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Posted in: Japanese firm says ¥3.5 bil missing in cryptocurrency hack See in context


It is not the Yakuza. It is North Korea dling all the crypto hacks. This has already been proven last year.

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Posted in: Japanese firm says ¥3.5 bil missing in cryptocurrency hack See in context


Mining was very very profitable at one point.Bitcoin prices went through the roof, and people became super rich. There are still alot of these profits sitting in bitcoin exchanges and such.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine, in custody for assault, also charged with attempted murder of woman See in context

@darknuts.Don't forget as well that a Military Member will get double Jepordy. When a servive member commit a crime off base, they are punished twice. Once by the regular law, wherever that may be, and then once again by the Military. This guy will be punished under japanese law (it's obvious they are going for some serious time as per the attempted murder charge) and then he will be punished by the Military. He may be court martialed as well, and be busted down to E1, and forfeit all pay and allowances. I have seen alot of people get punished twice. However, that is what you get when you commit a crime and bring discredit upon the Military, and the United States.

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Posted in: Two 19-year-old drivers arrested for racing each other 6 kms down mountain road See in context


Your comment made me laugh. Raise the driving age?!? YES! In America (where I used to live) we get our Drivers Learners Pernit at age 14. I was 16 driving from state to state to visit family (alone). I have noticed in Japan that teenagers are way more immature in Japan, compared to American teenagers. I fully suppprt rasing the age to aquire a drivers license, in Japan. In America we are taught to be independent and are not taken care of by our parents until they passaway. HUGE culture differences.

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Posted in: Warship shows Japan's determination to expand military role See in context

Is this the Carrier that would be used to defend Japan if the US left Japan, like all of you have kicked and screamed "Get out" on the last post about Trump wanting to leave Japan? If so, Gooooood Luck with your Helo's, and your F22's. ( oh wait, the only F22 made in Japan, crashed). Sooo, you do need the USA? Looks like it to me! Don't worry, young grasshopper! We will stay and help protect you. We will provide you will Missiles, and F22's made in the USA.

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Posted in: 25-year-old mother arrested over death of 2-year-old daughter See in context

We are all tired of this lady, so we need to just lock her away and throe away the key. Food? Nope! Water? Nope! He 2 year old could not survive, so the punishment should be the same.

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Posted in: Kyoto mayor posts letter to Kim Kardashian on Facebook,explaining what kimono really is See in context

This is just stupid. I will never get back the 3 minutes of my life it took me to read this. Who cares where the word is used. Maybe I don't truely understand because I am nit a 99 year old Japanese person. In other news, it is raining today.

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Posted in: Trump jokes to Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election, please' See in context

Wondering how many of you comment here are American. + if you are. - if you are Japanese.

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Posted in: Over 2,000 doctors worked without pay at Japanese university hospitals: survey See in context

@Yubari, Just because this is the way it is, so you claim, does not make it right.

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Posted in: Over 2,000 doctors worked without pay at Japanese university hospitals: survey See in context

Geeze. I am a disabled Vet and I get paid more than a Dr. Wow!

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Posted in: Trump jokes to Putin: 'Don't meddle in the election, please' See in context

The dems already lost the election during their debate. Why? The dems want illegal immigrants to have free healthcare. The American people don't want that! The homeless in America don't even get free healthcare, why should Illegal Immigrants get it?

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Posted in: EU plans to ease restrictions on food from Fukushima area See in context

Chernobyl is still unsafe to this day. However, magically Fukishima is perfectly fine (says the Japanese Gov't)

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Posted in: Trump spoke privately about ending Japan defense treaty, Bloomberg reports See in context

@Jumin Rhee.

If you are not first, you are last. Sorry, it is the way it goes. Can thr SDF operate with allies? Yes! Can they operate alone? Not so much. You can tell me all day how strong they are, but I trained with the SDF in the past, and they lack some serious skills needed for Defense. Did you train with the SDF and Americans?

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Posted in: Trump spoke privately about ending Japan defense treaty, Bloomberg reports See in context


When I speak of "Japan", I am referring to Okinawa as well.

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Posted in: Trump spoke privately about ending Japan defense treaty, Bloomberg reports See in context

I see all of you complaining about the US Military being in Japan. You people complaining about the troops being here, the bases here, are the same people that will be begging the Troops to save you if Japan is attacked. If the troops left, Japan is doomed. Japan does not have the technology, the troops, the knowledge, etc to defend yourself. I trained with Japanese Sailors, and I can tell you that they have very little knowledge. Why do you think the Japanese troops train with the US so often? So they can get trained! Before bashing the US Military, think long and hard tonight before you rest your head if the US troops leaving is what you really want.

Also, The US has been protecting Japan for years and what has been in it for the US? Nothing. America has got nothing in return. Next time you see a US Sailor, Soldier, Marine, or Airmen, stop them and tell them thank you. WE are the ones that have protected you, and WE are the reason you can sleep at night.

My Grandpa used to say, don't bite the hand that feeds you!

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Posted in: Japan's main opposition party vows to improve pension system See in context

I get more money for the rest of my life from the US Government than the Gov't of Japan could even fathom giving Japanese Citizens. From what I have read the Japanese Pension System is continually broken, and continually failing the people.

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Posted in: Gov't to urge firms to help employees undergoing fertility treatment See in context


How about spacious and affordable housing, they don't expect people to have kids and live in cardboard size housing.

> Where I live, we have spacious and affordable housing. We just built a new house that is quite large and only cost 450k, cash. That is quite affordable.

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Posted in: Gov't to urge firms to help employees undergoing fertility treatment See in context

You forgot Step 0: Jobs need to be created first.

How about you create a single job first before you tell others what to do? Create your own business, hire people, and then pay them high wages for little work, also pay for their social security, education, everything. When you do that, come let me know.

Why do I need to create jobs? I already worked hard for 14 years, and now I am semi-retired at age 38. No one said higher wages for little work. 9-5 Jobs with decent pay is how jobs should operate. Since when does a company pay social security? In America we pay into it our entire life, and get it at a certain age, or become disabled. In America anyone can go to a University and get a degree. If you don't make much money, you can even get grants and free tuition. Why can't Japan offer this? There are jobs in Japan that pay well. An English teacher can make ¥3000 a hour. That is pretty good pay for not having any prior experience. Next...

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Posted in: Gov't to urge firms to help employees undergoing fertility treatment See in context

Japan keeps pushing for people to have kids As I stated before, these are the changes that need to be made in order for the birthrate to rise.

Step 1: Jobs need to pay higer wages.

Step 2: Jobs need to be required to work not so many hours.

Step 3: Free Education -Kintergarden to 12th Grade-Inexpensive School Uniforms.

Step 4: Give mothers, fathers PAID maternity leave. Let fathers take leave with no reprocussions.

Step 5: People will have more children if you do the above.

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Posted in: Trump says new sanctions on Iran to start Monday, but he wants to make a deal See in context

Trump stopped the Attack on Iran. Trump stopped the roundup / deportation of Illegal Immigrants, and now he is going to stop the imposing of Sanctions on Iran. This man is something else! All talk, no action. Remember when he said Hillary would be locked up? Well, he backed off on that as well.

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Posted in: Trump postpones nationwide immigration enforcement sweep See in context

imagine that! First he stops the strike on Iran, and now stops deporting Illegals. Trump is a real hoot these days. He is all talk, no action.

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Posted in: Japanese students more open to use of marijuana, survey suggests See in context

Marijuana is not a drug. I wish it was legal in Japan. I have chronic pain from a failed spinal fusion, and a closed iliac vein. I don't get any pain medication. Marijuana would be nice to help ease the pain. So I pretty much suffer everyday, in pain.

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Posted in: Over-75s caused twice as many traffic fatalities as younger drivers in 2018: gov't report See in context


So, TWO LIVES have to be taken befoee someome loses their license? Okay, two of your family members can be removed from this earth during fatal accidents. Then the driver will lose their license, and walk away free. Sound good?

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Posted in: Self-Defense Force chopper makes crash landing in Tokyo; crew unharmed See in context

Is the public going to freak out like they do when a US Aircraft Crashes in Japan? I am sure not, because it is a Japanese Aircraft, and no Americans are involved.

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Posted in: Fugitive's car found in Kanagawa after he gets away from prosecutors See in context

I saw on NHK there were 5 or 6 cops that went to his house. He held up a knife, lunged at the Cops and ran to his Car and drove away. Alll 5 or 6 Cops must have just stood around looking at each other while this suspect drove away. Japanese Cops are so weak. In America it takes one Cop to stop a suspect with a knife. In Japan, 6 Cops can't even stop one person.

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Posted in: Iran's Revolutionary Guard shoots down U.S. drone See in context

Miscalculation? There is no miscalculation when a US Aircraft is shot down. Get ready for another War ladies and Gents. I have been part of 2 Wars, and I am glad my time is over. I rather be a disabled Vet than do that all over again.

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Posted in: Shibuya bans drinking alcohol on streets for Halloween, New Year See in context

There are, however, no penalties stipulated for offenders in the ordinance which comes into force Thursday.

> I don't understad why there are no penalties written. The same thing for usimg violence towards children.There are no penalties. Why make a law if there are no penalties. This makes no sense.

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Posted in: FSA estimates couples need retirement savings of up to ¥30 mil See in context

Well, looks like with my Military Disability pay from the United States is way more than enough according to these numbers. I will be a rich old man, apparently. 30 million yen for retirement is NOTHING.

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Posted in: Pierre Taki given suspended term for cocaine use See in context

What happens if I do just a small amount of cocaine because my life is full of stress and I need to relax? If I get fired from my job do I get a free pass as well? No one does cocaine to relax. Cocaine is an upper. not a downer. I think this judge needs to be educated on drugs.

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Posted in: Gov't unveils measures to prevent car crashes caused by elderly drivers See in context

Blah Blah Blah. These measures do NOTHING. Only solution is to get them off the road!

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