that a politician in Japan has to follow. She does not belong to the LDP and governs on the basis of consensus with other parties that do not belong to the central government. He defeated Abe and the LDP. Making history by proving that you can win. Too bad PDCJ don't share Koike's thoughts. Nor does it have a leader like her.

Because if it was. The opposition would triumph in Japan.

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Ganbare Japan! Feb. 4 11:17 pm JST

There are a few good politicians outside the LDP - members of Komeito. All others stand for nothing and should shut down permanantly.

That's right. Koike is an example of this. It does not belong to the LDP or to Komeito. And his liberal social democratic ideas are an example of this. It's a pity that Japan doesn't have a lot of people with ideals like her. Because that is what Japan urgently needs.

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sf2k Today 01:39 am JST

> It's not like there would be an alternative

And there isn't. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not. Abe and PLD are the only viable option Japan has today. That's what my childhood friend who lives in Osaka tells me.

The only political party with real liberal social democratic ideas is Komeito. That if they joined Koike's party they could give a real alternative to Japan.

The Left parties in Japan have only one common goal. Defeat Abe and PLD. Without thinking that once defeated it is time to govern the country. And that is what is really difficult. Because their policies are totally incompatible with reality. Something they have a hard time assimilating. For they speak only of beautiful utopias that cannot be achieved.

This is the uncomfortable reality. But simply reality.

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Most of the servers where you can see manga online are in Central American countries, South America and Eastern Europe.

To make the manga accessible to everyone you could do the same as the online gaming platform Steam. With a very small monetary fee you can access the official manga translated into many languages to view online. And that money raised to the author. And this would reduce piracy until it disappears. But it has to be a very affordable price. Wassap type.

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This is a labor problem. And it must be solved only by labour mechanisms. With private money and private companies.

Politics and public money should be out of all this. This is how Germany solved its problems after the Second World War. Separating each issue into its respective areas.

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Responding to Chip Star.

Japan is forcing itself. If can change its constitution if the Japanese people have the will.

Opposition parties in Japan. Generally the left-wing parties have blocked any attempt to change the constitution in the Diet sessions. Preventing the holding of a consultative referendum. They did not even want to sit at a negotiating table to reach a basic consensus. The Japanese people have never been able to be officially consulted.

Disagree all you want, but it won't change the fact that Japan's defense strategy has been extremely effective for over 70 years.

Article 9 has been a stability for the region for 70 years. No one doubts that. But unfortunately that article of the constitution is becoming very obsolete. It was created to give a message that Japan would never arm itself again. And it was committed to this, if neighboring countries committed themselves to do the same. And follow their example. But now in 2019 that article is losing its effectiveness. And that's why it needs to be modified. Or at least. Make a passive offspring or even ignore it completely. Until the political parties opposed to the reform and their leaders. Understand that Article 9 must be updated with current security conditions. In addition to recognizing that JSDF is an army except in name.

An example of what I want to explain is that it's too obsolete. Typewriters exist. But they haven't been used for years after the arrival of computers. Or messages in Morse. It is no longer used because everything works with electronic systems of text and voice.

Cordial greetings.

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Failed response to 1glenn Dec. 26 09:06 pm JST.

It's not the same thing. Okinotori islands are clearly in Japanese territorial waters and EEZ. And so they are recognized worldwide by both the United Nations and the International Maritime Union.

There is no dispute between Japan and Taiwan. Not to mention that the latter publicly admits that they are Japanese islands. Even if they are artificial.

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Posted in: Taiwan, Japan to hold maritime cooperation talks in Tokyo See in context

What the People's Republic of China is doing is building islands far removed from its country by clearly invading the territorial waters of other countries and their EEZ areas. In addition, there is already a final judgement of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Condemning the construction of artificial islands outside Chinese territory.

According to that sentence. All the artificial islands that China has built are illegal, except for the northern half of the Paracel islands. That those islands would be within Chinese territorial waters and EEZ.

As you can see. The situations are completely different. Japan has not invaded any territory of another state. Neither have its territorial waters. Japanese artificial islands are completely legal under international law. Because they were built on Japanese territory.

I hope I've helped you clear this up.

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1glenn Dec. 26 09:06 pm JST

Japan has spent about 600 billion USD on island building at Okinotori, while condemning island building by China in the South China Sea. In both cases, national territory is claimed over an area that was previously uninhabited. Also interesting, Japan has been seizing Taiwanese fishing boats near Okinotori, while ignoring Korean and Chinese fishing boats in the area.

Is there a conclusion to be reached?

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This is one of the many consequences of having a very obsolete constitution in force. Bearing in mind that it was adopted in 1947. And it has never been modified.

The main culprits are mostly left-wing political parties. Like the Socialist Party, the Communist Party and to a lesser extent the Social Democrat. They refuse to update this constitutional text in a totally irrational way. They do not even agree to sit at a negotiating table. Indispensable in a democratic system. They want us to believe that the constitution is an inalterable document that cannot be changed. And it is for these reasons that their election results are very low. And then they are surprised that very few people vote for them.

Although I don't like PLD. It is very clear that the opposition is the main culprit that this does not change. I know because I have a former schoolmate and friend of mine who lives in Osaka. And he tells me how hard it is to live there as a Spaniard. He is also married to a Japanese woman. He has a daughter and is expecting his second child. Because of this unjust law. My friend has been in Japan for 13 years. He has to renew his visa every 3 years. He doesn't have a permanent visa yet. Not even the 5-year-old. And that's frustrating for him.

In order for laws to change, the constitution must first be reformed. And for that a broad consensus of minimums is needed. And for that to happen. The parties of the progressive left have to lift that legislative veto that they are forcibly imposing in parliament. In order to solve this serious problem.

I couldn't go on like this.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Seoul clash over S Korean warship's fire-control radar lock-on See in context

The only thing I can think of is that those pilots were very scared.

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Posted in: Tokyo, Seoul clash over S Korean warship's fire-control radar lock-on See in context

South Korea has denied that the radar was used intentionally to track the Japanese plane and that no actions were taken that would pose a threat to the MSDF

Oh, yeah. But the problem was that the MSDF airplane attack alert alarms were activated. The Japanese pilots do not know the real situation at the time. They don't know if it's a mistake or not.

Weasel Today 07:06 am JST

Agreed. This is very a serious indeed, and should not be made lightly. FCRs are supposedly pre-programmed with the capability to determine the foe-or-friend ID's prior to the fire-control's target acquisition.

What you're saying is known only to the personnel of the South Korean destroyer. The MSDF pilots only know that they are a possible target to be shot down.

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Posted in: Mattis exit makes the world more volatile See in context

Trump is changing the world for the worse.

For pacifism in Japan, the arrival of this man is a real disaster. Because they no longer have convincing arguments to defend Article 9 with its current text.

The main ally of the Japanese pacifists was the president of the United States. Since Obama's departure the changes in mentality are much quicker.

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Posted in: S Korean destroyer directs fire-control radar at MSDF plane See in context

That situation is very dangerous. Because the alert alarms on the Japanese patrol plane were activated. Indicating that they were being signaled by AEGIS missiles. The alarm itself only indicates that they're pointing at you. But the pilots don't know if they're attacking you or not. They can only be a possible victim. I can assure you those pilots were really scared.

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Posted in: With eye on China, Japan unveils record defense budget See in context


The problem here is that Article 9 of the constitution is clearly becoming obsolete. Much more obsolete than you want. Worst of all, it is not Japan's fault that this is so. It is caused by actions and threats from abroad.

The fact that an army is being built illegally is the result of this constitutional obsolescence. But at the same time it is necessary.

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Posted in: Japan's plan to pursue aircraft carrier raises question of necessity See in context

OssanAmerica Today 06:42 am JST

The Japanese carriers with a limited (what, 8-10 planes?)

At most 5. 6 would be the maximum limit with many difficulties to maneuver due to lack of available space. The Izumo class is so small that the number of planes loaded is much smaller than the Ministry of Defense wants.

Note that F-35B units cannot bend wings. Unlike their sisters A and C. They can do it. It is also a fairly large aircraft compared to the McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II. It doubles in size.

The perfect combination would be 3 combat fighters on the deck of the ship. And the other 2 reserve inside the hangars.

The Izumo will never be an offensive carrier. The number of fighter planes is so ridiculously low. That it will not pose a threat to any country. But at the same time it will strengthen the combat capability to defend the chain of Japanese outlying islands of the Pacific. In case of incursion or seizure by force by a foreign country. In what would be defined as a defensive action.

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Posted in: Japan to spend more on defense, refit 1st aircraft carrier See in context

Akie Today 01:20 am JST

dougthehead13, what authority do you have to declare that the law I quoted is expired ? Does it mean that Koreas will be colonized by Japan again, automatically ? Does it mean that Taiwan will be colonized again, automatically ? Does mean that Philippine will be colonized again, automatically ? Does it mean that Vietnam will be colonized again, automatically ?

I don't think I understand myself well.

In the 1951 treaty of San Francisco. A 55-year moratorium was imposed on Japan by way of punishment to prohibit the possession of war assets. That punishment would enter into force from the very day of the signing of that treaty.

Adding up the data is a perfect match. 1951 + 55 = 2005.

A note. China did not join that treaty precisely because of the inclusion of that temporary moratorium.

Conclusion. The international legal prohibition expired 13 years ago. Now Japan's only legal prohibition is national in character at the domestic policy level. Article 9.

And today's Japan doesn't want war.

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Akie Today 12:15 am JST

""Japan shall be permitted to maintain such industries as will sustain her economy and permit the exaction of just reparations in kind, but not those which would enable her to rearm for war."

That paragraph you set out is a moratorium that was introduced in the Treaty of San Francisco in 1951. It expired in 2005. Since that year, Japan once again had an internationally recognized legal military capability.

Because he believes that the Ministry of Defense was re-established in 2007. Because the ban expired 2 years earlier.

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A cost estimate for the refitted carrier wasn't given. The work would be done over five years and the ship would carry 10 stealth fighters. The refitting of a second helicopter carrier would follow.

In 2014 I studied a report from Ingalls Shipbuilding. That is the one that builds the amphibious assault ships Wasp class of the American Navy. In relation to a hypothetical re-conversion of the Izumo into an aircraft carrier.

According to that study the maximum number of combat aircraft to operate loosely in the reformed Izumo is 5 units. 3 on the deck and 2 in the interior hangars. Anything in excess of 5 aircraft will result in operating in a slow and suffocating environment due to lack of available space. This will result in a longer reaction time in the event of a combat emergency. Having 10 planes in the Izumo will be chaos. And it won't be possible. At most if you ship 8 F-35B it will be a miracle. And that figure is also questioned. In the end, the report said that a maximum of 6 or 7 planes.

Another problem is the reduction of deck space. With the installation of a Ski-Jump the Izumo use cover will be reduced by 30%. With the elimination of 1 parking lot of large helicopters. And it will alter the dimension of the other adjacent parking lot. This loss of usable deck will further reduce the existing one for the manoeuvring of the aircraft inside it.

Another problem is the plane assigned for that purpose. The F-35B has been chosen because it is the only aircraft in the world that is capable of operating from the Izumo. Another problem is the plane assigned for that purpose. The F-35B has been chosen because it is the only aircraft in the world that is capable of operating from the Izumo. The only one available that is in production and for sale. There is no other alternative model. The McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II was discontinued in 2005. And it is not for sale.

One more thing. The aircraft carrier Izumo will be the weakest in the world. Its current competitor the Liaoning (16) will operate 38 Combat Fighters. In front of the 5 of Izumo. Just so you can see what a big power difference there is. So that detractors may say that Izumo is offensive in nature. I am simply telling them that they are totally wrong.

It's a defensive airline. Its offensive capacity is almost nil.

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Japan would not need an aircraft carrier were it not for China's unilateral annexation through military force, Japan's sovereign territory.

For the time being you have publicly said that the islands Senkaku, Miyako and Yaeyama. They should be under Chinese sovereignty. And if they use force it means that Japan will be at war. China would be violating Article 9 by being on Japanese territory.

Who in this case would be the aggressor and the warmonger. China or Japan.

You complain about the Japanese military movements. But you are not aware of the actor who is provoking this. When China ceases to want these territories for itself, we will be able to speak of peace and tranquillity and harmony throughout Asia.

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

The Izumo helicopter carrier will be refurbished for sporadic use of aircraft carriers. It is not a threat to any country. And it is compatible with Article 9. Because its technical capabilities can only be oriented to defense.

To start with you will only have the maximum capacity of 5 or 6 F-35B combat fighters. 3 or 4 on deck and 2 on hangars. Because according to the law there must be at least 2 helicopters, for SAR services and another helicopter for transporting goods and food.

In addition, the operational range of an F-35B for airspace surveillance missions close to the ship is 150 km around it.

Without taking into account that you need coverage of reconnaissance planes and AWACS type probes that can only operate from ground airstrips. What you need not move away from the Japanese coast. The offensive capacity of this ship is very low.

The boat most similar to the characteristics of the reformed Izumo is the aircraft carrier Cavour (C 550) of the Italian navy. It is the only ship in the world that could be compared by its size and deck distribution. Which is also oriented only for the defense of Italy.

The only countries operating defence-oriented aircraft carriers are Italy and Spain. Japan will soon be included in this list.

While the United States, Russia, China, India, France and Great Britain. They will be the only aircraft carrier operators with truly offensive capability worldwide.

And I remember that the carrier configuration will only be used when it is exclusively necessary. The F-35B fighter unit will be parked on a ground base.

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