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Posted in: Mos Burger opens metaverse branch See in context

Try burger metaverse!


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Posted in: No preferential treatment given over bid for Abe state funeral: Matsuno See in context

Breath fresh air

Tokyo-based event organizer Murayama Inc, which has been involved in some controversial government-sponsored events, was the only firm to participate in the tender for the Sept 27 state funeral

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Posted in: Elon Musk says the planet needs more oil... and babies See in context

Elon Musk Elon Musk Elon Musk

Give more attention please!

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Posted in: Japan baby hatch hospital offers mothers last resort See in context

Thank you Jikei hospital!!

You are pro-life!

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Posted in: Amazon sues administrators of 10,000 Facebook groups over fake reviews See in context

Amazon customers service suck. No keep complain detail. Fax information ask. Year 1980??

Rakuten go!

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Posted in: Maximum caution needed as COVID cases surge: Kishida See in context

Concern raise next level. Change keyboard from yellow to red color. Have no smiling face outside, no funny. Double mask sure!

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Posted in: Twitter's future uncertain as it faces messy breakup with Musk See in context

Mr. Elon no serious twitter buy. No long relation, one night stand. Get excite and leave in dark like photo.

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Posted in: Record 15,000 people taken to hospital in June due to heat See in context

Drink, drink, drink.

Water simple nice help.

Body need. Small cup no good

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Posted in: New travel subsidy program may be postponed after COVID cases surge See in context

Cancel program. Danger corona and hot weather.

Stay at house put on mask!

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to launch survey on weight, dietary habits of young women See in context

Japanese government show care about woman. Healthy woman good japan.

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Posted in: KDDI says mobile network almost recovered across Japan See in context

Imporant people no call. It's mad!!

Choice softbank better.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't plans to introduce mandatory dental checks: Good idea or not? See in context

Government decide good thing.

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Posted in: Philippines asks Japanese consumers to accept higher prices for bananas See in context

Philippine CHEAP banana come on!!

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