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Martial law does not exist in Japan. It is unconstitutional, and cannot be legally enforced. That is why the Diet had to create a special ad hoc law, limited to a maximum of two years. And only applicable exclusively for the coronavirus. A very lax law compared to other countries, precisely because a harsher one would enter fully into a situation of unconstitutionality.

And all because at certain parties in the Diet. They flatly refuse to update an obsolete constitution written in 1946. Where a state of emergency is not properly specified.

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I guess Abe will do the same as in the other countries. 

He will announce that, either on Friday night or Saturday. That the state of emergency will take effect next Monday. Giving the population 2 days to adapt to the new situation. Both in Italy and Spain they did it that way.

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Here in Spain I have been confined to my house since March 14. I work as a tester and regulator in a 1st division football stadium. I have come to have a high fever, after 12 days after March 8. The day the last league game was played, before it was cancelled. I begged up to three times for the coronavirus screening test. And all the authorities told me was to stay locked inside my room as long as possible. So as not to infect the rest of my family. In case you have the virus. Which I totally don't know, if what I've had is the virus or a common flu. That's for sure. I had a really bad time those days.

China showed us the way. All economic and social interaction must be stopped. We have to be confined to our homes. Leave only the essentials to search for food at the nearest store. Respecting the safety distance of 1 meter minimum, although 2 meters are recommended. The mask does not protect 100% against infection. But it does make it extremely difficult to spread. And above all, wash your hands. That's the main thing.

As for the isolation. At least 2 months in general case. May be longer in some areas, depending on whether the pandemic area is more aggressive. There is no other solution until an effective vaccine is found. That's what China taught us.

All you have to do is imitate them. And remember, it's a temporary situation.

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The government has to declare a state of emergency now. And confine the population to their homes. Even deploying the JSDF to help the police carry out the confinement.

And the people who break it. Heavy fines or even prison sentences. Even if it's for a week as punishment.

Health is paramount, and only in this way can we get out of this crisis and defeat the virus. 

Please. Stay home.

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I eat Spanish and live in Spain. I am outraged at my government.

In Spain the government did nothing until March 9. Because it promoted the March 8th marches. Intentional Day of the Working Woman. Where massive demonstrations were promoted in excess of 130,000 people.

Almost all ministers, senior government officials and even the president's wife. They've tested positive for the coronavirus. And today the country's top health official. And a senior police officer working for the president at Moncloa. They also tested positive.

Criminal charges are already being filed against the government by the prosecutor's office. Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias have a hard time escaping this situation. A few measures in time would have saved thousands of lives. And more so having seen the pandemic spread through Italy a week earlier.

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Postponing the Games - rather than cancelling them - could help Abe keep his job, given a weak, fragmented opposition,

That's the key.

The opposition has only criticized the LDP and Abe. But it never makes viable proposals for governing. In the event that they can ever govern. Not counting the fact that they'll ever get to the government. They'd have to do it with a tripartite governing formula in coalition. And when you govern with three different parties. Although their leftist ideas are similar. They are not exactly the same. Constantly clashing in internal disputes that only weakens that government. We saw it 10 years ago. No need to think too much.

Abe and the LDP may not be the best thing for Japan. But it's the best thing Japan has right now.

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Patricia Yarrow Today 08:38 pm JST

PM Abe cannot launch effective action without declaring an emergency situation? He only has legal rights to govern during normal times? What am I missing here?

The current constitution, written in 1946, does not contemplate emergency scenarios such as the suspension of free movement of civil law. A state of siege or exception simply does not exist. And they are unconstitutional under criminal law.

Abe and the LDP government could face high prison charges if they try to declare a state of emergency under the current law. That's why the Diet is being forced to create an exceptional law. Only for the coronavirus. Which is also for a very limited time period in effect.

I hope I've helped clear up your doubts.

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To people who say Abe should have acted sooner. It should be remembered that in Japan there are no permanent laws of national emegency. Unlike other countries that have them.

The reason is very simple. They're unconstitutional. That is why the Diet has to create a special temporary law at a forced march. And only for this case. Where it could not be resorted to in the future. Forcing Parliament to create special laws exclusively for each moment of crisis.

Law experts have been warning of this for years. The constitution must be changed so that emergency laws can remain in force permanently. But the refusal of the opposition parties is what has led back to this situation.

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All this is a consequence of the lack of an emergency law in the constitution. Many academic experts have been warning of this problem for years. And instead of seeking a solution on a permanent basis through national consensus. The ruling parties and the opposition continue to fight, always thinking about the electoral yield.

Now we have to find an improvised solution. And as always. By creating laws that border on constitutional illegality.

The Democratic Constitutional Party of Japan is one of the main culprits in the lack of permanent special laws for cases such as the coronavirus. And now Yukio Edano's party will be forced to collaborate with Abe. in creating laws that he doesn't even believe in or want. Let's see how you justify your voters further.

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This is a hard decision for Edano. If you order the legislators of Ritsumintō not to support the measures to fight the coronavirus. Abe could accuse him of negligence. The same goes for Kokumintō. 

It is time to put partisan electoral interests aside and face a common enemy. The eradication of an infectious virus for which there is no vaccine yet. Public health is now the top priority. And that requires a sense of state.

I hope that these political parties will not use or block these emergency measures. Because if you do. His political credibility would be shattered. And it wouldn't exactly be Abe's fault.

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Not that the government can do much about it either.

We must remember that in Japan there are no martial laws. As a state of exception or national emergency. There is no such legal status in the current constitution. And the government could commit a serious crime if it tries to implement the same degree of quarantine as in China. I'm talking about shutting down entire cities, factories, movement restrictions and so on.

Abe and the current government could be charged with crimes against the constitution. And that could lead to harsh prison terms like life imprisonment. The problem is that doing nothing is also a serious problem.

This problem also occurred with the Naoto Kan government in 2011. He was forced to enact unconstitutional laws for the sake of the Japanese people. As a result of the disaster that occurred that year and which we all know.

That's the big problem with having a constitution that's never been revised since 1947. Which was also drafted on a provisional basis. Because emergency laws like these simply don't exist. And the government is forced to improvise through re-interpretations, which go to extremes bordering on illegality.

If the constitution were updated to incorporate cases such as the current coronavirus. Perhaps the government could act in a very different and much more effective way.

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Trump is unaware of why an Asian film won the Hollywood Oscar.

American and European films have a very low level of entertainment. It has dropped so low that Asian films have surpassed them, not because the level of these films has risen. It's the low quality of American cinema as well as European cinema.

Don't blame the judges for giving an award to a foreign film. Blame the writers and directors for making bad movies. And demand that they make good scripts so this doesn't happen.

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Jtsnose Feb. 13 05:55 am JST

Is IMF as strict with its other 1st world members?

Yes. In Spain the consumption tax is 21%. With a population of 46 million people. With an unemployment rate of 14.2%. With a public debt of 97.6% of GDP in 2018. (the latest official data).

Compared to 10% in Japan. And an unemployment rate of 1.64%. And a population of 126.8 million.

I can say that for sure. That the IMF is much more flexible with Japan compared to other first world countries.

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Posted in: Ghosn used Nissan-Mitsubishi venture to inflate pay: lawyers See in context

The Dutch justice system is demanding documents from Nissan and Mitsubishi.

We are likely to discover more truthful things about Ghons, in a court in Amsterdam than in Tokyo.

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Indeed. The Treaty of San Francisco stipulated that Japan had to return territorially to its original state. Which are the borders of 1879.

The USSR militarily occupied Japanese territory that in theory should have been returned under that treaty. And he didn't.

This is something very similar to the Crimean Peninsula. Which legally belongs to the Ukraine, but is occupied by Russia.

Actually, it's a pretty sensitive issue.

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Opposition parties have to present to the public. Coherent and realistic proposals to convince voters that they can better govern the country.

To influence the failures of the system. And what modifications need to be made so that society can live better. And not criticize Abe's LDP as the only proposal to change the government. Make empty proposals. Or promises impossible to keep. They are useless.

Edano should lead the proposal to amend the law of justice. Taking advantage of the Ghons case. And he didn't. For failures like these it will be very difficult to win the next general election. Counting that in that election Abe will no longer be running. And he'll have to face the new leader of the LDP. Who we still don't know today.

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As long as approval rates in the opposition camp do not increase. This will remain the same.

Simon Foston

This may be due in part to the opposition's inability to coalesce into a single party with a leader who can get people's attention.

And not only that. You also have to disseminate coherent proposals.

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This decision of the Supreme Court of South Korea is fair and consistent.

The 2015 agreement is actually an annexed extension of the 1965 treaty. And judges cannot annul that agreement, because that would mean completely destroying the treaty signed 55 years ago. It's a matter of simple logic.

This is an indirect defeat for President Moon. Since the agreement between South Korea and Japan is still valid. All it takes is a future president with a cabinet other than the Democratic Party of Korea. To bring back to normal the relations that Korea itself has broken. Only to satisfy personal electoral gains for the Democratic Party of Korea. And President Moon in the lead.

What President Moon should do is stop using the victims for electoral purposes. And understand that he will never achieve his goals no matter how hard he tries. Let the wounds heal.

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The very existence of the SDF flagrantly violates the constitution itself.

Article 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

There is neither a right of defence nor does it say that there should be land, sea or air forces. Nor does it say that there should be a military capacity for armed defence or response. Japan's military capacity must be 0. It does not exist under constitutional law.

And all the people who say that the current constitution allows for defensive actions. And that there's no need to change it. I'm very sorry to say that, but they're wrong.

Nor is it Abe's fault or any PM's in the past. That he is forced to ignore the constitution to allow illegal actions for the very survival of Japan itself.

The current constitution is completely obsolete. And it must be amended to suit current circumstances. Unfortunately there are political parties. Almost all of them in the opposition camp do not understand this reality. They cling to a fantasy utopia that is only in their own minds. And they are completely unrealistic. Matches like Rikken-minshutō, Kokumin-minshutō or the Mataichi Seiji. They should have a sense of state in terms of national politics. Reach a broad consensus with the LDP, Komeito and Nippon Ishin no Kai To make the necessary constitutional amendments without altering the peaceful and democratic spirit of Japan. And to fix that constitutional disparity that constantly forces the government to disobey the daily enforcement of the constitution. Breaking the current constitutional thread.

If the left-wing parties constantly veto a referendum in parliament. The people will never be able to decide whether or not they want to change the constitution. Nor do they allow citizen participation to decide which articles should be changed.

This is a reflection for people to understand that this debate will have to come in the not so distant future. And that all the political and social actors will have to address it at a negotiating table.

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It's a good thing it was a false alarm. But imagine if it were real.

It's better to be safe than sorry. And in a delicate situation. Prevention is the best way to avoid possible deaths.

Anyway, the NHK apologized for it. There's not much to criticize either.

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The Anime industry has to give a push and get out of Japan. It has a very promising market on all continents. And he has to do it now. Because other countries are also starting to produce their own anime.

Such as South Korea, China or Taiwan also have very good anime. And soon they will become strong competitors.

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Posted in: Japan's defense budget hits new high with focus on space, cyberspace See in context

I put here the link to the FY2020 Defense Budget in PDF in detail. English version.

Source: Ministry of Defence of Japan.

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Posted in: Osaka likely to hold referendum on metropolis plan in November 2020 See in context

The reduction of superfluous political offices and public entities. It should be the priority of any coherent administration. Public money earmarked for the benefit of society in general. And if possible. That allows a reduction in taxes so that people have greater purchasing power.

Nippon Ishin no Kai has very interesting proposals. That should take into account the opposition parties that are running to govern Japan in the future. Yukio Edano's Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan for example. It should have proposals like these to defeat Abe's LDP.

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Posted in: Abe cabinet support rate at 42% amid cherry-blossom viewing event criticism See in context

What is the approval rate in opposition parties?

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What South Korea has to do is respect the international procedures that mark both the UN and the World Trade Organization.

What President Moon intended to do with Japan was totally unacceptable. To want the Emperor and the Prime Minister to do an act of humiliation, losing respect and integrity to honor. It was something that could not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Luckily, there is beginning to be sanity in the south Korean part. This being the main cause of most of the problems. And all for mixing judicial issues with politics. And that in the long run most of the time things go wrong.

The solution to the labor problem. It was always within the private procedures between the affected and the private companies. With compensation money purely of private origin. And the letter of apology must be made by the presidents of the CEOs in a personal capacity. As the South Korean Supreme Court ruling indicates.

It was President Moon who wanted to elevate the problem to a diplomatic matter. It was an act purely for electoral purposes for him and his political party. Dragging other countries into problems that had nothing to do with these problems. Having to force the United States as an arbiter to impose common sense.

South Korean national assembly speaker Moon Hee-san is seeking to set up a compensation fund for the Korean wartime laborers with an option that allows Japanese companies to chip in donations as a compromise.

As stipulated in the judicial sentence. Japan was never against that.

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Tom Doley

Article 9 does not need to be amended. You have the defense force already.

No. Article 9 says this:

Article 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

As stated in paragraph 2, no land, sea or air forces or any kind of possibility of war shall be maintained in any form. I remind you that a defensive war by an attack from a neighboring country. It is also a war. And defend by arms Japanese sovereign territory by a foreign entity. It is also a war. Using the name legitimate defense.

The JSDF is a minus army in the name. And it exists because the government deliberately ignores and disobeys the fulfillment of that constitutional mandate. This system of action is a patch that does not solve the problem. It only dilates it by extending the problem over time.

It's a matter of common sense.

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Posted in: Abe says he is not thinking about 4th term as LDP head See in context

Shinzo Abe is a Prime Minister on his way out. His term of office will end in the autumn of 2021.

Now begins the process for the election of his successor in the LDP. To head the leadership for the October 22, 2021 general election. The important thing here will be to know who will lead the LDP in those general elections.

But above all it's knowing. What will the leaders of the opposition camp do? And with what proposals they will take for those elections.

As for constitutional change. Without the explicit support of Yukio Edano's party. It is an impossible mission today.

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Japan has to bet on hydrogen fuel cell power. That by means of the process of electrolysis with water, it is the source of energy totally clean to 100%.

And not only that. It would also lead the country to a situation of total energy independence from the outside world. Because it would no longer need the oil and gas that the Middle East provides.

Wind energy like solar energy. They are essential auxiliary energies but not very competitive. One because it only happens during the day. And the other because it only works when there is wind. And the demand for electricity does not always coincide with the generation produced.

That's why hydrogen must be the bet of the future. A clean and productive energy.

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Japan is one of the least polluting countries in the world. Since 1990 when it passed the first law against climate change on the planet.

Here's the link to the Environmental Performance Index. Where there is also the ranking for countries that pollute less.

Oh, by the way. Japan is the 20th least polluting country on the planet. To be exact. Being the second country on the Asian continent after Israel that is in 19th place. And behind Taiwan in 23rd place.

Japan is at the same level as Europe in pollution indices. And being a country with a population of 126 million people. It cannot be criticised in the fight against climate change.

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While Yukio Edano's Constitutional Democratic Party. He still refuses to sit at a negotiating table. There will never be a chance to improve the country's current constitution.

It's Edano and his party that's preventing the constitution from being amended. Not the Japanese people through a referendum. As dictated by Article 96 of the constitution itself.

If the Rikken Minshu-tō, the Kokumin-minshutō and the Shakai Minshu-tō. They are so sure that Abe's LDP would lose that referendum. Because they won't let it be celebrated. It would be the best way to defeat Abe leaving him and his party in an unsustainable political situation. In case you really lose that referendum.

In a democracy it is the people who decide. But if the opposition parties prevent the people from talking to the ballot boxes. Through universal suffrage. Then they should rethink about calling themselves democratic parties.

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