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"@SJToday 12:33 pm JST

@Cogito Ergo Sum Today  11:56 am JST

The J gov has really done a wonderful job of miseducating its citizenry. In fact, if real history be taught, they( citizens) might be shocked to know that they are themselves Korean. Without Koreans there'd be no Japanese, as during the 3 kingdom states of Silla, Baekje and Goguryo (?) the Baekje ran to Japan after defeat by Sills & Tang alliance and settled mostly in West Japan ( Kyushu, Osaka) the Silla people also came and settled mostly on the Eastern side.

Yes. Japaneses do not want to know their roots, although their origins were elucidated about 20 years ago by western anthropologists: https://discovermagazine.com/1998/jun/japaneseroots1455/"

did you even read the article yourself@SJ?

Jomon and Kofun were already there, you know @Cogito

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airplanes with million dollars spend on auto-pilot function and frequent check ups still crash. Can't put my live on this technology yet!!

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The US may not directly involve itself into the war between Japan-China (if); however, unlimited supplies of military equipment and food supplies to Japan can drag the war as long as possible. BTW, it's a good business chance for US suppliers, and able to let #2 and #3 in the world econ to drag themselves down before join in. Killing two birds with one stone, ahh...the same tactic that was used in previous world wars.

Russia, on the other hand, wouldn't want china to win the war. Chinese leader ain't that stupid to start a nuclear war, They are still lacking way behind the amount of inter-continent ICBM and their missile defense system is non-exist. Once a nuclear war start, all reasons become BS. They know so well that once they have started it, it's the end of themselves as well.

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AKB48 would be less excited without her.

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"Anyway, the Coast Guard should have escorted the ships out of the area and left the fools on the island to starve."

JCG is to protect Japan and its people. No matter how foolish these nationalists are, they still entitle to such protection. Think about it this way, is it NOT right for a doctor to save a dying homicide criminal?

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"They should take their 20 boat flotilla to Hokkaido and try this stunt with the islands claimed by Japan and Russia. Don't expect them home for dinner!"

i take that as your compliment on how civilized Japan is compared to Russia in handling of illegal trespassing. Otherwise, those 14 chinese activists shouldn't expected to be home for dinner either.

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Posted in: 7 die, at least 100 sickened due to E. coli bacteria in Hokkaido See in context

rich mainland Chinese put their trust on IMPORTED.

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