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Posted in: Jota's winner puts Liverpool's EPL defense back on track See in context

Diogo Jota is one who is very effective in front of the goal. His nods and kicks fetch goals and points. Well done.

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Posted in: Milan win at Celtic, Alkmaar stun Napoli, Spurs and Arsenal win See in context

Congratulations to AZ Alkmaar. The Kaaskoppen were well served by striker Dani de Wit. All the best to Gattuso and his boys in the rounds ahead.

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Posted in: Bayern begin Champions League title defense in style; Real Madrid stunned See in context

He is decisive and effective. For club and country, Bayern's Kingsley Coman is doing fine. Nice goals. Congrats.

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Posted in: Empress Emerita Michiko turns 86 See in context

Life is a precious gift. Health is wealth. Happy Birthday to Empress Emerita Michiko.

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Posted in: Man United wins again at PSG; Messi scores in Barca rout See in context

It's a treat to watch their aggressive counter-attacks from the flanks. Club Brugge could be the dark horse for a spot in the next phase from Pool F. Gaffer Phillipe Clement's Blauw-Zwart have scored an important away win against the Russian Zenit St Petersburg.

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Posted in: Liverpool denied derby win by VAR as Chelsea held in six-goal thriller See in context

Virgil van Dijk is a pillar of strength for club and country. Wishing the ace defender a speedy recovery and a quick return to the starting line-ups.

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Posted in: Wolves sink Leeds, West Brom and Burnley in stalemate See in context

Nuno Espirito Santo is getting out the best from his pack of Wolves. Congratulations to scorer Raul Jimenez. All the best to Leeds gaffer Marcelo Bielsa and the Peacocks.

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Posted in: Resurgent Everton face acid test in Liverpool showdown See in context

Colombian James Rodriguez is a fine reader of the game. He remains positive, creative and constructive. His passes are a delight to watch. He can dismantle rival defenses with ease and style. James is injecting flair and beauty to Ancelotti's campaign. All his relentless labor on the pitch comes across more as a piece of continuous art. May he go on and on. All the best.

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Posted in: Japan to test anti-virus measures for big events at near-full stadium See in context

Look East. They have good results. Obedience is their forte. In corona times, Japan, China and Vietnam have shown constructive vision and daring creativity. Citizens in those countries are law abiding.

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Posted in: French Open champ Swiatek rises to 17th; Djokovic, Nadal 1-2 See in context

The new brigade has announced its arrival in style. 19-year-old Italian Sinner is making rapid progress. Poland's Iga Swiatek has had an outstanding GS. Well played. Great things are in store for tennis lovers.

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Posted in: Age just a number for Nadal, Federer and Djokovic See in context

Hunger, passion and discipline sets them apart. Sportspersons Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo are setting new records all the time. Indeed age is no bar for those skillful guys.

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Posted in: Tearful, apologetic Kim thanks North Korean people See in context

Food and medicine are precious commodities. Lives of the inhabitants are important resources for nation-building. Farmers and their families are the backbone of Planet Earth. Leaders have to love their people whole-heartedly.

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Posted in: Nadal overwhelms Djokovic to win French Open See in context

Hearty congratulations to champion Rafa Nadal. There is lot more vintage tennis yet to come from the rackets of Nadal, Novak and Roger. It's a delight to watch them in action. May they go on and on.

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Posted in: Celebrities lead TED global call to act on climate crisis See in context

Food for thought and action: "The shared goals of our generation are clear. Together we must protect and restore nature, clean our air, revive our oceans, build a waste-free world and fix our climate" - Prince William

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Posted in: Just 19, ranked 54th, Swiatek wins French Open for 1st Slam See in context

Congratulations to champion Iga Swiatek. Well played. All the best to runner-up Sofia Kenin in the challenges ahead.

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Posted in: U.N. World Food Program wins Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Serving food and saving lives is a challenging mission. Hunger needs to be fought on a war-footing. Hearty congratulations to the United Nations' World Food Program. The organization is serving humanity with dedication and distinction. The Nobel Peace Prize is a humble acknowledgement to the gigantic task the UNWFP has been doing day in and day out across the hunger-stricken zones on the Planet.

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Posted in: American poet Louise Gluck wins Nobel Literature Prize See in context

Congratulations to Louise Gluck.

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Posted in: Coe supports athletes' right to advocate for social or racial justice at Olympics See in context

Middle distance former champion runner and all time great Lord Seb Coe is a legend. In his heydays on the track, the ace Briton was a serial winner, who time and again made the podium his own. The multiple gold medal winner rewrote rich chapters of sporting history. There is lot more vintage stuff yet to come from the former irresistible runner. Sebastian Newbold Coe looks set to change the face of sports and games in the near future. He appears to be the right man, at the right place, and at the right time. Wishing the athletes and their fans a jolly good time at the Tokyo Olympics.

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Posted in: U.S.-French duo win Nobel Chemistry Prize for gene editing tool See in context

Congratulations to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna.

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Posted in: Trio win Nobel Physics Prize for black hole research See in context

Congratulations to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez.

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Posted in: Trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for hepatitis C discovery See in context

Good work. Well done. Congratulations to Harvey Alter, Charles Rice and Michael Houghton.

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Posted in: Liverpool embarrassed in 7-2 loss to Aston Villa; Man United routed 6-1 by Tottenham See in context

Great week of incredible football. Big teams are doing fine against bigger teams. Aston Villa, Leeds United, Hammers, and Spurs have stood tall against the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester, and Manchester United. Congratulations.

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Posted in: Coronavirus vaccination to be made free in Japan See in context

Life is a precious gift. Health is wealth. As so often, mighty Japan is showing the way. Fine gesture. Hope other countries are able to save the lives of their citizens with timely and free vaccine.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 collects 24.5 tons of used plastic for creation of victory ceremony podiums See in context

Plastic waste has the potential to become an honorable ally of mankind. The Recycled Plastic Victory Ceremony Podium Project for Tokyo Olympics is a fine initiative. The team of serial entrepreneurs at India's Anandwan construct dams across small rivers and streams using plastic waste in their cement concrete mixture. Plastic is known to offer solidity to the pillars and beams. They say to one another 'let's make the running water walk and walking water stop'. On account of such dams the flow of rain water in the area is regulated and the farmers are able to cultivate not one, but three crops a year for several kilometers on either side of the river. In their brick-making technology, plastic waste again makes it's presence felt in the formula.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics Q&A: Should athletes be priority for vaccine? See in context

Life is a precious gift. We are all athletes on the run. May there be sufficient stock of vaccine for everyone.

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Posted in: Liverpool rallies to beat Arsenal 3-1 in EPL See in context

Fine start for Diogo Jota in the red shirt. Congratulations to Liverpool gaffer Herr Jurgen Klopp and his boys. All the best to Mikel Arteta and his Gunners in the challenges ahead.

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Posted in: Vardy scores 3 as Leicester stuns Man City in wild 5-2 EPL win See in context

Foxes have taken charge of the EPL ladder. Wolves are yet to show their true colors. All the best to gaffers Senhor Nuno Espirito Santos of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Senhor Pep Guardiola of Manchester City. Congratulations to winners Leicester and West Ham.

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Posted in: Man U, Chelsea leave it late on another wild day in the EPL See in context

EPL 2020-2021 is becoming a topsy-turvy festivity. Manchester United managed to escape by the skin of their teeth. To garner a single point, Chelsea had to dig deep. Brighton and West Brom have announced their presence in style. Hats off to the challengers.

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Posted in: Scientists develop salt-resistant rice variety See in context

Historical records show that for over 3500 years, the tiny state of Goa in Western India is home to rice cultivation in saline water conditions. The Goa rivers originate in the Western Ghats and flow in the Arabian Sea. At high tides, saline sea water from the Arabian Sea enters the riverine belts. The human managed khazan lands along the rivers Terekhol, Chapora, Baga, Mapusa, Mandovi, Zuari, Sal, Saleri, Talpona, and Galjibag are interesting ecosystems. Here tidal influence is regulated through a highly structured system of dykes, canals, furrows, and sluice gates using local resources. The rice cultivated on the khazan lands is special, tasty, and goes down well with coconut-curry-fish-accompaniments.

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Posted in: Djokovic back on track with fifth Rome title See in context

Congratulations to champions Simona Halep and Novak Djokovic. All the best to challengers Karolina Pliskova  and Diego Schwartzman in future events.

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