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Huge lot of nonsense. Of course the figures are grossly inflated. Out of 65 million people in France, 5 millions are of North African or African descent, to the most, not 15 or 20 millions. And the immigration policy did not start in the 1940s and 1950s. There were already a number of Polish, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese immigrants in France before the war. What the articles (both Sapio's and yours) forget to mention is that Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, plus a certain number of West African countries, were French colonies till the late 1950s. Wait, wait, would that mean that their inhabitants were then... French? French enough, it seems, to be used as canon fodder in the two World Wars of the 20th century under the French flag. Old Le Pen should remember that, the self-proclaimed patriot, he who, ironically enough, fought in the Guerre d'Algérie -- a war the French fought to save the Algérie française. Had they won the war, Algeria would be French now. As for his views on the Muslim immigration, they are grossly insulting to millions of people who work in France, pay their taxes and, as opposed to Le Pen and his clanish party, do not borrow money from Russia in order to gain power. «I have always placed nationalism in the forefront of my mind», says he. And mortgaged it to Moscow?

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