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dragon1971 comments

Posted in: China aims for Nanjing's history to speak loudly on Japan See in context

@Fox Cloud Lelean Since China's so keen to bring up the past, why don't they bring up the occupation of Tibet? Why don't they bring up the Cultural Revolution? Both of these, and many more events of the past, speak at least as loudly as Nanjing.

As an chinese i knew the story in Tibet and cultural revolution, but is thre any link betwen this and Nanjing massacre? Tibet or culture revolution, this is China's own story. shall chinese blame themselves on how many person killed during Qing dynasty? how many people killed in the 3 kindom period? before they ask Japan to apologize for the Nanjing massacre?

How many Japness killed During the warring states period in Japan?

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Posted in: Asian airlines to give flight plans to China after air zone created See in context

Japan have it own ADIZ, if you don't know , pls google it. you will find how close Japanese ADIZ to China. that would probobaly make you all a little bit happy?

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Posted in: U.S. backs Japan as China tensions soar over air zone See in context

DEAR ALL JAPNESS FRIENDS I found it is very strange, why all Japness friends here alway talk about US. do you really want US to be involved. look into the history, Korea war, Vietnam war, these are wars berween china and US , happened afterwards?

i believe most of poster here donot have enough political wisedom to imagine the outcome for possible war between US and CHIAN over Japan, but i believe you all have life wisedom and experience .

do you have any memory if a small boy involved in 2 big guys fighting, what will heppen to the small boy at the end? does the small boy will get something? or will lose everything?

think about ir

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Posted in: Hollande tells Japanese business leaders eurozone crisis is over See in context

actually, Euro zone is over

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Posted in: China defends massive growth in military spending See in context

could you explain why don't you believe it?"

Start will chinese belligerence in its territorial disputes and aggressive rhetoric.

it is depending on where you are living when you are using the word 'agressive'.. most of chinese belive it is Japan who are more agressive than China.

take a look back into the history, it is very clear who is much more agressive,. who invaded into China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippine... who kills millions of Asians in the WW2?

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Posted in: China defends massive growth in military spending See in context

vast investments in the armed forces have contributed to global peace and stability"

This article should go in an entirely different section: ludicrous propaganda.

Anyone who believes the statement may also believe 2 + 2 = 5.

could you explain why don't you believe it?

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Posted in: Beijing restaurant removes 'racist' sign after fury, but manager refuses to apologize See in context

The restaurant manager must apologize, he really must. I will never forgive him untill he apologize to the DOG!!! this is an absolute insult to all dogs (even mad dogs) to treat them the same way as Japanese! dogs should be allowed for the service!

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Posted in: China and Japan seek to ease tensions, but risks remain See in context

Oh China, when you'll realize in order to beat down the west hegemony, we need to get along

it hard for china to realize that Japan is not seeking hegemony bacause of the bitter experience in World War 2

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Posted in: Peace envoy See in context

That's a great picture. The background painting really seems to fit the relationship.

A big between?

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Posted in: New Komeito leader tells China Abe wants to improve ties See in context

good China-Japen tie are of interests for anybody live in these 2 conuntries. i don't understand why somebody so stupid to take the first step to nationalize this small island, what are all these stupid for? 石原? This guy is to be crucified if something happen between Japen and china, which may bring people of the 2 nations into a nightmare.

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Posted in: Japan talk of warning shots heats up China dispute See in context

Chinese fighters do not have the Range to operate over Okinawa

Dear, actually you made a mistake, J10,J11 even J7 which is out of date , will retire soon from military service , are able to reach Diao yu island.

But nevertheless, war (even in small scale) really not good for both sides. hopefully , Japense and chinese leaders are smart enough to keep away from any war.

china is on the course to modernlization, unsafe surrouding not good for progress in this direction. Japan is in desperate struggle for ecnomic rebounding. war will stop or slow down this progress. A full scale war? Japan is the only nation on earth suffered from Nuke, to be nuked the second time will take Japan to Anthropolithic age

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