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Posted in: Japan history revisionists bolder under Abe: analysts See in context

Frankly, even IF hypothetically the massacre was a lie, the massacre is still a drop in the bucket compared to the other attrocities Japan committed, it's just like denying the holocaust

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Posted in: High school student expelled for having sex, sues school for Y6 million See in context

They're just jealous

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Posted in: Teacher accidentally leaks names, health records of students on school website  See in context

Hard to believe a bureaucratic mistake is newsworthy. Over here, news is big when our teachers have affairs with the student

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Posted in: Opponents of immigration in Japan, particularly political conservatives and members of right-wing groups, argue that Japan is a single ethnic group and cannot easily absorb people from other cultures. See in context

I don't disagree, it may not be "Easy" but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Getting a job isn't easy either, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it or have one

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Posted in: Is Pope Francis anti-American? See in context

Pope Francis is concerned about the WORLD, whether he is pro or anti american is irrelevant.

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Posted in: New York stages topless parade with 60 cities worldwide See in context

de Blasio is ruining that beautiful city, crime is up, assault is up, murder is up, homelessness is out of control and running amok. Why not turn 42nd Street back to what it originally was. That's what he seems to want, an out of control liberal progressive free for all society without morals, conduct or any sort of accountability. Just disgusting!

Got any proof to back up the claims? Correlation is not causation and New York has always been like that, I don't know if Deblasio giving free pre-school to poor families is causing it

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Posted in: Another Japanese celebrity claims discrimination in France; netizens not so sympathetic See in context

I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt considering that Paris, France is ranked the most rudest city on the Planet. I mean, I thought British people were mean, but it's a good thing I can't understand french, otherwise, they'd probably have a TON of insensitive and rude things to say, just liike at John Galliano

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Posted in: NBC latest to dump Trump over Mexican immigrant comments See in context

I think his main issue is that tens of thousands are heading to the US illegally and committing crimes when they arrive. Which they are. Hes right about not letting anyone with two legs and a heartbeat in. Theres a process.

There's no doubt that people who cross the border illegally are breaking the law, the problem is that many politicians then go on to make a nasty untrue caricature that most of these illegals are committing heinous and horrible acts. That is the part that is offensive and a down-right lie, because while some commit crimes, most of them don't....Also net illegal immigration in America has been zero for a very long time

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Posted in: 10,000 textbooks recalled over 3-armed girl illustration See in context

There was funny stuff all the time in my textbooks, and it wasn't a big deal, usually because textbooks in our countries are constantly re-printed and re-sold nearly every single year

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Posted in: China slams Western misconceptions of its role in World War II See in context

It's not specific to China, the west doesn't give credit to the BIGGEST fighters of World War 2, which was Russia. The perception is that Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt were somewhat equals, when we all know that Joseph Stalin was Hitler's biggest and worst enemy, Russia suffered the most, this lack of appreciation is not China-specific

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Posted in: World shocked at enduring racism, gun violence in U.S. See in context

Conservatives from every other 1st world country already have common sense beliefs such as Gun Control, Universal Healthcare, and the existence of Man-Made Climate Change. It's the US that has special Republicans who are more right-wing than people like John Howard, Shinzo Abe, Margaret Thatcher, and Stephen Harper

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Posted in: Universities asked to raise flag, sing national anthem at ceremonies See in context

If we force students to sing out of patriotism, then where does the line end? THEN people will be forced to recite the national anthem backwards while riding on a unicycle, don't wanna do it? TRAITOR!

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Posted in: The changing face of Shin-Okubo and decline of Korea Town See in context

If people want to argue about politics, then let them do it, but it becomes a problem when their hatred bleeds into non-political people's lives. People who are not political people and don't care about Korea and Japan shouldn't have to suffer when other people are fighting, keep them out of it. Now, I would also agree that maybe anti-korean sentiment has nothing to do with it, but it's got to affect it somehow, the question is to what degree

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Posted in: Japan's 'survival game' fans play at combat, wary of war See in context

Well, I would imagine part of the reason why Japan is so low is because most of the conservatives are also extremely old, and it's not likely that a 78 year old conservative man would be willing to fight for his country. Japan has a huge old population

But that also takes into account the fact that Japan is pacifist and has no military.

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Posted in: A message for Abe See in context

The LDP is too organized and strong, where as the other parties won't have any chance of winning because they are constantly dissolved or too weak or won't form coalitions, stability is the key

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Posted in: 4 women jailed for beating acquaintance to death See in context

Murderers: A Woman is bad-mouthing us? How dare she make up such horrible lies about us, WE'LL SHOW HER!

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Posted in: Aquino compares China to Nazi Germany See in context

Oh I don't know....I mean, Japan and many other countries supported America's invasion of the Iraq war, China was totally against the invasion of Iraq.....If there was anything in recent history that reminded people of nazi germany, it wasn't sea expansion, it was the Iraq war, Abu Ghraib, waterboarding, etc. not that human rights isn't a big issue in China, but China could never ever get away with invading another country like America did

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Posted in: Chinese skipper jailed for coral poaching See in context

You can never defeat the Coral Industrial Complex, or Big C

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Posted in: Abe says he is 'deeply pained' over 'comfort women' See in context

Again, just TRY to imagine the President of Germany not recognizing WW2 war crimes against jews and for Angela Merkel to visit war shrines dedicated to Hitler, Goebbels, etc. and then not apologize for the holocaust. Its the 21st century ffs

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Posted in: Hiroshima survivors: Haunted 70 years on, determined to remember See in context

The difference between Japanese war crimes and America's dropping of the bomb was that Japanese war crimes were committed with absolutely no provocation, America did not drop the bomb on Japan because they felt like it, they dropped it because it was a war, whether or not it was necessary, it's not like America had done it out of the blue for no reason, Japan had attacked the US, the US fought back in any way they could, that's different from when japan invaded several countries and tortured them all to death for no reason, the bomb was just a bomb, it killed alot of people instantaneously, I'd rather be vaporized in an instant than be raped, beaten, and then bayonetted or buried alive.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' and 'Attack on Titan' directors team up to create 2016 'Godzilla' movie See in context

The movie will be about Godzilla talking with his therapist about the redundancy of his identity and the empty meaninglessness of his entire life.

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Posted in: Multiracial Miss Japan hopes to change homeland's thinking on identity See in context

it's easy to pay attention to the negative posters and ignore the millions upon millions of people who had no problem with her ethnicity. Even in a super multi-cultural place like Canada or America, there are still racists around. But it would do Japan good to be around people of different races more to understand them

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Posted in: U.S. Ambassador Kennedy gets several death threats by phone See in context

Because the US ambassadors have SO much power, next he should threaten the guy who cleans the toilets in the white house

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Posted in: Some parents, adult children can't let go of each other See in context

Oh I don't know, Japan seems to be doing very well for themselves with obedient kids, unlike certain places in America that do poorly due to over-rebellion

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Posted in: WWII firebombings of Japanese cities largely ignored See in context

We should hold ALL victims of war with the equal amount of sympathy and respect, regardless of who they are, and while there is nothing wrong with honoring the victims of war against Japan, it's wrong for Japan to then honor the people who committed war crimes in other countries during world war 2

How would Japan like it if Curtis Lemay was honored as a hero in America? They can't feel sympathy for their victims but then ignore the victims of their action because they are not blood related.

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Posted in: A simple comparison of Japan and Germany is inappropriate. The two countries differ in terms of what happened during the war, under what circumstances they engaged in post-war settlements, and which c See in context

Yes I agree, Germany was dirt poor and was constantly abused by the nations around them which lead to why they started fighting, as resentment to their horrible treatment to other people

Japan was angry they didn't get land, so they butchered and murdered people for their land. Killing people who did absolutely nothing to them in a more sadistic fashion than the Germans did to people they held responsible for all their pain and misery

BIG difference, one killed because they were pushed into a corner and was abused, the other killed more sadistically because they wanted stuff and things.

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Posted in: Netanyahu assails Iran nuclear talks in speech to Congress; Obama disagrees See in context

78% of Jewish people voted for Obama in 2008 and 69% of Jewish people voted for him in 2012. What does it say when most Republicans are the the RIGHT of Jewish people within America? This is all a pandering method by Boehner to spite Obama, but Jewish people know manipulation

George HW Bush's Secretary of State, James Baker once said "F*** the Jews, they don't vote for us"

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Posted in: China media mock Japan's luxury lavatories See in context

Gimme a break, offer this toilet to every single Chinese person in China, I bet they would ALL accept it.

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Posted in: Abe criticizes hate speech See in context

Wow, you don't even see this type of stuff done to Black kids in America, I never see a group actually protest black schools and there are over 20 Million+ blacks in that country.

That's why every minority in Japan should pro-create more and more, create a pushback against the conservatives and their racist thought until it's politically toxic to do so, and I'm glad ABE criticizes it but that's common sense

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