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Dr. Jimmy comments

Posted in: Renho resigns as main opposition Democratic Party leader See in context

I would suggest they (gasp) differentiate themselves by political philosophy, and therefore completely different policy. For example, adopt a "small government / freedom" philosophy that contrasts with the LDP's "big government / protection of vested interests" philosophy.

If only... completely agree that Japan has long needed philosophically based political parties, and desperately needs a "small government/freedom" one. Sadly, though, I ain't holding my breath for a leader to create one, or the populace to get behind one if created. We can dream, though.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese snowboarders suspended for marijuana use See in context

The Head of the Ski Association of Japan, downing his second coffee to help clear his head after a night's sake and whiskey drinking and heavy tobacco smoking, expressed great outrage at the use of this recreational drug...

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Posted in: 7 injured after car hits pedestrians in Kobe; driver arrested See in context

Kabukilover - indeed, they likely weren't wearing seat belts, given that they were pedestrians.

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Posted in: 5 ways college life is different in Japan and U.S. See in context

And put a sock on the door handle. And it's called being "sexiled." lol O tempore! O mores! A sock? in my day, it was a necktie. Let's be gentlemanly about our cad-like behaviour, after all!

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Posted in: Woman gets 16 years for killing boyfriend See in context

And if this were the reverse situation, also 16 years...?

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Posted in: Japan cuts female leadership goal in blow to 'womenomics' See in context

Thank heavens there is still some small bastion of sanity in the developed world. Well done Japan -- the mad rush to feminize education, business, government and the bureaucracy has been the overwhelming factor in the possibly fatal weakening of Western culture over the past generation. Omedetou to Japan for having the sense to step back from the precipice.

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