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Yesterday, in the UK we could finally dispense with wearing masks in most places.

Lockdowns a thing of the past

Yes, that's what happened, with daily new infection rates currently at 50,000! That's 4 zeros folks! And you're trumpeting this as some kind of victory? Experts say it will be up to 100,000 a day again in no time, probably much higher. With decisions like that coming from the top, you may as well just give up and install an actual chimp in no.10. The food & redecorating bills would be lower for the taxpayer, at least.

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I understand where you’re coming from with that. But how many Australians are actually desperately keen for the Olympics to go ahead? Does anyone know? I don’t think so. Coates is Australian, and talks like a lunatic, but what do the other 24.99999 million think? If you have psychic powers, please share the data.

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Sounds like a poor title for the book, not reflecting what he probably wants to say. For example, you can direct a lot of effort at growing a potted plant on your balcony. It might not make world headlines, but it might have a surprising impact on your happiness. I'm guessing that's the kind of hing he's on about.

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If you're asking me, I'm referring to the carbon footprint of all the people, from all the countries, flying around the world talking about organizing these corrupt events, then organizing them, then participating in them. Then take F1 racing events as another example. One of many other examples. I repeat: The planet is on its knees, and people are still stuck on trivial garbage like this. Scrap this stuff for good, or at least until we can produce energy and travel internationally in sustainable ways.

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Perverts in the US gymnastics set up, perverts in the Japanese judo(?) set up, now Aust swimming. You can be sure the list goes on and on. And for what? The planet is dying and we're still talking about ridiculous "sporting" (who can evade the doping tests most successfully?) events. Wake up folks! Scrap the Olympics.

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He said "Its population is 10 mil. less than Tokyo metro" That includes Chiba, Saitama & the rest. Figure looks about right.

You're both "about right". The govt's (especially state level) approach has actually been pretty good so far. Time to pull the finger out on vaccinations though. Some stuff ups from Morrison & co on the delivery front.

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Too bad Dave never visited a doctor and said "Doc, it hurts when I paint like this."

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Posted in: Man who coerced 13-year-old girl into signing ‘slave contract’ before sex, arrested See in context

Sadly, in Japan is perfectly legal to have sex with a 13yo girl.

Riiiiiiiiight... So if he hadn't used any nasty words like "slave", everything would have been okay?

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34.918314, 129.639642 at said position right off the coast of Busan.

Are you sure? I thought it was 34.918314, 129. 7 39642.

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I agree with what you said about the world of 70-80 years ago but times have changed, in a massive way. I doubt that there's any way of proving my point (if you think "common sense" is inadequate), but I think alienation/social dysfunction etc would have been far rarer in Japan in those times. Returning to same-sex bathing now would give women the creeps, and understandably so. Surely I don't have to describe why (hint: chikan, kiddy porn, dudes on bicycles throwing disgusting "items" at women ...the list goes on).

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All these anti-China rants are ignorant and boring.

We've just witnessed 4 years of the most gut churning, immoral ugliness from Trump. Looking back over the post WW2 years, we can see several cases of the US orchestrating the overthrow of legitimate rulers around the world whose opinions on certain issues were deemed "unacceptable" (Chile, Iran etc.).

What China does to its ethnic minorities is horrible, but the idea that the US is on higher moral ground is laughable.

What is needed is honest dialogue between countries, mutual respect, finding common ground etc. Everyone has faults. It's one planet. We have to learn to get along. As it says in the the bible (so I've heard) "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

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Reynolds is on extended sick leave after the crisis broke and will miss next week's parliamentary session.

I wish I could take extended sick leave (on full pay) every time I say something stupid at work.

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If you rely on Facebook as your primary source of news, you need your head examined. I'm not a fan of Morrison or the current Australian govt, but in this case they are 110% right. Tech giants, or multinationals of any kind, can NOT be allowed to push national governments around. Zuckerberg is simply a vain, morally empty vessel, all about endless power and ego. Take your grey T-shirts and platitudes and ... off Zuck.

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Maybe he shouldn't have been such an underdog. Ali was absolutely destroyed by Norton in 1976, but the judges decided to give it to the old cash cow anyway. (No disrespect to Ali... he WAS and IS the greatest, but he shouldn't have been in the ring with Spinks in the first place.)

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Strange how people think Osaka should have no opinions other than the ones on tennis. The same people who make numerous posts here and on other sites.

100% correct. I think there are probably quite a lot of sexists out there who would throw up their hands in shock at the suggestion that that's what they are, but... (Yeah, you are... those of you who say she should stick to tennis/stay in the kitchen.)

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It's high time that governments stand up to big tech companies. Well done Australia! Google will withdraw their services? Okay... see you later. How many search engines are there out there? A lot. Oh... 140 or so, apparently.


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I wonder what aboriginal culture would be like today without western intervention?

Probably similar to what it was before white people invaded and subjugated the aboriginals.


You're nearly right. The correct answer is they (not "it"... there are/were hundreds of cultures) would be exactly as they were before, **and that is exactly how they would want it. ** They never had any interest in material possessions. "Civilization", as we define it, is alien to them. They're not interested in it, no matter how much anyone tries to ram it down their throats. They have always valued the land, and seen it as their duty to protect it. Meanwhile, the "developed" world continues its headlong rush to environmental catastrophe.

Anyway, keep it coming posters. Don't let lack of the first clue about aboriginal cultures stop you from putting them down.

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Posted in: Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures urge central gov't to issue state of emergency over virus See in context

why not offer the young tested positive (there are thousands by now) and covid19 immune well paid covid19 only nursing jobs ?

Oh ...my...god. Laugh or cry? (You mean "negative", by the way.)

You might not know it, but nursing is a skilled profession. That means you have to enroll in a course, study to become a nurse. You don't just turn up and say "Here I am. I'll be a nurse now!"

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Most people here urging a lockdown won’t be affected financially - very selfish !

Some people here think about their finances before the well-being of all their fellow citizens. Very selfish!


Another lockdown is not needed there is no way to contain this now

Yes, there is a way, and it's called a lockdown. Science (sorry, rude word) shows that is how to fight it.

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Thank you Germany and Austria (BioNTech) for coming up with the vaccine. Congrats to Phizer for getting associated with the success of others by offering your resources for testing/distribution. (Not as bad as Pence claiming it was a US initiative, of course.

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The biggest tragedy is that the blue collar people who are so heavily represented here today have been so completely duped into believing that the Republican Party is the one that cares for them!!

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This is the Calm before the Storm. 

Oh, really? Sounds fascinating. Do let us in on your insight. What kind of storm is that, and why does it occur? While you're at it, please tell us why anyone who thinks "calm" and "storm" need capitalization in the above sentence should be taken seriously.

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Horrible seating arrangements, busses to terminals, terminals far off... rather stay home than fly them

You do realize that it's a budget airline, right? You get what you pay for. I've flown with them numerous times, and have no complaints. If you have deep pockets, pay accordingly.

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Bjorn, if you love ridiculous fantasy so much, why not try writing little kids' books? You might even make a buck or two.

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@Defective...sorry, "Objective"

Your premier has just destroyed your state. It sounds like a horrible place to live.

The lockdown is in the capital city, not the state.

Melbourne is rated (every year, on various websites) as one of the top 10 cities in the world to live in.

The vast majority of people living in Melbourne (Do I need to repeat that 5,000,000 people live there?) are in agreement with the safety first actions of the Andrews government. 200 deluded attention seekers staged a protest yesterday. What percentage of the city's population is that? Work it out, and get back to me next week.

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Andrews has handled this crisis far more poorly than any of the other state premiers blah blah blah BS blah...

Victoria is the only state that has a significant Covid problem. The govt has decided to do something about it (as opposed to dumbass Trump's solution...."It will go away by magic"). Infection rates are currently coming down in Victoria. Clear evidence of success. And yet the alarmist, paranoid, conspiracy theory loving segment of this site/society beyond want to make out that 200 people, IN A CITY OF 5 MILLION, demonstrating yesterday that they want to be "free" equals some kind of sign of a righteous revolution. Give me a break!

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Its truly worrisome those who are so sure handing the government all this power is going to end well.

I enjoy some of your posts, but I'm genuinely puzzled about what evil long term outcome you see coming from this. When the virus is finally overcome, you think the Victorian government will say "Hey, it was so much fun keeping you all locked down, we're going to set up gulags! That's bound to be a good idea".

What am I missing?

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These are Trump-infected crazy times. Whatever number of thousand online entries you might point to, any number of them could have come from the trailer parks of Hicksville, Nowhere, southern USA (whose residents- suckers ... word of the day... that they are, are too dumb to know that they would be better off with the Democrats). Who knows? The majority of Melbournians still embrace sensible leadership, as demonstrated by Andrews.

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Trump is not banning protests, locking people in, and arresting dissidents, like the Victoria governor.

How about Portland, with his experiment with sending in the secret police, dragging people off the streets into unmarked vans? New Yory city too. That's much better is it? At least in Victoria there is one brand of law enforcement, i.e. regular police. No paramilitary thugs.

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