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Posted in: Obama says Muslims must fight 'twisted interpretations of Islam' See in context

There is nothing twisted about their interpretation. The religion itself is twisted.

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Posted in: Death sentence upheld for former bar hostess who killed 2 men See in context

I learned two things today, why deathrow costs more than regular, and Japan has the death penalty.

Oh, and how, hanging. I learned three things.

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Posted in: Japanese gamers debate Red Cross’s call for virtual crimes to be punished See in context

This article amuses me in a way... because if you were to read it on an actual gaming site, I assure you, it would read as if the Red Cross wants gaming to stop having guns and hurting puppies.

But here... what they say almost makes a kind of sense, even if I don't wholly agree with it.

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Posted in: Miyazaki hints at possible 'Nausicaa' sequel See in context

The manga was amazing, and I'd love to see more... but the movie killed the Giant Warrior... where the Giant Warrior kinda played a HUGE role in the manga (See: Without him, the plot cannot continue). So I don't really know how they would follow that particular story.

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Posted in: Wife arrested for killing cheating husband with coffee cup See in context

I presume he wouldn't have been beaten if he'd had an affair with a woman she didn't hate?

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman after being invited to do so online See in context

I saw this episode. Spoiler alert, it's her crazy stalker ex-boyfriend.

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Posted in: Fitness meets cute anime girls in exercise app See in context

I will tell this app the same thing I told my college pe teacher when asked, "are you going to let a girl do more sit ups than you?" I am already married, who do I have to impress?

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Posted in: Snake on a plane: Qantas passengers amazed as python clings to wing during flight See in context

The strength this creature portrayed is simply amazing, but I knew this story could not end well given how cold it is at those altitudes and how little air there is. Truly sad... It had to have been a terrible death.

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Posted in: Japanese 'Avengers' fans up in arms over shoddy voice acting on Blu-ray release See in context

I've been watching anime forever... I suppose I'm just used to it...

The fans make a good point about not pairing voice actors too characters though.

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Posted in: Weird cosplay: AKB48 meets AK-47 See in context

For those that think the gun is fake, judging from this video:


Which actually shows the target... they are not.

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Posted in: The end of the evolution debate See in context

It's a bit optimistic to think that in 5 to 10 years people will accept evolution despite religion's blatant display of "Blind Denial" in the face of facts in the past.

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Posted in: High school teacher arrested for taking videos up students' skirts See in context

I can't believe these things really happen.

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Posted in: Music as a weapon of war See in context

Am I a bad person for laughing at many of his responses?

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Posted in: Why you must learn kanji See in context

I like the way the article was written. It was humorous.

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Posted in: Gendo Ikari shaves and smiles in new Schick x Evangelion crossover commercials See in context

They are clearly lying...

No one smiles when they have to shave.

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Posted in: Yellow sand observed in Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka See in context

Who cares where it's from?? I always find it amusing to see people roll their eyes when they say it's from China, as though the nation is to blame for it.

It's just where it's from... no one is to blame. If something that isn't indigenous to a place is found there, the report is going to mention where it's from.

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Posted in: 'The Wolverine' to be filmed in Australia after Japan misses out due to tsunami See in context

Origins was terrible and ruined Deadpool... I hold no hope that this will be good.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

I watched it... it was barely even seductive...

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Posted in: Whatever happened to 'post-racial' America? See in context

I have read the article... but even if I hadn't, the answer to the title is simple.

"It never existed"

I was unaware that anyone truly believed we had gotten over our issues with ethnicity.

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Posted in: Groups criticize Japan for carrying out executions See in context

That world chart clearly needs more red.

I think the only problem here is waiting for years in solitary confinement.

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Posted in: Japanese woman hit by NY police bullet gets escort to airport See in context

twildman: "causing the pistol to shoot"...should read...causing the pistol to fire!

I would have gone with "discharge" personally, but I had to stop at that sentence as well. It just did not sound right at all.

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Posted in: Man vs shark: Australia's battle for the deep See in context

I really like this general trend of shark attack victims not holding a grudge. It shows that the unwarranted fear is ebbing.

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Posted in: Nagoya Univ, Fujitsu develop world's 1st technology to analyze phone conversations See in context

So... it's a lie detector for phones...?

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Posted in: Obama juggles need for campaign money, mass appeal See in context

A billion dollars for his campaign? Seriously...?

Gods I hope he doesn't win again...

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Posted in: Gov't to discuss allowing women in imperial family to keep status after marriage See in context

The choices are, risk the death of the blood line from the modern era's comparitively low birth rates, or risk an explosion in the blood line, since people will essentially marry into the imperial family, and thus all of their children would be imperial successors.

Tough choice, really.

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Posted in: AirAsia X launches empty seat option See in context

Word on fees, but nothing on actual savings. Color me skeptical.

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Posted in: 90% of Americans eat too much salt: study See in context

Yay! Despite being over weight, I'm in the 10% that does get ENOUGH sodium.

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Posted in: How foreigners’ daily lives change when they live in Japan See in context

—I lost my sense of humor, became perverted, I sleep in trains, became addicted to vending machines, stopped going for a walk to smoke. I have become serious about everything. (Dutchman)


That is all.

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Posted in: Australian family wakes to find crocodile in living room See in context

"the summer months between December and January"

I know that's not an inaccurate statement... but man is that a weird sentence to read.

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Posted in: Oklahoma woman asks 911 operator for permission to shoot intruder See in context

This story made my day... that's fantastic.

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