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Posted in: Families moving out of Tokyo to get up to ¥1 mil per child See in context

Wonder if foreigners living in Japan with a PR would also be eligible.

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Posted in: U.S. drone company starts delivering medicine in Japan See in context

Drone are in use for the purpose in Japan for several years now. Japanese major drug ditrubutor Alfresa announced to take this initiative in 2016. Surprised that JT reports it as first such operation.

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Posted in: Japanese curry chain Coco Ichibanya to open a branch in India next year See in context

They are going to have many 'First Time Customers', only!

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Posted in: Naked man arrested at restaurant in Miyagi See in context

Murakami san - move to Germany or France! :)

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Posted in: Over 60% dissatisfied with casino law, Abe's response to heavy rain: poll See in context

'Gambling addiction and a possible increase in crime', are fair threats - rightly opposed!

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Posted in: Radiology professional suspended from work for stalking 4 male doctors See in context

How to get her contact details?

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing 4 officials at Kanazawa city hall See in context

Imagine if the guy was able to purchase an AR-15 Rifle with extra magazines and ammo. Sure, Japan is no different than any other country, they have their fair share of unhappy people that want to go ballistic... but luckily in Japan they are not literally able to go "ballistic".

So well said!

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Posted in: Floating capsule hotels See in context

Lovely! Seems like I found the place I always wished to go with my girl friend. (just need to find a girl friend now :))

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Posted in: Foreign minister wants his own plane for overseas trips See in context

Cost of a dedicated plane would be nothing compared to one successful visit that he might miss due to logistics inefficiencies. He is Foreign Minister of the third largest economy of the world, not a joke! People opposing his demand are just penny wise pound foolish!

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Posted in: Japan, India to sign controversial nuclear deal this week: reports See in context

Anything to irk China!

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Posted in: 17 soldiers killed in attack at Indian army base in Kashmir See in context

''The Muslim-majority region is divided between India and Pakistan but most people in the Indian portion favor independence or a merger with Pakistan.

I think AIJAZ HUSSAIN should know well that Indian side of J&K is a pretty large geographic area with only ~20% of the area is muslim dominant. The protests are generally held in half of this 20% of area. So making such statement by a reporter only sound malicious. I doubt his integrity and sincerity towards his profession.

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