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Dragon Lady comments

Posted in: China demand apology for Australian swimmer's doping dig See in context

"Then in March this year China announced 6 more athletes had tested positive and in April WADA suspended its licence to the Beijing laboratory that does testing on its behalf. Very similar situation that Russia is going through now. Its clear that Chinese testing and transperancy is inadequate. Add to this that China has a history of doping in swimming Its no wonder the world has little trust in Chinese athletes. "

A Chinese swimmer was found with a bag of HGH (human growth hormone) prior to competing at the World Swimming Championships in Perth in 1998. Seems like the Aussies know a cheat when they see one.

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Posted in: Emperor worries age may make it tough to perform his duties See in context

More proof that the Emperor is nothing but an empty symbol to those who proclaim to hold him as a god and important figure: if they truly loved the man himself they would let him go, not keep him in a prison where he isn't even allowed to broadcast his message live for fear that he might say something off-script. Seriously, what century is this? It's Qaunbelievable that they will speak on his behalf, and believe he needs to stay under lock and key as 'Emperor' (loved and respected, right?) until his death, when his life will be mourned... etc. Pathetic!

All symbols are intrinsically 'empty' until we attach meaning to them. He was very careful to stress his importance as a 'symbol', cleverly implying that his importance as a human being is very much secondary. It's really not a question of how much love they have for him as a person. He's painfully aware that the IHA really couldn't care less how much he has to suffer and endure as a human being whose raison d'être is to perpetuate the 'idea' of an Imperial Japan, with all that that implies. He's an emperor without an empire and an anachronism for all practical purposes, but sadly there are those who believe that as long as there is an Emperor there is a reminder of empires past and the flicker of hope for empires to come. His father was a war-monger and his grandfather mentally compromised and ineffectual, but they were Emperors and that, as far as the IHA and conservatives are concerned, is all that matters. What century is this? It's the Imperial Century.

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Posted in: China demand apology for Australian swimmer's doping dig See in context

Cheating is good manners? Mind-boggling hypocrisy from China.

Remember all those world record breaking Chinese women in the 5000 and 10,000 meters looking invincible at domestic track meets before Beijing 2008? All done on herbal tea.. I recall a Chinese woman athlete admitting a couple of years ago that she was forced by coaches to dope. China should be sitting this one out along side Russia.

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Posted in: The gang's all here See in context

The way the three women are hidden away behind the front row with all the other men ranged behind them is kind of telling. They really do look like they are being kept around to pour the tea. What a rabble!

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Posted in: What are some of the most unpalatable sandwiches, pastries or other food items you have seen in Japanese convenience stores? See in context

Given the choice between conbini 'food' or death, I'll take death. The smell of the fries or stale oden alone makes me nauseous. I use conbinis's mainly to pay bills. Sandwiches here are a bad joke.

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Posted in: Japanese designer refutes plagiarism claims in Olympic logo See in context

It seems like Japan is doing it's utmost to make the Olympics an event exclusively for amateurs once again...

Is there anything they can't screw up? How about a tanuki with five gonads as the official mascot? I'll give you that idea for free.

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Posted in: 7 customs that Japanese people wish would just disappear See in context

At the same time, you should know how the game works...want that promotion? Consider a game of golf with your superiors..or going along with their request for another drink or two. Just a little extra kindnesses and/or butt kissing can go along way. Not saying go all out, but the boss is going to remember you first when a new slot opens up if you treated him to a beer after that golf game.

Maybe that's why Japan lacks any meaningful or competent governance in politics or industry, the best ass-kisser often ends up running things, not the person with talent who would rather rely on is/her innate skills to get ahead.

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Posted in: Kagoshima schools to resume Saturday classes once a month See in context

*...because in Japan the standardized tests are the end-all and be all-of educational/life success. When will they ever learn?

On Sundays...

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Posted in: 2 dead, 6 injured in Tokyo apartment building fire See in context

41 appliances? I can't imagine anyone in Koto ku got much sleep. 14 sounds about right.

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Posted in: Gunma cop arrested for attempting to kidnap 10-year-old girl See in context

I've long thought the police in Japan were a joke. Now it's clear they are a sick joke.

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Posted in: Japan to provide $15.5 mil to fight Middle East terrorism See in context

So Abe's little foray into the big league of international diplomacy has cost 2 lives and $15m (give or take the $200m he promised on his trip to Israel). He'd have helped the situation at no expense to Japan in terms of lives, money or it's international standing by doing some thinking, shutting his mouth and staying at home. So $500m to burnish Japan's image and wipe it's wartime wrongdoings from the history books and $15m to help combat terrorism? Why even bother?

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Posted in: Ex-adviser to Abe praises apartheid as means of immigration control See in context

If anyone needs their passport confiscating it's this reptile. I'd make her 'persona non grata' outside her own country. I'll take her advice and boycott JAL and ANA. The usual crap from the usual suspects, we want your business,but we don't want you. We'll give you foreign aid (if you buy our scooters, mopeds and cars), but don't ever think we value you as humans beings.

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Posted in: 'Northern Territories Day' ad accused of promoting excessive nationalism See in context

If 'inherently Japanese' means covering a wilderness in concrete, with a vending machine on every corner and cheap and nasty souvenir shops and soba stands to shake down the oba-san daytrippers then let's hope the status quo remains.

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Posted in: 8 out of 10 Japanese didn't know Feb 11 was National Foundation Day See in context

How many care? It's just a chance to have a lie-in, conveniently placed in the middle of the week. Another silly 'national holiday' to circumvent the reality that time off work at one's own choosing is seen as shirking.

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Posted in: Russian businesses woo Japan despite Ukraine sanctions See in context

Very well summed up, warispeace. Japan doesn't have the luxury of choice any more ( not that it's choices were ever wholly independent ones.) It would be wise of Abe to be a little less vociferous about combating terrorism when he falls into the arms of an authoritarian currently proving more of a threat to global destabilisation than China. Trouble is, Abe isn't wise.

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Posted in: Gov't releases guidelines for moral education See in context

"Gov't releases guidelines for moral education"

I had to pinch myself, to believe I was not dreaming. Japan is truly a very funny country....

Yes, it's getting funnier by the minute....

Groupthink in action..

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Posted in: Abe briefing document rules out Japan strike on Islamic State See in context

Without criticizing PM Abe for what he should or would do, in your thinking, tell us what you will do if you are the prime minister of Japan in this case.

I'd stay home and stay the heck away from events that I'm ill-equipped to resolve.

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Posted in: Abe briefing document rules out Japan strike on Islamic State See in context

Typical example of a Japanese PM trying to play world statesman and quickly getting out of his depth. He blundered his way into this, much like the hostages, and now has to to find a way out whilst seeming like a credible leader to his constituents. Shows up Japanese politicians as the third-raters they are.

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Posted in: Haneda Airport strengthens security in response to France terror attack See in context

If the fingerprinting and mugshot measures can't guarantee Japan's safety from dangerous foreigners, how on earth is an innocuous question and a leaflet going to reassure anyone? Band Aid courtesy of your local constabulary...

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Posted in: Free trade agreement between Japan, Australia goes into effect See in context

How long do I have to wait before cheese ceases to be a luxury item? I'm not expecting to see a decent piece of mature cheddar at my local ripoff emporium, sorry, supermarket, anytime soon. Amazed at the lightening speed MAFF can move at once presented with common sense-18 years, wow!

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Posted in: Emperor stresses importance of learning from World War II See in context

It's a pIty the Japanese PM and the Emperor are not able to have a weekly audience as we do in the UK. It would do Abe the world of good to be told by an elder and better that he's talking out of his arse.

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