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Posted in: Mother arrested on suspicion of strangling 2-week-old daughter to death See in context

For someone like me who will probably not be able to have kids this is especially heartbreaking.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy killed by train in apparent suicide See in context

RIP. I swear they put too much pressure on these poor kids sometimes. Bullying plus social and other pressures....

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Posted in: Japanese money in offshore tax havens could solve a lot of problems at home See in context

Meanwhile, if I owe 300 yen in taxes, I am sent a bill in the mail. No escape for me.

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Posted in: 7 injured after car hits pedestrians in Kobe; driver arrested See in context

I just saw the news and the accompanying video and it was a woman who was driving, they even showed her at work and in the cop car...confused.

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Posted in: Clothing giant Uniqlo: Again the face of Japan's deflating economy See in context

The prices are still super high for a low cost store

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Posted in: Quality of daycare in Japan deteriorating See in context

@Burning Bush, so do you think Japan's economy, as it is presently, allows for one income households?

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Posted in: Toll mounts in Japan's detention centers as foreigners seek asylum See in context

Can you actually come here without some type of visa? (even if you are not on a waiver list) I cannot board a plane for Japan without first showing my visa...is it different for these people? These people seem to be in more danger here than wherever they are coming from. This is sad.

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Posted in: Calls for boycott of Oscars grow over diversity of nominees See in context

Maybe this shouldn't be in this paper...we live in Japan now...this type a thing is ok. The above comments support me on this.

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Posted in: 'My Number' system: A worrying glimpse of the future See in context

So can someone explain why we have o present it when sending money home via Western Union????

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Posted in: J.League says it won't punish student who sent racist tweets to Patric See in context

This is the outcome I expected.

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Posted in: Floods stretch limits of Japan's elaborate water networks See in context

I was here wondering if they had gotten evacuation warnings...now I know.Anyway, I am thankful that most were still taken to safety and I know it will not happen again. It took something like this for the people in my country to actually start paying attention to warnings. We weren't half as organized as Japan is though ...

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Posted in: Man cuts off love rival's penis; flushes it down toilet See in context

There goes the popular thought that cheating is ok in Japan. Poor guy. It wasn't right, but that was too harsh. His life is changed forever now. That husband ruined his life also... damn.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy drowns while attempting to save classmate in river See in context

His parents raised a hero. RIP.

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Posted in: Man arrested for confining woman in his apartment for a week See in context

Do not ever blame the victim, especially this one. There is no way she could have prevented this. The weirdo is the only one at fault here. (><) I mean, how many of us could resist going into the car after we realized it was a person we stopped dating because we found them creepy? Victim blaming is wrong. Super wrong. At no point is a victim responsible for their actions.

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Posted in: Osaka to hold referendum on Hashimoto's merger plan See in context

Well There are two separate but very similar English teaching programmes in Osaka...One with Osaka City and the other is with Osaka Fu (prefecture). The differences are as follows: Osaka City teachers ....12 days paid holiday, No sick leave at all, 3 year contract limit. Osaka Fu teachers, 20 days holidays, sick leave provision, unlimited contracting capabilities. If I could vote, I know how I would vote....because if I am to take this as an example of what is to come, then we are screwed if it is a go.....

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Posted in: Journalist's new passport bans him from going to Iraq, Syria See in context

Yeah...I am with Japan on this....

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Posted in: Indonesia to execute 5 foreigners for drug offenses See in context

Karma is swift and unforgiving.

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Posted in: N Korea wants U.S. evidence of its role in Sony hacking See in context

It's just hard to think of some other entity/group/country that would want to defend NK's "honor"..this is why it is hard to believe it is anyone else.

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Posted in: Miyagi driving school ordered to pay damages over students' tsunami deaths See in context

This was so unfortunate. RIP to all who lost their lives. The good thing is this will never be repeated. I know everyone learned from their mistakes.

(I noticed people down-voting the people above who hinted that they would have opted to save themselves despite being told to stay put... #Iwouldtoosorry.)

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Posted in: No. of flu patients soars across Japan See in context

I think an education campaign is needed. One in which people are encouraged to wash their hands often, cover their mouths when they cough, stay home if they are sick ( esp teachers) and not spit everywhere. These actions won't eradicate the virus, but they will help. These may sound simple, but I don't think they are widely practiced.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after mummified remains of mother found at home See in context

Nishimura told police that her mother died last March of 2014 and that she had kept her body in the house since that time.

So when did she illegally abandon the corpse?

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Posted in: Shizuoka hospital influenza outbreak leaves 2 dead, 101 infected See in context

In three days!! or did I read wrong. Omg.

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Posted in: Halloween in Shibuya See in context

I am willing to bet my cat, that next year at this time this will be against the "law".

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

I am not surprised...sadly. I am very happy the lady is ok.

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Posted in: Typhoon slams into Japan; 68 injured See in context

Wow...be safe people...please for heaven's sake take typhoon warnings seriously...fishing!!!


n Shizuoka, central Japan, three Chinese people were swept away by high waves triggered by the typhoon on Sunday afternoon as they were fishing on the coast, a local police spokesman said.

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon dumps rain on Japan See in context

A powerful typhoon looming off the Japanese coast dumped rain over much of Japan on Sunday.

:) It's still Sunday though.... 12:47 pm at the time I am typing this. Keep safe people. Please

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Posted in: 31 climbers found in 'cardiac arrest' on erupting volcano See in context

Ahmmm, do volcanoes give even subtle warnings when they are about to erupt? Isn't there abnormal seismic readings when this is about to happen? I am not understanding how this threat was not expected. I actually thought a volcano was one of those disasters that give even a little warning before. RIP to the one that lost his life..

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Posted in: Gender equality chief makes light of sexist jeering in Tokyo assembly See in context

I am not even outraged....you see, Japan is only just realizing that the world is watching, and that their not so wholesome ways are becoming obvious. They haven't mastered tact just yet. He will rephrase next time I am sure. Strike One

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Posted in: Japanese rising sun badge upsets some at Asian Games See in context

Why did they do that?.....I think it was done on purpose. There is nothing positive about that flag.

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Posted in: HIV/AIDS awareness in Japan still lacking See in context

I have also heard that many Japanese women take it as an insult when a partner decides to use condoms with them. Yep.

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