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Posted in: Japanese win Ig Nobel prize for study of finger movements See in context

There's a lot of "finger wagging" going on this site these days. Should get those experts in to explain it.

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Posted in: Boeing to resell some Max jets ordered by Chinese airlines See in context

Personally, I wouldnt be seen dead (oops) on one of those Boeing 737 Max jets.

Seriously, who would trust such a Jet after those crazy crashes? Not if you paid me.

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Posted in: King Charles stands vigil as queen's lying-in-state queue swells See in context

"u_s__reamerSep. 17 06:57 pm JST"

Your commentry is often entertaining and inciteful, but with this you surpass yourself.

Take a (Royal) bow "King of the...Word".

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Posted in: Nearly 100 killed in Armenia-Azerbaijan border clashes See in context

This feud has hidden hands of Turkey all over it. I am sure Erdogan has encouraged Azerbaijan to take advantage of Russia's self-imposed weakening military resources. Azerbaijan have been weary of upsetting Russia, but never been their allies. Their predominant cultural, religious and political loyalties have always been with Turkey.

That's what's so disappointing about Putin. His judgement. His mental state that couldn't see this type of opportunistic action against Russian interests happening all over the place, as a result of his crazy invasion of Ukraine.

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Posted in: Queen's death spells awkward return for Prince Andrew See in context

This is a shocking report on this issue from MSM just now.

"As the procession took place shouts from the crowd could be heard clearly.

'Andrew, you’re a sick old man,’ someone in the dense crowd of people shouted.

Footage posted on social media shows outraged mourners pushing the protester into the hands of the police, who tackled him to the ground and dragged him away from the metal barriers.

'I've done nothing wrong' the protester can be heard shouting as Royal Guards overpower the noise with 'God save the King' in unison."

That is in the UK, not in China or Nth Korea. Its like something out of a Orwell movie. What has the UK come to? The extreme measures that the British-centric media and British security services are going to to put down freasonable and fair comment on Royal Hysteria is astonishing.

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian launches private equity firm See in context

And peole like her and her entourage, her copiers, followers, fans and defenders were supposed to represent some kinda radical alternative to conservative America?

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Posted in: Barack Obama: president, Nobel laureate, and now an Emmy winner See in context

He has a fiction movie he produced out now also. KInda fairy-tale or something. Very favorably reviewed. Talented guy.

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Posted in: Turkish leader Erdogan ups rhetoric on Greece See in context

It seems to me that this Erdogan guy is very deviously taking NATO for a ride. He is using NATO's muscle and also using the Ukraine crisis smokescreen to get up to mischief, firstly with the Kurds and now in Greece. NATO should not associate themselves with such a manipulative individual. I wonder is this part of the deal he did with Finland and Sweeden, to agree to them joining NATO. Did they agree to turn a blind-eye from such acvtivities?

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Posted in: Police find 200 items of women’s underwear at suspected thief's home See in context

Undie-cover Cops are on the case.

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Posted in: Road to undisputed: Usyk, Fury want heavyweight title fight See in context

Fantastic fight. Quality won out over quantity. BTW, Fury's young nephew was actually murdered later on Saturday night in Manchester, after a night having been earlier watching the fight.

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Posted in: Serbia warns it will protect Kosovo Serbs if NATO doesn't See in context

Serbian war crimes were horrendous, are undeniable and were well documented. However, it is worth pointing out that there were, and remain cover-ups and non-prosecutions of horrendous war-crimes committed by Bosnian-Bosniacs against the Serbs during the 1990's Balkans war in B/H. The west took the side of the Bosniacs because the Serbs were associated with Russia.

Now, Albanian-Kosovans are, as were the Bosniacs, having their side of the story decorated and distorted by western media for the same reason.

The international courts thet prosecute Human Rights violations are quite politicized and can be very picky and choosey as to who and when to prosecute. A perfect example being how the UK got away with all sorts of nasty activities in Northern Ireland for 25 years.

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Posted in: Police file terrorism charges against former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan See in context

Pakistan have always played both sides of the fence at the same time. .

They were protecting Bin Laden, yet, even in the evening of 9/11 their politicians were on Western Television opportunistically/shamelessly demanding massive amounts of money from the USA and West "to fight terrorism." Just like Turkey and Saudi they are sneaky wolves dressed as lambs. Can never be trusted.

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman arrested over murder of 85-year-old husband See in context

Particularly sad because elderly Japanese and other people can be some of the wisest and most interesting people to talk to.

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Posted in: Ex-Man Utd star Giggs admits to lifelong infidelity in court testimony See in context

. Men are always treated guilty until proven innocent.

Gigs was an outstanding and world class player on the field. In fact he was a model of discipline who never got sent off even once. He was not a thug.

I dont like the fact that he cheated but it is not a criminal offense. Nor does it mean that he did what she is claiming he did either. Moral judgments don't equate to criminal guilt. She was manipulating him to leave his wife and had her own record of cheating herself. Sounds like a definate case of double moral standards. Looks like she was always bitter, and still is bitter that she was not able to continue to manipulate Giggs like she did other men, so she's going after hm in court for revenge. A farce of a case, brought by a gold digger, as was the Rooney case.

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Posted in: Leaders of Ukraine, Turkey and U.N. to meet Thursday in Lviv See in context

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to have an ability to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

He is a war criminal acting as if he is a peacemaker.

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Posted in: Satellite data finds landfills are methane 'super emitters' See in context

Come back European, Australian and Nth American 'farting' cattle, all is forgiven? (Looks like).

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Posted in: Scientists use tiny trackers, plane to follow moths on move See in context

Incredible story.

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Posted in: Fury to walk away from boxing after short-lived comeback See in context

Irish Traveller Fury was denied entry into the USA for his conections with Irish Crime boss Daniel Kinahan, who had been putting a lot of money into pro boxing promotions, but is pulling out due to the attentions of the Irish Polce, British Police, Europol, Interpol and particularly the FBI, who have drawn up a list of 600 peole associated with "The Kinahan Cartel." Ufortunately Fury is on that list, as are loads of other pro boxers. They will all find it difficult to promote without Kinahan Cartel money. My guess is that he is quitting due to all that. The Cartel money is not rolling in and he'll want to avoid the heat and also. I know that all sounds like a novel or something but believe it or not its whats going on behind the scenes in Pro boxing.

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Posted in: Giant fried chicken cutlet won’t fit in the buns of burger from Japanese restaurant chain See in context

You get buns with huge meat bulging out like that in Germany too. Proper burger if you ask me.

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