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And where is Fukui-san? I thought he is still CEO of Honda. Perhaps, not anymore. He is graduated from the same University as I did. And I always was thinking that he is doing great as CEO.

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Cars in Europe are expensive. As I think, much more expensive than in Japan. Plus, cars in Japan are better equipped. And being better equipped cost less. Regarding insurance and tax, it is also very costly in Europe. I know that as beginner. I do not get any benefits (about 3 years driving experience) from any insurance company and nobody cares how good you drive. Fuel costs much more in Europe comparing to Japan, USA, or Canada. Parking is cheap in Europe mostly. Reason is there is no parking available at all. So you park your car somewhere where you just should not park. My car parked on street 100% of time (winter, spring, summer etc), near office or home, or in the city. I just can not find real parking space even if I pay for that, it is just not there. About roads quality, you can forget about that. You can rarely find streets or express ways in Europe of the same quality as in Japan. European streets are completely overused.

As it looks like, boys and girls from Japan have got some another interests in their lives besides cars. That's all.

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