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Posted in: West to blame for world turmoil, says Russia's Lavrov See in context

Fellow mortals in the Global North, Global West, Global East, and Global South are yet to do justice to their enormous potential in working for peace, respect, justice, and co-humanity.

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Posted in: Season's greetings See in context

Joy to the world. Merry Christmas to one and all.

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Posted in: Japanese singer marks 30 years of visiting leprosy colony See in context

Singer-songwriter Tomoe Sawa is doing fine. Leprosy combatants and leprosy survivors are human beings. "Give them opportunities and never make them victims of charity" was often said by the late Baba Amte of Anandwan in India. With their hard work and a never-say-die spirit, out there leprosy survivors have become serial entrepreneurs and are offering leadership lessons to able-bodied fellow mortals.

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Posted in: New York will set up commission to consider reparations for slavery See in context

All forms of slavery need to be banned from the face of the Planet. NY State is showing the way for the rest of humankind.

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Posted in: Japan, ASEAN to boost security ties with eye on China See in context

Humankind is thirsting for peace, ongoingness, and togetherness. Worldbuilding is a meaningful project.

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Posted in: Liverpool lose in Belgium, Villarreal reach Europa League last 16 See in context

Belgian Pro League front runners Union Saint-Gilloise play sparkling football. On home and away terrains they have been doing wonders of late. Spot number 3 behind Liverpool and Toulouse will offer further motivation to the side to aim for glory through the Europa Conference League KO' s. Well played.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $3 million to provide education for refugees See in context

"Education Cannot Wait" is a meaningful thought and highly rewarding action. Refugees and migrants are worldbuilders. They arrive with skills, energies, tons of patience, goodwill, and hunger to serve Planet Earth. Doubly blessed leaders and their followers in the host countries are known to excel in the art of showing a sense of welcome, hospitality, fellow feeling, compassion, and solidarity to the incoming fellow human beings.

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Posted in: Manchester United slide out of Champions League See in context

18 out of 18 is a fine achievement for Los Galacticos. Gaffer Carlo Ancelotti is doing fine with the talent at his disposal. Well played RM.

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Posted in: To the moo-n: Cow dung fuels Japan's space ambitions See in context

Out there in Anandwan or the Forest of Bliss in the Global South, cows and buffaloes are important companion species. The bulls support their ploughing activities. Cows and buffaloes provide milk in abundance. For cooking food thrice a day for over 3000 people, the serial entrepreneurs have installed biogas plants that run on cow dung as the main ingredient.

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Posted in: Man City beats Luton to end 4-match winless run; Tottenham thrashes Newcastle 4-1 See in context

Goals win matches. Fulham are winning big. Senhor Marco Silva and his Cottagers are on a goal-scoring Missão.

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Posted in: Liverpool moves atop EPL; Man United stunned at home by Bournemouth See in context

Mo Salah is blessed with awesome hunger and appetite for scoring goals. Congratulations to the Egypt international striker for reaching 200 goals for Liverpool. Well done.

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Posted in: Saudi sports minister says 2034 World Cup could be hosted in summer or winter despite desert heat See in context

European, African, Latin American, and Asian footballers are running to Saudi Arabia, and other football leagues in the Middle East countries. Out there international footballers and football managers are all giving their best and proving that they can withstand the heat and entertain lovers of the Beautiful Game anytime, anywhere, and everywhere.

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Posted in: IOC confirms Russian athletes can compete at Paris Olympics with approved neutral status See in context

Olympic Games are world class competitions. Athletes as human beings should be encouraged to celebrate ongoingness and togetherness in the quadrennial showpiece. All the best to the organizers, participants, and fans at the Olympic festivities in Paris.

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Posted in: Empress Masako turns 60; expresses eagerness to move forward See in context

Life is a precious gift. Happy birthday. Wishing Empress Masako good health and happiness.

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Posted in: Denmark adopts law making it illegal to burn Koran or other religious texts See in context

Holy Books are Wisdom Banks. The Holy Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Torah, Granth Sahib, the Holy Koran, the Buddhavacana, the Avesta, the Agam Sutras, and several canons of the Chinese - offer guidance, meaning, motivation, courage, and stamina, for lovers of wisdom to journey through life with heads held high.

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Posted in: What is Bodhi Day? And when do Buddhists celebrate it? See in context

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha continues to inspire women and men of good will to live in peace and harmony without any attachment to craving or aversion. Happy Bodhi Day.

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Posted in: Everton beats Newcastle 3-0 and moves out of the Premier League relegation zone See in context

Safety first. Gaffer Sean Dyche and his Toffees have a long way to go. All the best to Everton footballers and fans.

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Posted in: West Ham fights back to beat Tottenham 2-1 in the Premier League See in context

On their day Hammers can be effective and ruthless. Under gaffer David Moyes, several top ranking sides in England and in Europe have tasted, felt, and remember the Hammer effect.

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Posted in: Returning Naomi Osaka targets Paris Olympics, more Grand Slam titles See in context

Festivities like Olympics, Grand Slams, Davis Cup, and Fed Cup offer immense motivation to athletes to generate awesome hunger and passion to participate.

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Posted in: Putin continues his blitz round of Mideast diplomacy by hosting Iranian president See in context

Peace is a precious resource. Humankind is thirsting for peace. World leaders are yet to do justice to their enormous potential in working for peace on Earth.

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Posted in: When is St Nicholas Day? And how did this Christian saint inspire the Santa Claus legend? See in context

Nicholas has been an inspiration to kids for centuries. His humility, simplicity, obedience, and his spirit of cooperation are legendary. Young and the young at heart find Nicholas a source of encouragement and entertainment. Taking away monotony, good old Nicholas makes life exciting by his generous gift-giving.

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Posted in: Relentless Villa beat stuttering Man City; Liverpool win See in context

 Unai Emery and his ferocious Lions keep roaring loud. A win against the defending champions will create awesome hunger in the fans for more. Villans look good for a slot among the top elites in the PL. Well played Aston Villa.

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Posted in: Messi named Time's 'Athlete of the Year' See in context

Leo is a true icon. The Argentine super star is mesmerizing opponents and fans with his out-of-the-world-type footballing skills, The FIFA World Cup winner looks good for yet another shot at the mega event on the world stage. All the best.

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Posted in: Rice caps Arsenal fightback in seven-goal thriller at Luton See in context

Rice is their favorite. Gunners and their fans are enjoying good times. Well played Arsenal.

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Posted in: Earth running a fever as U.N. climate talks focus on contagious effect on human health See in context

Health is wealth. Life is a precious gift. World leaders out there in Dubai are doing their best to offer a healthy direction to Planet Earth our common home.

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Posted in: Japanese soccer great Shinji 'Genius' Ono retires at 44 See in context

Japanese footballers are known for their quick thinking, fast moving, intelligent passing, precision shooting skills, and effective nodding. Japanese footballing great Shinji Ono is a legend. May his tribe increase.

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Posted in: Japan beats Brazil 2-0 in women's soccer friendly in Sao Paulo See in context

Nadeshiko Japan are doing fine in the land of the Samba. Hats off to scorers Moeka Minami and to Mina Tanaka. Well played Japan.

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Posted in: Don't ignore us: Poorer nations use COP28 summit to press rich world on climate See in context

Forward we move in unison. World leaders are blessed with a creative and a constructive vision for the present and for the future. They all wish humankind, their companion species, and Planet Earth to enjoy good health and long life. We need to appreciate their efforts to see us happy during our exciting journey with them forward.

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Posted in: Newcastle inflict more misery on Man Utd; Arsenal extend Premier League lead See in context

The Clarets are beginning to do justice to their enormous potential. Hats of to Burnley Football Club, gaffer Vincent Kompany, his footballers, and their fans. Well played.

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Posted in: Top world leaders talk of climate crisis at U.N. summit See in context

Deeds not words is their mantra. World leaders are showing the right intent. May their tribe increase.

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