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Posted in: Firmino, Alisson star for Liverpool in 2-1 win at Wolves See in context

Nuno's Wolves are tough fighters. They make things difficult for all their opponents. Well played. All the best ahead. Congratulations to Jürgen Klopp, his footballers and their fans for the hard fought win.

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Posted in: Sports need to do more to combat climate change, says lobby group See in context

Leaving all responsibilities to Greta Thurnberg and to kids of her generation is not fair. Cricketers, footballers, tennis players, Rugby stars, Kabaddi heroes, hockey stick wielders, basketball giants, athletes, swimmers - they all have the potential to contribute positively to make the planet a better and a safer place for all.

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Posted in: Liverpool fans already celebrating title after United win See in context

Liverpool footballers are extending and expanding the concept of "total football". Mo Salah, Allison, Van Dijk and their colleagues are marching ahead with heads held high. Congratulations to Herr Juergen Klopp, his footballers and Liverpool fans worldwide.

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Posted in: Harry, Meghan to quit royal jobs, give up 'highness' titles See in context

Life is a precious gift. We need to cherish the gift of life. In the 21st century, more and more people of goodwill are realizing that life is same in the common people and in the uncommon. Laying down unnecessary yokes is becoming the normal thing nowadays. Serving the sick, the dying, the poor, the hungry, the exploited, the marginalized, are noble callings, second to none.

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Posted in: 'Armless Archer' Stutzman and his disarming sense of humor See in context

Hats off to Matt. Heroic life. He is living life to the full. American 'Armless Archer' Matt Stutzman is an inspiration to the able bodied and to the differently abled. Out there in India's Anandwan or the Forest of Bliss, there is an incredibly talented artist Shakuntala, crafting beauty using her feet. She spends the entire day making greeting cards. Earlier she ran a grocery shop doing all the weighing and packing of items with her feet. From her childhood, polio has deprived Shakuntala the use of her hands. Her disarming smile is a consolation to able bodied visitors with real or imaginary problems.

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Posted in: In Liverpool, Man United sees the pain and path to recovery See in context

Herr Juergen Klopp has moulded his team into champion stuff. The boys work hard, create opportunities, score goals and are a treat to watch. Manchester United used to play attacking football during the long reign of Sir Alex Ferguson. Those good old days need to be recreated by the new brigade. The fans would love it. All the best to Liverpool and Man United footballers and fans.

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Posted in: Tennis stars raise millions for Australian wildfire victims See in context

Tennis stars - they are doubly blessed. They are gifted with talent and humane hearts. May their tribe increase.

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Posted in: Children of leprosy sufferers seek to rebuild family ties See in context

Leprosy combatants and leprosy victors at the Maharogi Seva Samiti Warora, Anandwan (or the Forest of Bliss) are rendering precious service to the nation. Baba Amte has transformed them into farmers, gardeners, carpenters, shoe-makers, expert weavers and spinners, motor mechanics, vehicle drivers, electricians, teachers, builders, dairy experts, para medical workers, nurses, musicians, dancers and animators. The late Baba Amte (1914-2008) used to say: 'Do not mourn for what you have lost and do not insult what you still have. Make the best use of all that is still with you'.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

Congratulations. It's a beautiful tradition. All the best to the youngsters preparing themselves to serve the nation and the Planet.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to make state visit to UK See in context

Nice picture. Very elegant. All sitting upright. Healthy look. Bon Voyage.

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Posted in: Japan hoping surprise cricket U-19 World Cup appearance is just the start See in context

Wishing the Japanese Cricket team much success in their bowling, batting, fielding, and catching endeavors at the forthcoming Cricket World Cup in South Africa.

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Posted in: 1,600 women take part in New Year archery event See in context

Archery is a treat to watch. Asians are still good at it. An Indian epic describes Abhimanyu, Eklavya, Arjuna, Bhisma, Dronacharya, Ramachandra and Mahadeva as skillful exponents of the bow and arrow culture.

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Posted in: Good for the soul See in context

Impressive. The Japanese are bathing in ice-cold water to purify their souls. Out there in the village of Shirgao in the iron-ore mining belt in the Bicholim tehesil in India's North Goa, the 'Dhonds' walk through fire, also seeking inner healing. Those bare-foot fire walking devotees hail from the villages of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. In the not so distant past, chaining and disciplining the body used to be the time tested rituals of the Europeans for spiritual cleansing.

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Posted in: Japanese woman turns 117, extending record as world's oldest person See in context

A very Happy Birthday to Kane Tanaka.

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Posted in: Near-death experience gives Naomi Osaka perspective See in context

Life is a precious gift.

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Posted in: Barty to give Brisbane winnings to Australia bushfire victims See in context

Ash Barty is setting a nice example.

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Posted in: Chill out with Japan’s giant reclining Buddha See in context

Gautama was known for his simple living and high thinking.

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Posted in: Tokyo Paralympics to see record number of competing nations See in context

"Sports for Tomorrow" Project is a fine initiative. Wishing the Tokyo Paralympics participating nations and their athletes a jolly good time.

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Posted in: Emperor hopes 2020 will be disaster-free year See in context

Beautiful harmony is the need of the hour worldwide. Thus wrote Mahatma Gandhi: "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony".

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening ceremony to be character-driven appeal for peace See in context

Peace and Justice are two sides of the same coin. Tokyo 2020 Olympics - a fantastic platform for generating union of hearts and minds, so vital for a just and meaningful world-building.

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Posted in: Japan to greet New Year with ‘Kohaku,’ shrine visits, shopping and snowstorms See in context

A very happy and a healthy 2020 to all.

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Posted in: Man City lose to Wolves, strengthening Liverpool title bid See in context

Wolves are a compact side. Gaffer Nuno Espirito Santos is bringing out the best from the talent at his disposal. Well played.

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Posted in: Liverpool thrash Leicester to open up 13-point Premier League lead See in context

It's a massive win. The Liverpool squad looks good to go far on several fronts. Well played.

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Posted in: Not so lonely this Christmas: British groups tackle isolation epidemic See in context

Christmas is coming home. Merry Christmas.

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Posted in: Emperor Emeritus Akihito turns 86 See in context

Happy Birthday.

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Posted in: Japan to bestow decoration on doctor killed in Afghanistan See in context

Long live the memory of the heroic services of Tetsu Nakamura.

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Posted in: Liverpool beats Flamengo to win its 1st Club World Cup title See in context

Rob is the hero. Congrats to Liverpool footballers and fans.

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Posted in: Japanese player Minamino signs for Liverpool See in context

Japanese international Takumi Minamino is a huge talent. Liverpool FC is a challenging platform for the ace striker to showcase his talents. All the best.

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Posted in: Blind Japanese skateboarder uses cane to ride the rails See in context

Visually challenged Ryusei Ouchi is showing the way. disability is no issue for him. It is only ability and more ability. Hats off to the ace Japanese skateboarder.

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Posted in: Swimmer Ikee discharged from hospital after 10 months of treatment for leukemia See in context

Swimming against the current is never easy. But she has done it. Wishing the ace Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee, good health and good times.

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