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Japan has to bet on hydrogen fuel cell power. That by means of the process of electrolysis with water, it is the source of energy totally clean to 100%.

And not only that. It would also lead the country to a situation of total energy independence from the outside world. Because it would no longer need the oil and gas that the Middle East provides.

Wind energy like solar energy. They are essential auxiliary energies but not very competitive. One because it only happens during the day. And the other because it only works when there is wind. And the demand for electricity does not always coincide with the generation produced.

That's why hydrogen must be the bet of the future. A clean and productive energy.

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Japan is one of the least polluting countries in the world. Since 1990 when it passed the first law against climate change on the planet.

Here's the link to the Environmental Performance Index. Where there is also the ranking for countries that pollute less.

Oh, by the way. Japan is the 20th least polluting country on the planet. To be exact. Being the second country on the Asian continent after Israel that is in 19th place. And behind Taiwan in 23rd place.

Japan is at the same level as Europe in pollution indices. And being a country with a population of 126 million people. It cannot be criticised in the fight against climate change.

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While Yukio Edano's Constitutional Democratic Party. He still refuses to sit at a negotiating table. There will never be a chance to improve the country's current constitution.

It's Edano and his party that's preventing the constitution from being amended. Not the Japanese people through a referendum. As dictated by Article 96 of the constitution itself.

If the Rikken Minshu-tō, the Kokumin-minshutō and the Shakai Minshu-tō. They are so sure that Abe's LDP would lose that referendum. Because they won't let it be celebrated. It would be the best way to defeat Abe leaving him and his party in an unsustainable political situation. In case you really lose that referendum.

In a democracy it is the people who decide. But if the opposition parties prevent the people from talking to the ballot boxes. Through universal suffrage. Then they should rethink about calling themselves democratic parties.

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There are some things to clear up first.

1). The judgment of the Supreme Court of South Korea says. That the 1965 treaty between Japan and South Korea did not include compensation for forced slave labor by Japanese companies under Japan's occupation of the Korean peninsula. That's all there is to it. And that the condemned Japanese companies were obliged to compensate economically the victims of this labor exploitation. In a personal capacity and always within the private sphere. With private money.

2). This is where President Moon comes in. Taking advantage of the existence of that judicial sentence. And using its anti-Japanese rhetoric. It again demands that Japan compensate the victims financially with public money from the Japanese taxpayer. Plus new apologies. They also want PM Abe and his ministers to kneel publicly in front of the victims. Leading to a humiliating situation for a leader of a country of 125 million inhabitants. Something Abe doesn't want to do. Obviously.

3). That's why Abe in response ordered Japanese companies not to pay the victims. Because first he wanted to settle with the international authorities that Moon's claim was unacceptable. Because the sentence itself does not condemn Japan as the country responsible for these acts. And therefore it does not have to pay any compensation. Nor does he have to apologize. Because both public apologies and economic compensation between countries is already stipulated in the 1965 treaty. I'm talking about public money. 

4). Thanks to U.S. intervention. Moon has been forced to rectify by initiating talks with Japan back to the base of: 

That the labor problem with forced labor stipulated in the sentence of the supreme court. It is exclusively a private problem. Neither Japan nor its government is responsible for this situation. And they have no responsibility in this matter.

Japan's legal liability was settled in the 1965 treaty.

That the matter of the judgment be resolved discreetly within the private channels. No state intervention by either party. Which is what Japan demands from the outset.

5). I think it's the Korean side here that's taken this matter to where it is. For wanting to use the Japanese occupation issue again. For electoral purposes only. Because Moon's party uses the indoctrination ani-japan that is widely spread within South Korea. A very dangerous situation from what I see. While on the Japanese side. That indoctrination of hatred does not exist. But that could begin to change if this South Korean attitude persists in time.

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Japan is already one of the largest OECD countries in the world with the lowest levels of pollution.

And the Toyota RAV4 is the world's greenest gasoline-powered car. An achievement for the Japanese engineer.

It's more. Japan was the first country to implement serious measures against climate change as early as 1991. It is the most advanced country in ecological technology. And they are decades ahead of the rest of the world.

So it's the world that has to follow in Japan's footsteps.

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I think everybody's a winner on this one. But above all, Japan is the strongest.

1). Japan wins because it doesn't have to pay South Korea. From the Japanese taxpayer's public money, from the collection of taxes. That is Abe's great victory. Not public money. And the responsibility does not fall on Japan as a country either. Because the issue of forced labour is exclusively a private problem. Between those affected and a private company. Where governments should not interfere.

2). South Korea wins. Because this agreement will enforce the sentence of the supreme court. But with the difference that the financial compensation to those affected will fall exclusively on private money. For example Mitsubishi. As it's a business matter. Countries will be excluded from the agreement. This has been Moon's defeat. He wanted to squeeze more money out of the Japanese government. Apart from demanding responsibility. And here it has clearly failed. The responsibility will only fall on business matters. Within the private sphere. And the 1965 treaty will be respected.

3). All these satisfying developments for both sides are thanks to the US. That has known how to press for both countries to be equally victorious. Both have had to give in on their pretensions in order to reach a consensual agreement. Both lose and win at the same time. 

As for GSOMIA. It was just a ruse by Moon to force the United States to alienate itself in favor of South Korea over Japan. And it seems to have failed. And it may have long-term political and electoral consequences. 

But the problem will remain. For Moon's animosity towards Japan is still present. And he's sure to find some excuse to muddy relations again.

At the moment he can only say that "to rectify is of the wise". And welcome that agreement.

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Bearing in mind that the next general elections are scheduled for 22 October 2021. There is still a long way to go before the opposition parties can hope for credible proposals for the people. To be able to form an alternative change of government to the LDP.

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Alternative person or at least alternative party? for us all to have fruitful discussion board.

That's the key. Neither Yukio Edano's Rikken Minshutō nor any other political party has viable practical proposals. They always appeal to sentimental solutions that are impossible to apply.

The only people within the field of opposition with reasonable ideas to apply are for example Yuriko Koike. Or the mayor of Osaka Ichirō Matsui.

Anyway, Abe's not running for another term anymore. It is a PM that only waits until the end of 2021. Now the race for his successor will begin in the LPD.

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In recent decades, strong anti-Japanese indoctrination has been fostered by the South Korean education system. And this has provoked hatred of Japan on the part of many South Koreans.

The damage is done. And the only solution is to stop inculcating that toxic indoctrination. And let that hatred heal over time. Something impossible with the current political situation. Both in South Korea and Japan. Although the latter to a lesser extent.

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What the opposition parties have to do is allow a national referendum to be held. It is up to the Japanese people to decide whether they want to change Article 9 or not.

This referendum would be a great plebiscite for both Abe and the LDP. And in case of losing it, it would also become the political death of the LDP as well as of Abe. It's that simple.

If the opposition is so convinced that the Japanese people do not want to change that Article. Why are they so afraid to accept such a referendum?

I ask

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Vox is not an extreme right-wing party as the article says. They are simply replicating the headlines in the Spanish press. Most of them are controlled by left-wing ideological media groups.

Vox is simply a right-wing conservative party equivalent to the US Republican Party or the British Tories.

In economics they advocate the free market system. A thinning of public and political bodies to reduce public spending. The capitalization of the public pension system with a public-private system because the current system is not sustainable in time. For having a population pyramid similar to that of Japan. In this matter both countries share the same problem. It also advocates lower taxes for SMEs and the self-employed. And above all for the middle and working classes. In order to increase the purchasing power of families. Monthly financial aid to promote the birth rate and expand public nurseries for children from 0 to 3 years. And reduce public support for abortion. Because in Spain this method is used as a means of contraception. But above all. Eliminate the discriminatory laws that now exist in the country. Where a woman has been endowed with greater power in rights and legality in front of men. Destroying in concept of equality that indicates the constitution.

The match that resembles in Japan with Vox to my mind is Nippon Ishin no Kai. For being an opposition party.

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I hallucinate.

On July 21 of this year there were general elections. Where Abe's LDP won with total force. To ask for a new early election is a waste of taxpayers' money. For a reason as weak as this.

In the next elections in 2021 there will be a new opportunity for the opposition parties to define themselves as a real alternative government. As long as they can demonstrate that they can truly do so. But that will be in due course. Democracy has its deadlines.

So many general elections in a row make people tired in the long run. I myself am living it in Spain. The next general election on November 10. It will be the 4th general election in 4 years. Or what is the same. General elections every 6 months. The cost of calling general elections in Spain is 138.961.517 euros. If we multiply that number by four elections in four years. The figure is about 555.846.068 euros. It seems like little money but it is not. And everything paid for by the taxpayer through taxes.

The change in yen would be:

138961517 euros = 16794986704,05 yen.

555846068 euros = 67179946816,19 yen.

In order for people to have a slight idea of the money it costs, calling a general election.

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I think Article 9 of the constitution has never been tested in the supreme court.

I think it was three times. The first in 1966, the second in 1973 and the third in 1978. All the sentences were favorable to the government's theses.

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Catalonia already has a very decentralized autonomic system within Spain.

Article 2 of the Spanish constitution is very clear.

The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, and recognizes and guarantees the right to autonomy of the nationalities and regions that make it up and solidarity among them all.

Independence is impossible as long as this article exists.

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Shinzo is violating the Japanese Constitution. Not many Japanese will care though, as most Japanese are politically passive, even submissive.

Not Shinzo. The whole government including part of the National Diet. This is not about disobeying Article 9 or not. The underlying problem is that this Constitutional Article was written in 1946. And today it is becoming too obsolete. It needs urgent reform now.

If it has not been reformed, it is because the opposition parties have deliberately blocked any attempt to update it. And in the face of this systematic and irrational blockade of these parties in the Diet. The Japanese government has no choice but to systematically disobey the existence of this article. Taking Article 9 to a wet paper.

Whoever believes that Article 9 saves Japan from war. I am sorry to tell you that you are totally wrong.

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@Chip Star

Wow, given these aren't Japanese vessels being protected, Abe and his cabinet are really stretching the definition of Article 9. Next, they be doing freedom of navigation patrols through the South China Sea.

The world is changing very rapidly. And unfortunately for the worse. Article 9 is becoming too obsolete. Japan has no alternative but to disobey its application for reasons of force majeure.

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mizu Today 04:41 pm JST

Excellent explanation. Everything that has been exposed is 100% true.

In Catalonia the only thing that differs from the rest of Spain is that they have a different language. And that's the only argument they have to ask for their right to independence.

I live near Valencia. About 130 kilometers south of Catalan territory. I speak the Valencian language. A linguistic variant of the Catalan language. I know this problem very well.

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People have to understand that the Catalan pro-independence leaders were convicted by the supreme court, basically for this.

Article 2. Spanish Constitution.

The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, and recognizes and guarantees the right to autonomy of the nationalities and regions that make it up and solidarity among them all.

The independence of Catalonia is impossible if this constitutional article is not modified first. And for that, it is necessary the favorable approval of 2/3 or more of the 2 legislative chambers and the celebration of a national referendum that ratifies it. In case the Spanish population agrees with it.

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A missile fired in North Korea and falls into Japanese territorial waters. It is a very dangerous matter.

Imagine that unfortunately those missiles hit a fishing boat, a merchant ship, or even a passenger ferry. Not only causing material damage, but human lives. Whether they are Japanese or of other nationalities.

I haven't seen any comments so far speaking in this way. It is a very dangerous issue that can destabilise an already unstable area.

Fortunately, as on other occasions, nothing has happened. And the missiles have fallen into the sea without consequences.

But the danger of something happening is still latent. Until some day a real misfortune happens.

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Chip Star Sep. 23 04:38 pm JST

His family name. This is just more of the dynastic politics that have kept the offspring of war criminals and the LDP in power since the US forced democracy upon the Japanese.

Today Japan is a democracy precisely because the United States forced it to do so. And thanks to this, today any Japanese can participate in politics freely. Regardless of their social status. Whether you are rich or poor.

And there are alternative parties to the LDP. They can come to power in the future, as happened in 2009. If there has not been more alternation in power is because of the inconsistencies that often say the leaders of these parties. 

Only that a political party be formed with coherent measures. With common sense. Without ideological biases. And honestly admitting publicly that the Japanese constitution is obsolete. And proposing solutions under a basic consensus, for the good of the country. Above electoral interests. Perhaps the LDP can be defeated.

That's what I think.

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His inclination toward constitutional revision suggested in the speech was later criticized by the opposition forces, which said it was "in breach of (the premier's) legal obligation to respect and uphold the constitution."

Opposition parties are a joke. A constitutional reform respecting the requirement of Article 96 is totally legal and constitutional.

Article 96. Amendments to this Constitution shall be initiated by the Diet, through a concurring vote of two-thirds or more of all the members of each House and shall thereupon be submitted to the people for ratification, which shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of all votes cast thereon, at a special referendum or at such election as the Diet shall specify.

Amendments when so ratified shall immediately be promulgated by the Emperor in the name of the people, as an integral part of this Constitution.

It is things like these that take away the credibility of the political parties that aspire to replace the LDP of power. For saying meaningless things. And then they get upset about their lousy election results.

Only if they started to use simple logic, they would start to have better results. They don't seem to want to learn.

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Japan is a perfect country to develop renewable energy sources. Eliminating nuclear energy forever. What's more. It is one of the few privileged countries to be able to do that.

On the one hand, it could develop hydrogen fuel cell power plants. This technology cleans pollutants, which only produces water in the atmosphere. A fully-fledged decarbonization.

Another way of producing electricity in a way similar to a nuclear plant is tidal power. With the Pacific Ocean as an ally. Japan could use the trans-oceanic current that runs within its coasts. With a system similar to wind energy, but inside the ocean. Very few countries have that privilege in their favor. And it's a pretty cheap technology.

And without saying geothermal energy. Use the heat energy of volcanoes. Like a natural nuclear plant without radioactive exposure. Japan sits inside the pacific fire belt. And it could drill through the hot zones to make natural use of the heat of the planet earth itself. That system is already in use in Iceland.

And that without adding to the systems we all know. Hydropower, solar photovoltaics and wind power.

Japan's privileged geographical position is unbeatable for developing all these technologies. The vast majority of countries cannot say the same.

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JCosplay Sep. 3 06:57 am JST

Well with this, hopefully Japan will get one step closer to be able to defend itself, rather than having to rely on the US to defend them. And there’s no need for revisions in the constitution that are necessary in order for them to be able to do this, considering that this is merely a police force. And also the fact that their army is a self-defense force.

It's actually a lot more complicated than that. 

The current Article 9 says:

ARTICLE 9. (1) Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

(2) In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

As you can see. Article 9 is very obsolete today. For several reasons. 

1) The JSDF is among the 10 most powerful conventional armies in the world. Its exact position varies between 6, 7 or 8. Depending each year. And that also includes war potential. Japan is deliberately disobeying compliance with constitutional observance. They simply ignore its existence for reasons of force majeure.

2) A direct confrontation with a foreign army for reasons of self-defense. It would be an international dispute. And it would automatically violate paragraph 1 of that article. No matter how noble that confrontation might be. That in this case the defense of Japanese national sovereignty. If the People's Republic of China invades the Senkaku Islands. And Japan responds militarily to recover them. The article will be violated. Whichever way you look at it.

Article 9 is doomed to be ignored in the future. Because it cannot be maintained in the present time. It was written in 1946. And the geopolitical situation is not the same. Everything changes in life and that article should change over time. The article is already unsustainable.

That's why it needs to be modified. I hope I helped you with the explanation.

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alwaysspeakingwisdom Today 10:52 pm JST

A good start, but Japan needs to do much more. Japan should get intermediate range missiles, 12 full deck carriers, bombers.

No. That approach would be counterproductive. And it would lead to greater instability throughout the region.

Japan must never take the lead in armaments. Never.

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alwaysspeakingwisdom Today 10:52 pm JST

but most important of all, get rid of article 9.

Not necessarily. Although the current Article 9 is too obsolete. The whole article should not be discarded.

Just modify paragraph 2. And create 2 or more paragraphs to limit the range of action of JSDFs, such as the operational and armament capabilities of those combat forces. As long as the Japanese forces respect the UN international war treaties. Respect the law first and foremost.

Paragraph 1 should be kept as it is.

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This is the direct consequence of so many years of indoctrination in South Korea's education system. Foster hatred of Japan as a country, as its inhabitants.

And Moon is taking advantage of all that indoctrinated breeding ground to use it for purely electoral purposes. For the benefit of his political party.

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This problem between Japan and South Korea is getting completely out of hand. And the worst thing is that both countries are guilty. It's the typical snowball that slides down the mountain getting bigger and bigger.

What began as a purely labor problem between workers enslaved by Mitsubishi and other Japanese companies more than 70 years ago. Whose solution could have been solved by exclusively labor means, within the business environment. Without any political or governmental intervention. This problem would have been solved silently without the need for any kind of scandal.

But as much as Moon and Abe are playing a very dangerous game. That can have catastrophic economic consequences. And more now with the current world situation. Which is the most dangerous in decades. Basically with the arrival of Trump to power.

The worst of all is as you can see. Ultra-nationalism is only being unleashed in South Korea. Where there are massive anti-Japanese demonstrations. Unlike the Japanese side. Where people make normal life without any kind of manifestation. That already indicates that the Japanese people are not ultra-nationalist. And they have a more realistic mentality. In this case, Abe is failing to imitate Moon's attitude when it comes to getting people out on the streets.

This situation will get worse if sanity doesn't arrive in time. And in this case. South Korea is provoking this problem even more. They are promoting an unnecessary hatred of Japan.

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There will be no solution to this problem. With an inverted population pyramid. Where the birth rate does not increase. The only solution is for pensions to be paid via general state budgets. Through the collection of taxes.

What should be done is to reduce the weight of the state by reducing public employment to the minimum necessary. In order to have the maximum money raised available for use in pensions. But only people with few resources and who have not been able to contribute to social security in their personal lives. I am talking about reasons of illness, incapacity or social exclusion.

People who are wealthy or in stable employment. They will have to pay a private pension fund as long as the state does not deduct from their payroll. The attributions and rates of social security. This group of people should be exempt from paying such fees. In exchange for not benefiting from them.

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Meiyouwenti Today 09:59 am JST

I doubt it very much whether Abe will be able to survive the triple blows of a consumption tax hike, a post-Olympics recession and stagnation in world trade caused by the US-China trade war.

Abe is an already amortized Prime Minister. And all that remains is for him to reach the summer of 2020, to be the visible face of that year's Olympic Games in front of world leaders. Right now he's an outgoing leader in office. And he will no longer run for a new term.

All the problems you describe in your comment. It will be the work for the future Prime Minister who will replace Shinzo Abe in office. Name we don't know yet.

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Posted in: Emperor Hirohito stopped by PM Yoshida from expressing remorse over war, documents show See in context

Emperor Hirohito could have stopped the war with just one word from him.

He could have stopped the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

And above all, he could dismiss the government of Hideki Tojo. For disobeying the law in force.

He had the necessary authority and the means at his disposal to stop the entire war. And he didn't.

It is normal for him to have remorse because he was one of the main culprits in the deaths of thousands of people. Military and civilians. In and out of Japan. But the political elite of the time in both Japan and the United States. And the geopolitical situation in the Korean War. China's internal situation and the Soviet Union's reaction. And other countries affected by Japanese domination. Hirohito's words of regret would have provoked a very violent reaction in the region. It would be like whipping up an already unstable hornet's nest. And it would have provoked a diplomatic and commercial instability of great magnitude.

I think Yoshida acted prudently. We remember that this was in 1952. You have to look at the context of the time.

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