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Posted in: Abe, Shanahan agree to bolster Japan-U.S. alliance See in context Today 08:44 pm JST

Abe following US orders. The Japanese people must demand their government regain their sovereignty. Japan must stop being Washington lapdogs.

To take that first step Japan must first modify Article 9. Until that article is modified. Japan will be forever forced into the US-Japan "security alliance". The biggest problem in this matter is not Abe, nor the LDP. Not even the US itself to this day.

The main problem lies in the Japanese opposition political parties opposed to amending the constitution. Parties such as the DPCJ (Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan). The JCP (Communist Party of Japan). The Democratic Party for the People) and the Social Democratic Party). They are primarily responsible for Japan's need to increase dependence on the US.

Everything is based on internal politics, within the Chamber of the National Diet. Don't look for external enemies.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia accuse each other of military buildups See in context

Aegis Ashore systems are for defensive purposes only. And they would only be used in case Russia fires offensive missiles at Japan in a hostile action. That it is an action contrary to international law on peace and stability.

But later it's Japan who's to blame for everything. It is the country that destabilizes the peace and harmony of the whole region. Neither Russia, China nor North Korea are blamed for the escalation of tension or the military build-up in their respective countries. And it goes without saying that there has been an increase in belligerence or aggressive actions. No, they are not to blame.

Only Japan is exclusively to blame.

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Posted in: Trump expects Japan's military to reinforce U.S. in Asia and beyond See in context

The U.S. wants Japan to change its constitution. And for that he is making statements so that the Japanese people understand that the current status cannot be maintained as it is.

The belligerent situation that China has with its neighbouring countries obliges it to do so. The current constitution is becoming too obsolete. And if it is not modified. In the future Japan will be forced to disobey Article 9. Having to break the constitutional thread for reasons of force majeure.

Now the political and social weight is held by the parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (PDCJ). The People's Democratic Party. The Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party. Which are the parties that enigmatically oppose a constitutional amendment process.

In the next summer elections to the chamber of the National Diet. We will check the electoral weight they have for refusing to admit, the current obsolescence of Article 9. Because their results worsen from election to election.

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Posted in: Trump expects Japan's military to reinforce U.S. in Asia and beyond See in context

zichi May 28 04:59 pm JST

PM Abe will spend ¥1.5 trillion of taxpayers money buying American made weapons which create zero new jobs for the country and further put it under the control of Trump.

It's not that simple.

In Japan there is the JSA (Japan Scientists' association). Be careful not to confuse it with the JST. It is a totally different governmental body. This union federation issues an identification card that is required in most universities and I+D+I development centers. According to its statutes, any member of this federation will be expelled if he is working on the development of any military system. Regardless of any use. This is due to the existence of Article 9. And the federation imposes its members not to work on projects that are against the spirit of that article. The expulsion of a scientist from the federation would mean the end of his working career. By forever withdrawing the necessary accreditation to be able to research within Japanese territory. The majority of universities and technology centres require membership of this federation. Or at least have a valid ID as a member.

It is because of this systematic boycott that this federation exercises. The main culprit in Japan's failure to develop weapons systems on its own. Because there are no qualified personnel willing to work for the ministry of defense. Because the simple fact of doing so means that in the future all doors to employment are systematically closed. And a person is not going to destroy their future job. Unless the person who works for the ministry of defense has the confidential security that will work forever with them until retirement.

That's why Japan buys weapons from the United States or its NATO allies. Because at the local level there are national organizations that systematically boycott this development. If they stopped. Japan could develop weapons on its own.

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Posted in: Trump arrives in Tokyo; meets Japanese business leaders See in context

smartacus May 25 07:18 pm JST

I wish one of Trump's staff or the U.S. ambassador would tell him to pronounce Abe's name properly. He keeps calling him Abi.

Names of people like: Avi, Abby, Abi, etc. They are very common in the USA. That's why people in U.S. embassies or diplomatic places may lead to confusion when referring to someone with a similar name.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea, Australia hold first naval drills in western Pacific See in context

These military exercises are necessary to coordinate the different defensive forces of the region.

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Posted in: Hawaii tsunami center says fake Japan quake alert circulated See in context

There can always be some mistake. But the Japanese meteorological agency did not issue any national tsunami warning. So there's no need to be alarmed.

In any case, the Hawaii tsunami emergency center is only to detect earthquakes and possible impacts of giant waves within the Pacific Ocean. In the event that an earthquake occurs in Chile and the tsunami reaches Japan 24 hours later. To notify the movement of the wave during that time. 

As a possible example.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Japan always trying to navigate in the opposite direction of the world. I can only feel a little ashamed of this. Ancestral traditions should be well preserved, but the modernity of the world should also be sought. It's like the Chinese language. That there is traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

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Posted in: S Korea to carefully review Japan arbitration call on wartime labor See in context

You don't just have to look in European countries. You also have to look at countries in the Asian region that are compatible with impartial arbitration between Japan and South Korea.

Countries such as: India and Singapore.

Or the Oceania region: Australia and New Zealand.

And not counting Latin America: Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Panama or Mexico.

Any one of these countries is a potential neutral candidate to solve this problem.

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Posted in: U.S. approves missile sales to South Korea, Japan See in context

Samit Basu May 19 04:54 am JST

Japan is giving up on local production of fighter jets and are turning to importation of all its fighters.

Just another example of Japan closing the door on its domestic weapon and turning to imported weapon.

Japan has three serious problems with military weapons systems in the future. The logistical problem, the political problem and the legal problem.

The logistical problem is that a new weapon system takes approximately 30 years to build. From the initial design phase to the production phase. Not to mention the bureaucratic problems that have to be overcome in the chamber of the National Diet. Where the political authorisation of this new weapon has to be approved. Time that Japan does not have because its main enemies are rearming much faster. And 30 years of waiting, that's too long for this changing world. They should have started a long time ago to start rearming.

In this situation the best thing Japan can do is to buy US weapons already tested in combat. Where they are already being produced in large quantities. He has no choice.

The legal problem is Article 9 of the constitution itself. It legally forbids him to love himself. If Japan is doing this it is because the absolute majority of LDP legislators in the Diet. They deliberately ignore the existence of Article 9 by creating legislative laws of dubious constitutionality. And since the opposition parties do not have the legislative capacity to discard these laws in parliament. Given their low voter turnout. The laws that are approved are not discarded, making lasting laws that go against the harmony of the pacifist clause.

And finally the political problem. In Japan there are many political, civic and civil entities that strongly oppose not allowing any kind of rearmament of the country. Entities such as the Hiroshima Peace Museum will protest any military plan contrary to the Article 9 mandate. These organizations will do everything possible to prevent the development of any kind of national armament by the government. This is the sad reality. Which means yes for a country that has no military restrictions like France. It takes 30 years to develop new weapons systems. A country like Japan you have to add another 10 years to reach 40. Just for the problems mentioned above.

Taking this perspective. Buying material from the US or other NATO allies. It is the most realistic option that Japan has right now. At least it avoids having to deal with the obstacles that the pacifist organizations of the country will surely put up. Having a weapon created abroad without any type of legislative and constitutional obstacle such as Article 9.

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Posted in: U.S. approves missile sales to South Korea, Japan See in context

Answers for Cosmos1, Travelmaster and commanteer.

What the U.S. is going to sell to Japan. They're anti-aircraft missiles for defense. They have no offensive capability, nor can they target anyone.

Read the news first to understand what the article says. No one is going to be attacked with these missiles. Simply because they serve to attack no one.

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders car owner to pay NHK fee See in context

Aly Rustom Today 08:35 am JST

That's exactly what it is. These judges are as corrupt as the politicians if not more.

Judges are only complying with the current law, which was approved in the National Diet. You can totally disagree with the current law, but you can't blame the judges for simply complying with the law.

You don't want a judge to hand down a sentence that's against the law. That would be an act of "prevarication" that could cost a criminal sanction against you. And the end of his professional career.

Unfortunately, the laws have to be obeyed. Like it or not. The good thing about democracies is that in the future there may be a change of power that can rectify these disproportionate and unjust laws.

But this work of modifying the current law. It belongs only to the legislators of the National Diet. No judge of any court can do that.

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Posted in: Japan to extend SDF dispatch to U.N. mission in South Sudan See in context

Goodlucktoyou Today 07:07 pm JST

It’s illegal to send soldiers to war zones under our constitution. But who cares.

The problem is that the Diet passed a law that allows precisely this. It's a law apparently unconstitutional but legal at the same time.

We could call it an accepted legal unconstitutionality. Fruit of a constitutional law that is too obsolete today. That's why Article 9 should have a small revision. To adapt it to our days.

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Posted in: Osaka intends to call 2nd referendum in fall 2020 on metropolis plan See in context

Matsui, a former governor of Osaka Prefecture who heads Osaka Ishin no Kai, was elected as new mayor in April with the group's policy chief and former mayor, Hirofumi Yoshimura, elected as new governor.

They beat candidates including those backed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Liberal Democratic Party and its junior coalition partner Komeito.

People should be happy about this news. Osaka Ishin no Kai defeated both the LDP and Komeito electorally. Demonstrating that it can bring about political change in Japan. With common sense ideas. And seeing that young people who bet on them.

Reducing the taxpayer's public burden is the best way to better distribute money on essential services. And no superfluous expense. Good for Osaka Ishin no Kai.

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Posted in: Trump to inspect Japanese destroyer with Abe in late May See in context

browny1 Today 01:30 pm JST

I still find it strange that the Izumo & Kaga are called destroyers when it is obvious they are Aircraft Capable Carriers - with the curent crop of Helicopters, Ospreys etc being carried are namely that - aircraft.

The Izumo/Kaga classes were designed to carry in principle to ship the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey and the Boeing CH-47 Chinook. That's why they're so big. Those ships were designed between 1997 and 2004. And at that time Japan was still not planning to have the F-35B. Simply because I didn't need them at that time.

Other terms are also used such as Flat Top Destroyer (flat top being a synonym for aircraft carrier) or simply Helicopter Carrier.

For legal reasons. Article 9 is a very difficult bureaucratic burden to change. That is why they change the name of the ships to friendlier names.

Modifications have also been carried out to allow their use by the F35B jets making them true aircraft carriers in every sense.

The maximum operational capability of an F-35B combat aircraft from these ships is 5 to 7 combat fighters. If you compare it with the Russian Admiral Kuznetsov it is 17 combat fighters. The Chinese Liaoning 37 combat fighters. And the U.S. are among 90 or more than 100 combat fighters. Calling it a real aircraft carrier is a bad joke. It will only be a small carrier. Nothing more.

In addition the Kaga has been named after the original WW2 Kaga - an Aircraft Carrier.

Japan can name its ships by whatever name it wants. In this case following the name of old historical jurisdictional provinces.

So why not call them what they are?

There can only be one reason - Article 9 bans the use of offensive weapons and there is global consensus that aircraft carriers are offensive weapons, so just call it something else.

Bit like the Aircraft Carrier you're having, when you're not having an Aircraft Carrier.

You have to be aware that article 9 of his constitution is too obsolete. Written in 1947 and with the technological and geo-political parameters of that time. Nothing to do with the present time. And changing that article is very difficult because there is strong opposition in the Chamber of the National Diet. Many opposition parties to the government have not yet accepted the obsolescence of that article. And until they realize it. There will be no possible change to make that article more flexible that would allow Japan to have greater military autonomy.

One more note. Article 9 prohibits Japan from having any type of weapon. Not just offensives. JSDF should not exist. Literally. And as I said above. A small aircraft carrier of 5 to 7 combat fighters. There is nothing offensive about it. And it fits perfectly within the exclusively defensive capabilities. Like the Italian Cavour (C 550) or the Spanish Juan Carlos I (L-61).

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Posted in: Spain's Socialists on course to regain power See in context

lostrune2 Today 06:26 pm JST

Good for Spain to avoid a civil war - the Basque and Catalonia secessionists would revolt if Spanish nationalists take over the government

It's a little harder to explain. The results obtained in Spain are due to the electoral distribution of the D'Hondt System. The dispersion of the vote on the right-wing front divided into 3 parties. While on the left side the vote concentrated on the socialist party.

An example:

Left block:

Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) 7,450,353 votes + We Can (Left + Communist) 3,696,782 votes = 11,147,135 votes.

Against the right block:

Popular Party (PP) 4,305,560 votes + Citizens (C's) 4,088,665 votes + VOX 2,649,588 votes = 11,043,813

This is what has happened to my country. There is no difference between left and right. It's only been the scattering of the vote on one political side. While in the other it has been concentrated in a single political party. In the last elections all the right-wing vote was concentrated in a single political party. The People's Party (PP) had eleven million votes.

And this result is very bad for my country's economy. Because it will increase public spending as well as debt.

Bad news for Spain.

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Posted in: LDP loses 2 lower house by-elections in Osaka, Okinawa See in context

Very good results for Nippon Ishin no Kai in Osaka.

I see hope that there may at last be an opposition party that can defeat Abe's LDP.

That's what my childhood friend who lives in Osaka told me. A party with liberal modernist ideas led by very young people. With a program to reduce public spending as well as debt. A realistic program for Japan.

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Posted in: China to show new warships as Beijing flexes military muscle on navy anniversary See in context

zichi Apr. 20 09:23 pm JST

The Japanese Constitution allows for self defense.

That's not true. The constitution does not allow self-defense at all. Moreover, JSDF itself should not even exist. They have only applied the only provisional alternative until the social and political situation is favorable to change that prohibition. Ignoring this article by creating deliberate excuses to legalize what is not legal. This solution will only give more problems in the future than real solutions in the hypothetical case of a war between China and Japan. Because it will be breaking the war ban. (an unconstitutional act).

I doubt China, which is considered the greatest threat would have any interest to attack Japan or invade it. That would be the end of China with both the EU and America ending trade which would bankrupt China.

China has already publicly demanded the return of the Senkaku Islands. And it has expressed that they will use force if necessary to recover those islands if Japan does not voluntarily return them. That would be considered a serious threat to Japan's territorial integrity.

An overmanned American presence of 60,000 troops is no longer required, even for the defense of the country.

For that to happen Article 9 has to be modified first. Something that for the time being the Japanese people are still opposed to.

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Posted in: China to show new warships as Beijing flexes military muscle on navy anniversary See in context

Then most of the people in this forum get upset when Japan decides to increase its military capability, disobeying Article 9 of its constitution.

But very few people are aware that it is China's belligerent attitudes that are causing this dangerous situation. For them the bad thing will always be Japan itself and Abe's government. Or the United States themselves.

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Posted in: Abe renews commitment to constitutional reform See in context

Simon Foston Today 10:31 am JST

The only thing they have shown any talent for is gaming the electoral system to keep getting themselves and their worthless offspring re-elected,

Blaming the d'Hondt electoral system is a serious mistake. Opposition parties don't win elections because people don't vote for them. That's the sad reality.

In the Tokyo elections, Yuriko Koike's political party Tomin First no Kai defeated Abe's all-powerful LPD. Simply because people voted for them.

So don't look for an excuse that Abe and the LDP win by an electoral law. I remind you that the d'Hondt law is in place in 40 countries. And it works perfectly.

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Posted in: Japan to develop air-to-ship long-range cruise missiles See in context


You haven't stopped to think about the current dangerous situation in the region. You don't realize that article 9 is becoming very obsolete.

Japan is investing in an illegal army because it really needs it. And because the US demands it too.

This is the reality that no one likes to admit. But people begin to recognize it very bitterly.

Taking a look at Twitter I saw that most of the people involved agreed with the measure of having long-range missiles. Admitting also that it is a necessary unconstitutional weapon. It's better to have it than not to have it. That's what they say on Twitter.

Cordial greetings.

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Posted in: Abe renews commitment to constitutional reform See in context

Stewie Mar. 18 03:19 pm JST

The rise of right wing nationalism is concerning. It would be prudent for everyone to re-read their history books.

The main culprits in the rise of Japanese nationalism are the left-wing parties. They only engage in protest without offering real alternatives to state affairs. They only speak of sentimentalism or of offering unrealistic utopias in order to offer very complex solutions.

An example: If China takes Senkaku Islands by force. The opposition parties would talk about initiating a peaceful dialogue with China in order to try to reach a return agreement. And not to use force as indicated in article 9. You really believe that's possible in case it happens. Give China Japanese territory to avoid war at any cost. That would only hurt pride as a nation. Making the effect boomeran increasing duplicating the nationalism.

Because you think the number of votes on the left is dropping year after year. They want to live off the revenue of the past but they don't realize it's 2019. And fewer and fewer people vote for them.

Today's Japan is a consolidated democracy. With very definite systems of government different from imperial Japan. Japan will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Posted in: Abe renews commitment to constitutional reform See in context

Changing the second paragraph of Article 9 will not change the pacifist position of the country. It would only recognize a de facto situation that already exists today.

The JSDF is the world's fifth most powerful army in conventional capabilities. And it has the eighth largest military budget in the world.

Right now Article 9 totally contradicts the current situation. Because in theory Japan's military capability should be 0. It should not be in fifth place in the world ranking. But it is. Like it or not.

And in a situation of ongoing open warfare. Article 9 will be ignored due to force majeure. It is condemned to be disobeyed with the current paragraph. It is only a question of time for this to happen. Simply because the current paragraph is too obsolete.

It is also true that Abe will not succeed in changing Article 9. But it will pave the way for another PM in the future. It can proceed to a constitutional amendment process with satisfactory results. As long as the international security situation continues to worsen. Everything points to that being the case.

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Posted in: Ruling finalized ordering cell phone TV owners to pay public NHK subscription fee See in context

The NHK is an obligatory service that is protected by the constitution. And it cannot be dissolved as a public entity.

A constitutional amendment is needed to close the NHK. And here's the real problem. No left-wing political party wants to do that. And that's where the systematic abuse of the NHK comes from.

A constitutional amendment to close the NHK does not affect anything in pacifist terms. And I believe that the majority of the Japanese people would vote in favour of a national constitutional referendum. To shut down that broadcasting entity.

But as always the anti-amendment parties refused to make any kind of reform, hiding behind the fact that the peace constitution would be modified. Although the NHK article has nothing to do with article 9.

This is one of the consequences of maintaining a constitution drafted in 1947. That it is too obsolete for our days. A relic from the middle of the 20th century.

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Posted in: Japan may ban visas, money transfers over S Korea wartime labor dispute See in context

Japan may ban visas, money transfers over S Korea wartime labor dispute

As the JT cover headline says, this is a labor problem. And it has to be solved within the exclusively labor scope. With private money as it is a labor and business problem.

In this matter both the governments and politicians of Japan and South Korea should not intervene. Nor should taxpayers' public money be used to try to negotiate a solution to a private problem.

It's making a lot of noise to a problem very easy to solve.

If this problem were to happen in Europe. This issue would already be resolved without the need for a media scandal. It would go completely unnoticed.

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Posted in: Abe support rate falls; 69% want Okinawa vote on base issue respected See in context

Abe and LDP is the best Japan can have under the current circumstances. It is the most sensible option in practical terms both political and economic.

Opposition parties must stop talking about sentimentality and offer practical solutions. Even on issues that they refuse to recognize as a problem for the future. Like the reform of Article 9 to adapt it to current times. Until you understand this concept, you can never win an election. And to be able to take the LDP to the opposition. It's no use winning by spreading lies you can't keep. As it happened between 2009 and 2011. And I assure you that defeating Abe and the LDP is possible. All you have to do is govern with the truth. Although some measures are very uncomfortable for the public, but at the same time reasonable. Provided that the basic principle of reaching agreements at a negotiating table in order to establish basic consensus is applied. Which is precisely the basic principle of a liberal Western democracy.

The governor of Tokyo Koikie is the example that a politician in Japan has to follow. She does not belong to the LDP and governs on the basis of consensus with other parties that do not belong to the central government. He defeated Abe and the LDP. Making history by proving that you can win. Too bad PDCJ don't share Koike's thoughts. Nor does it have a leader like her.

Because if it was. The opposition would triumph in Japan.

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Posted in: Abe cabinet rate support rises to 45.6% despite data scandal See in context

Ganbare Japan! Feb. 4 11:17 pm JST

There are a few good politicians outside the LDP - members of Komeito. All others stand for nothing and should shut down permanantly.

That's right. Koike is an example of this. It does not belong to the LDP or to Komeito. And his liberal social democratic ideas are an example of this. It's a pity that Japan doesn't have a lot of people with ideals like her. Because that is what Japan urgently needs.

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Posted in: Abe vows to tackle economic, diplomatic challenges ahead of summer election See in context

sf2k Today 01:39 am JST

> It's not like there would be an alternative

And there isn't. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not. Abe and PLD are the only viable option Japan has today. That's what my childhood friend who lives in Osaka tells me.

The only political party with real liberal social democratic ideas is Komeito. That if they joined Koike's party they could give a real alternative to Japan.

The Left parties in Japan have only one common goal. Defeat Abe and PLD. Without thinking that once defeated it is time to govern the country. And that is what is really difficult. Because their policies are totally incompatible with reality. Something they have a hard time assimilating. For they speak only of beautiful utopias that cannot be achieved.

This is the uncomfortable reality. But simply reality.

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Posted in: Japan seeking to penalize unauthorized manga downloads See in context

Most of the servers where you can see manga online are in Central American countries, South America and Eastern Europe.

To make the manga accessible to everyone you could do the same as the online gaming platform Steam. With a very small monetary fee you can access the official manga translated into many languages to view online. And that money raised to the author. And this would reduce piracy until it disappears. But it has to be a very affordable price. Wassap type.

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Posted in: Don't shift blame over wartime labour ruling, Tokyo tells S Korea See in context

This is a labor problem. And it must be solved only by labour mechanisms. With private money and private companies.

Politics and public money should be out of all this. This is how Germany solved its problems after the Second World War. Separating each issue into its respective areas.

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