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Posted in: JR East abolishes skirts, ribbons in women’s uniforms to eliminate gender difference See in context

What's that Chinese proverb about a journey of however many miles beginning with a single step? Rings true here. Hooray!! Some positive news. In these desperate, horrible times (thanks Donny), you have to grasp at any slightly positive story with all your might.

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Posted in: Japan-Scotland Rugby World Cup game to go ahead See in context

*Absolutely disgusted by the Scottish rugby sportsmanship who tried to take legal action if the game had not gone through even though they acknowledged the rules before the tournament and signed. *Similar action to what Japan's neighbors to the East would do....

Which neighbors to the east are those? Have those naughty dudes in Hawaii been saying something not so nice? Shame on them!

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Posted in: World Rugby slams Scotland legal threat over typhoon-hit game See in context

Not very in keeping with rugby this talk of legal action.

Not very in keeping with the spirit of sport to say that a team can be knocked out of a competition without being given the chance to complete its allotted number of group games. Then again, England was gifted the one day cricket World Cup on the basis of a farcical, arbitrary rule that no one ever imagined would ever be called into effect. Maybe we should just toss a coin to see who wins this competition too.

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Posted in: World Rugby slams Scotland legal threat over typhoon-hit game See in context

Not so much Scotland, but Scotland's rugby coach is showing poor sportsmanship.

Are you for real?? The weather is not a sport. If you were told that you had been beaten at something, even though you weren't allowed to take part, don't you think you might feel a sense of injustice?

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Posted in: World Rugby slams Scotland legal threat over typhoon-hit game See in context

What’s the bet that South Africa and New Zealand destroy their eventual opponents in the QFs anyway?


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Posted in: Elementary school teacher arrested for sexually molesting 4 girls See in context

The age of the victims are not revealed. 6-12?

The article says they are "fifth grade students". Is that clear enough for you?

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Posted in: Suspect detained over stabbings at Ibaraki farmhouse See in context

Mister X, your English is very good. Congratulations. You must have spent a long time abroad. However, you seem to be naive about your country's police force. Haven't you heard anything about forced confessions in Japan? I recommend you check the link below. Read about Keiko Aoki's story, listen to her speak in the video, and tell me some more about the integrity of the Japanese police.


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Posted in: TV correspondents face danger they told others to avoid See in context

For about 5 days, 24 hours a day, there has been NOTHING on CNN except reporting on this storm. Yes, it's very windy, very wet, very dangerous to be out in. Do we need endless saturation coverage? No. It's tedious, stupid, irritating, ... (need I go on?). There are other things happening in the world. Do your job and focus on the world! We know a storm is coming. Tell us the results AFTER it's done it's thing. I know CNN are not alone in this. Of course it's a dumb standard of "journalism", period. But if you call yourself a carrier of "world" news, get on with it!

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Posted in: Model Jessica Michibata announces pregnancy on Instagram See in context

Never heard of her. Don't care. Best of luck to her (as I'd also say to the other billion women about to have babies).

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Posted in: Lotte Marines’ Navarro released after being arrested for concealing bullet See in context

@Daniel Neagari Well for starters you can shot the bullet.... by the way you don't need a gun to shot it...

I'm curious... how can you you fire a bullet without having a gun?

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Posted in: Stimulus addict Japan gets huge fix from Abe See in context

Did any journalists make a half-serious attempt to quiz him on exactly in what way "this time, it is different"? Didn't think so...

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Posted in: Ishihara-Hashimoto party seeks bigger defense spending See in context

Oh yes! Brilliant leadership! The icons like Panasonic, Sharp, and Sony are throwing up their arms in distress (Hey, these waves are getting pretty rough folks!!) and the geniuses of the new right say "Let's spend more on weapons" (even though the US is still here to protect us in any worst case scenario). That Hashimoto boy just loves the spotlight, doesn't he? Does he have any sensible contributions to make?? The less said about Ishihara the better, of course...I'll only fall foul of the moderator.

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