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Posted in: Disabled woman yelled at for using train’s priority seat, 'not looking like a handicapped person' See in context

Even people who have a mobility aid get harassed. I'm 40 with a walker. I have been accused of faking, stealing it from someone. I've had to stand up with my walker on the bus because people wouldn't give up their seat or if I ask I get attitude. Here they have something called paratransit where they pick you up at home and take you where you want to go. Even though I'm on disability, I cannot get it without a doctor filling it out. And because my past doctors don't believe me except for my rheumatologists that diagnosed me. I had physical therapy and everything. Now I can't get anything to help, not even medicine. My pain is off the charts but I have to suffer with it. And on top of that I lost everyone because of it because I'm lazy. So I struggle as a single mother with no help besides my daughter. I got yelled at for sleeping during the day and it's just depression. You would be depressed too if you had to live like this. When the pain is this bad, you don't sleep. And no matter how much I share articles about what I'm going through, I'm still a liar with nothing wrong. Only time people believe me is when I'm crying in pain which I did today and I think the hotel was worried I was going to die.

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