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Posted in: Radiation from disaster detected 643 kms off Japan's coast See in context

Looks like the only way to be safe is to avoid the Pacific Ocean completely!

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Posted in: Water temperature rising in No. 2 reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Liar liar plants on fire!!!

ftfy. It's pretty sad, the one year anniversary is coming around the corner and these things still aren't stable.

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Posted in: Bum's the word in Japan security scans See in context

Soon you will be backing into the densha ticket gate, with your pASSmo.

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

Pizza is expensive as crap. I went to the grocery store to see 400 yen for 2 do it yourself SMALL plain pizzas ( and not to mention right under It I can buy the large already made supreme pizza for 300 yen, are you kidding me)! For 5 dollars In america I could have made 2 plain large pizzas. Milk and cheese are pretty expensive too. Bread on the other hand, It depends on where you go. I can get 8 slices of crustless bread for 99yen or 65yen, but the expiry date is usually close, but it's usually fine once I put it in my fridge.

Skin care products are here are particulalry expensive, it was 700yen for a 300ml sized bottle of lotion. I could have bought the same size lotion botttle for 4 bucks back in US.

Also I noticed cased floss is incredibly expensive, around 500 yen for the cheapest thing of floss (and it's slighty bad quality). In us I could buy about 6x that amount of floss for the same price, in better quality.

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Posted in: Ronald McDonald under fire from child obesity opponents See in context

It's true that you should have more home-cooked meals, but even so, most of the homecooked meals my parents made were pretty damn unhealthy(another huge contributing factor to the US obesity problem). Every other day of the week would be fried chicken, porkchops, steak and the like... parents nowadays need to learn how to cook healthier alternatives.

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