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Posted in: Tokyo's 'Little Nepal' a microcosm of Japan's evolving identity See in context

A friend of mine is a highly skilled chef and has a Nepalese restaurant. He has complained to me that there are too many Nepalese coming in and pretending to be chefs as they can get the visa by claiming to be a specialized chef. Families set up these restaurants so that they can bring their relatives over even though they can’t cook. This is why so many Indian/Nepalese restaurants are hit and miss.

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Posted in: Triumph sums up Japanese women, trends and achievements in Heisei bra and skirt lingerie set See in context

All I can hear is Benny Hill music

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes fetches record-matching Y400,000 at season's 1st auction See in context

I wonder how many people that money could have fed (especially in Phillipine slums) Shamelfull!

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Posted in: 'Booth babes' on verge of extinction at Geneva Motor Show See in context

Well if they keep them in Asia they should bring in fit men to ogle at...just to be fair. Though I really dislike the men ogling and taking photos more than the girls on display.

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Posted in: Female temp worker's fight for labor equality a full-time job See in context

Garthgoyle you should look into joining a union. It's not guaranteed that you can become a permanent employee if you teach at university. (A ten year rule has been set up). However some companies may not realize that April will be the "5 years plus one day rule". Wait and see...but join a union if you want to fight for your right.

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Posted in: Japanese scientists regrow hair at record rate See in context

but consuming the substance alone offers no fringe benefits.

Ha I see what you did there

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't teams up with Japanese rapper to promote roller coaster subway system See in context

2 out of 10 thought it would be a lot more exciting than that

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Posted in: Daughter arrested for stomping on mother’s head, causing her death See in context

she stomped on her head on the 14th and called the ambulance on the 17th. I wonder if the mother just lay for three days until she died. Very sad.

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Posted in: Donald Keene obtains Japanese citizenship; shows off 鬼怒鳴門 as his name See in context

I wonder if he really gave up his American citizenship

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Posted in: Nissan may revive Datsun brand See in context

My first car ironically was a Datsun Cherry!

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Posted in: Man attempts suicide after police find mother's corpse hidden in vacuum bag See in context

I also thought it meant vacuum cleaner bag by the headlines....should have included the "storage". RIP (but the mother should have kicked him out long ago)

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Posted in: Gov't kept silent on worst-case scenario at height of nuclear crisis See in context

yasukuni -So you had to make the decision, if it "blows", do you hit the highways and get stuck, or stay inside in Tokyo. Everything I read suggested that at the very worst it would involve staying indoors for a day or two.

unless another earthquake forced you outdoors!

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Posted in: Lady Gaga to appear on 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' See in context

I saw Gaga on the TV the other day and she is an artist to be recognized. She uses Japanese designers and her songs are ok. She may have a limited life at the top but I think she is pretty clever to know where her biggest market is ....Japan. I will be watching and enjoying hopefully!

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Posted in: EXILE completes 5-dome tour See in context

kids and women like them...

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Posted in: Mother cycling with 2 daughters run over at crossing; both children die See in context

RIP little ones...I saw the car on the news. Looked like car was speeding by the way it was damaged.

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Posted in: Tasty, these noodles are: Nissin gets help from Yoda See in context

thought this page was in Google translate mode....nope just a weird "article"

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Posted in: Man secretly videos 2,000 women in public toilet; sells DVDs of footage See in context

I always try to check for hidden cameras in public toilets and even in onsens.

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Posted in: Boy stabbed during college festival in Tokyo See in context

there is alcohol still served at my uni and a lot of the kids are drunk by evening...haven't seen violence though.

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Posted in: Dog pedometer See in context

useless accessory that costs almost 4000 yen!

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Posted in: Lawson, Radish Boya team up to offer online groceries See in context

I think Radisha boya blew the whistle on the tea wholesalers in Shizuoka that had tea with high radiation levels.

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Posted in: Love potion See in context

well if it doesn't work, you should be able to take it back!

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Posted in: Apple says pre-orders for iPhone 4S break record See in context

Zichi. ooo err! I was referring to the infamous Foxconn Factories(that makes Apple,Dell and Sony products) who made workers sign contracts requiring them not to commit suicide after 14 workers did so. They have extra (illegal) overtime to complete orders when demand is high..such as when Apple launches a new product. I have Apple products but I don't feel the need to upgrade every year for the sake of it.

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Posted in: Apple says pre-orders for iPhone 4S break record See in context

guess that means there will be a few more overworked Chinese factory workers to placate our need for upgrades and shiny new gadgets

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy falls to death from 6th floor of apartment building in Saitama See in context

On Wednesday all the kids returned home before 2pm where I live.

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