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Posted in: World-first hybrid shark found off Australia See in context

Very interesting indeed... I wish to learn more.

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Posted in: Novelists, manga artists to file lawsuit against ebook vendors See in context

On an unrelated note... I wish I could get manga on my e-reader.

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Posted in: Nearly 8 in 10 Americans believe in angels See in context

I can't figure out the point of this article.

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Posted in: Joe Odagiri apologizes for signing name 'Kumi Koda' as autograph for fan See in context

I don't get it...

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Posted in: Why Japanese values and morality confound us so See in context

Man... there were so many things I wanted to quote and point out during the course of this read... but others beat me too it... So here's a list of those I thank for beating me to the punch and why:

BoratLikeBarry - atheism isn't a religion

cleo - terrible logic jumping from reincarnation must mean that's a higher power.

Nicky Washida - "Bachi ga ataru" might be karma

I know there was one more somewhere... but I've lost it.

And now for one that slipped by


Steve, my feelings are that if religion was treated like cigarettes and alcohol (only available to those with a mental capacity to think critically and for themselves) i.e lets say above 18 years old. I am sure that within a generation or two the population that continues to believe in religious myths would only be somewhere around 5%.

A child's mind is delicate and precious, and I hate seeing it being manipulated by their parents (of any religion). Children should be left alone to discover the wonders of life, nature and the universe independently. Let them experience the journey of discovery and science whilst they see TRUE facts with their own eyes about how life works and evolution. Then when they are mentally mature (18) show them the bible and all of it's 'handed down' stories (and ZERO FACTS) and just watch the mature child look at you as if you are insane.

Now let me start by making myself clear. I don't necessarily disagree, I'm playing devil's advocate here. If we treat religion as something that is learned, then one could say the same about science, since it is something that is learned. In that aspect, it could be argued that science is a "form of religion" (I can't think of a better way to convey my meaning other than this absurd statement, sorry) and thus by restricting the teaching of religion at a young age, but actively teaching science, one is brainwashing the youth away from their spiritual nature. It basically comes down to "Teach all or teach none" If this can be done without influencing their decision, (which is impossible, really) that's the only way you can fairly allow a child to decide on their own.

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Posted in: Anime DJ Bar opens in Akihabara See in context

Next time I'm in Akihabara... I wager... never to MAYBE 10 years from now...

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Posted in: Japan's answer to next tsunami: a mini-Noah's Ark See in context

If 4 beams strong enough to secure this thing to the ground were installed around it, I think it would be better. The beams could keep it in place, and the buoyancy could keep it floating above the water. My only concern if whether the water pressure would keep it below the waves or not.

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Posted in: The American 'allergy' to global warming: Why? See in context

Copy and past fail...

"Who is 'we'?" **

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Posted in: The American 'allergy' to global warming: Why? See in context

"we can go see a movie or something"

Us in Texas. It was a direct response to the comment above mine. I suppose I should have quoted.

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Posted in: The American 'allergy' to global warming: Why? See in context

Weather has it's cycles. Yeah we're in a drought right now, but that doesn't prove that man is making the world hotter.

I for one, stand on the "Climate waxes and wanes" much of the world was tropical when certain reptiles of a grand nature ruled the earth, then it got cold.

Also, water usage policies are up to the city, not the state. Affected places are already under restrictions.

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Posted in: FBI arrests suspect over Sony cyberattack See in context

When did they catch him and how?

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Posted in: Animate Girls Festival 2011 to be held at Ikebukuro Sept 23-24 See in context

Wish I could attend.

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Posted in: Scientists on trial for manslaughter in Italy for failure to warn residents about quake See in context

Wow... I am at a loss for words...

I mean... wow...

Really? .... Really?

"Perhaps they should put the Church on trial because of God?"

Hear hear. Acts of God have claimed as many lives as this earthquake... like... say... this earthquake, which is an "Act of God"

Let's trial the Pope...

I mean.... Really?!

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Posted in: Japanese girl delighted that her message in bottle found in Hawaii See in context

The fact that is was found during a trash clean up is pretty fitting.

All in all though, a nice little story.

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Posted in: Chinese news agency urges Noda not to make relations worse See in context

are like / that claim

No edit button?


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Posted in: Chinese news agency urges Noda not to make relations worse See in context

I like how many people seem to think China is in the wrong here. This isn't a matter of the Chinese government throwing their weight around. This a matter between its and Japan's people.

Research something called "The Rape of Nanking".

The Japanese Government is like the people the claim the Holocaust didn't happen.

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Posted in: A movie date? No thank you See in context

I need to stop reading articles like these.

I figured this might be an article about how movies are losing steam as a date site in Japan, or something like that.

Again, I get a personal article about one person.

Is this suppose to be Japanese news? Or random people's blog.

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Posted in: Man commits suicide; mother's remains found in cupboard See in context

To everyone asking about the stench

Bodies stop smelling after a while.

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Posted in: Missing 4-year-old girl turns up safe; 21-year-old hostess arrested See in context

@Mirai Hayashi

Final thought: 4AM??? WTF? Where the hell was the mother?? Probably another irresponsible teen pregnancy....sigh

From what I am lead to understand, at certain times of the year, the sun rises at like, 3am. And from my own personal experience with the sun coming up at 5am during my honeymoon there, it's not hard to believe.

They don't have day light savings time, to my knowledge.

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Posted in: Pros and cons of Internet dating See in context

I wasn't even sure he was talking about internet dating. I figured he was talking about local connections till he decided to try internet dating.

Poorly written article.

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Posted in: Sony remodels PlayStation Home See in context

We discovered that if you put a lot of gamers in a room together and tell them to get to know each other, they dont necessarily do that

That just made me laugh... not gunna lie. I still yearn for the ability to take my American server avatar to say... the Japanese servers where I can see different things while I'm not talking to people. But at least I'll have the language barrier as an excuse this time around.

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Posted in: Showing support See in context

Wow... I didn't expect full ancient imperial garbs or anything... but he looks like a jogger. I'm kind of shocked.

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