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Posted in: Return to sender: Postal union warns of fallout if U.S. leaves See in context

I didn't see this or wasn't able to determine from the article, and I'm certainly not up on my UPU knowledge but…

If pulling out of said union means "They won't even be able to send (a package) to a neighboring country. It's an accord that links everybody," then doesn't the opposite hold equally true? Wouldn't this also mean that everyone else in the rest of the world would not be able to send packages to the US? Who would be hurt more? And why would non-postal companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. not be allowed to ship parcels?

If anyone has some credible answer/source on those questions, please post that info here.

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Posted in: Mueller concedes he can't indict Trump, says Giuliani See in context

The level of pure hatred the American extreme right exhibits for anyone not like themselves is frightening. As is their seeming total disconnection from reality. It never used to be like this and it's very sad to see.

I know what you mean, Alfie Noakes. It's only comparable to the level of pure hatred the American extreme left exhibits for anyone not like themselves, as is their seeming total disconnection from reality. This absolutely cuts both ways and is ominously frightening.

The non-stop, hate-filled, "us vs. them," our-side-must-win-at-all-costs, to hell with reason, logic or truth environment the US (and western civilization, for that matter) finds itself in is absolutely appalling. Nothing good is going to come from any of it, from either side, and if we all keep following this trajectory it will only get worse.

Once upon a time not too long ago you'd hear polls around election time of the average US voter who "hated negative campaigning." Now it seems that you only hear outright lies, character assassination and smear tactics used against anyone stepping off their official post-it note-sized script: anyone not part of the "heroic black block" in Berkeley is a Nazi; anyone who doesn't wear a MAGA hat is a Marxist. Worldwide instantaneous communication, pervasive social media and constant, purely subjective yellow journalism from a hate-filled mainstream media enable it all.

There's not even any sort of attempt at moderation, compromise, truth-seeking, appeal to the rule of law, or application of rational thought anymore. And the entire world is suffering mightily for it—and it will indeed only get worse as people continue to voluntarily polarize.

It never used to be like this and it's very sad to see indeed…

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Posted in: Abe points to 2008 crisis as G-7 leaders debate global risk See in context

If he had his way, governments like his would issue as much debt as they liked and then, after rampant inflation, pay it off with worthless debased money. And he would expect the people to stand up and cheer for this, because he's got them feeling prideful about their nation again. Sneaky, isn't he? And arrogant and entitled beyond belief.

Wow. Sounds JUST LIKE what's been happening in the US under the current regime. And could probably be equally said about all our "benevolent overlords" enjoying lovely meals and photo-ops at the G-7 this week.

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Posted in: Evangelion Shinkansen service departs on Nov 7 with life-sized Eva cockpit on board See in context

Oh man—I HAVE to get back to Japan to ride this train! Evangelion was one impetus that spurred me on to studying Japanese. And I've always considered the 500 to be the most beautiful Shinkansen on the rails.

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Posted in: Nosing in See in context

It was a Hayabusa, actually...

No, the service was a Yamabiko, the train itself is a series E5 Hayabusa.

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Posted in: U.S. 'expanding' spy bases in Africa to monitor militant groups See in context

Great secret! LOL! Lets just put everything in the news, why don't we.

Yeah, no kidding. I wonder which part of the White House this leak "didn't" come from...

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Posted in: What do you think about Twitter? See in context

Twitter is useful for what it's designed for and meant to be: a NOTIFICATION tool. I use it to notify people of something I'm doing (if it's appropriate--I don't tweet every five minutes telling folks "I just blew my nose" and other annoying BS) or something I've written or posted elsewhere (namely, my blog where I do actual writing). When looked at in that context, I find it a convenient tool that I can point people to so they don't have to go to several different places to find out about what I have going on.

And Facebook? Yikes--don't get me started on that nest of stalkers (both the creepy kind amongst the general populace and the Facebook company itself who I simply can't trust with my personal information--who knows what they're doing with it). I committed "Facebook suicide" in 2010 and don't miss it one bit.

For those who expect actual CONTENT from Twitter, well I just don't think they're using it right. It's difficult to say anything worthwhile in 140 characters--although I suppose you could argue it's perfect for Haiku...

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