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Drdolittle2 comments

Posted in: Germany arrests 2 Japanese, 1 American for selling drugs online See in context

Now you shall see how the Japanese Government will get involved by saying they were led into this, are innocent and should be released immediately. Money talks and they will be back in Japan in no time...Cheers.

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Posted in: Abe's support slips to 32% See in context

What difference does this support thing have on Abe san still staying in office...even if his support goes down to minus 32 he can still stay as Prime Minster and things in Japan will keep moving on, hardly has any difference about his support. And even if they were to change the top guy things in Japan will hardly change and life goes on.

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Posted in: Public support plunges for Abe See in context

What difference does it make even if the public support reaches the zero level...LDP will win and nothing will change...life goes on...

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Posted in: Police raid Toyota offices after arresting U.S. executive See in context

Ms. Hamp is lucky she was not caught by the State police, they would have stripped her and dug into all her body holes searching for more of the stuff, remember they did that to the Indian diplomat who was arrested not for drugs but for some other reason.

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Posted in: How women can manipulate clueless men See in context

*Unlike the female brain, which can perform numerous functions simultaneously, the male brain is a “mono-tasker.” *** Rally...I can drink Beer and Pee at the same time...lol

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Posted in: Michelle Obama's trip to Japan, Cambodia finalised See in context

It would be better for her to go to India instead of Japan if she really cares about women education and women rights!!!

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Posted in: Birthday girl See in context

Would like to know what her official duties will be...Smiling could be one of them.

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Posted in: Living art See in context

Its the little kid who is actually bold enough to reach out to the Bold Yamada

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Posted in: Tsunami evacuees caught in Y3 tril money trap See in context

Shortage of skilled workers, I can tell you ! Reason no. 1 ! They can get millions of workers at any given time from China to fill the worker shortage.

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Posted in: Justice minister undone by cheap paper fan See in context

That a paper fan valued at 80 yen could run afoul of Japan’s election laws is testament to the strict prohibition on gifts to constituents. What Nonsense...all politicians stink with foul money...and in this century no politician in whatever country can really be a politician if he/she does not stink with foul money...

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Posted in: What the boys will be wearing next year See in context

If that's they best they can do, they are better off just wearing their undies..

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Posted in: Burger King Japan has two new burgers with jet-black buns and black cheese See in context

Fast food market is so competitive that those into it have to keep on coming up with new gimmicks to stay in the market lest they are fast gone out of business.

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Posted in: Most people wish, hope and pray for peace in the world. So why are there still so many wars going on? See in context

War and destruction is a source of making money and some corporates/Govt would love to create wars for sake of money. Greed.

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Posted in: Kagawa blasts Japan's 'pathetic' World Cup exit See in context

Japan’s talismanic midfielder Keisuke Honda, who had declared defiantly that the Asian champions could win the World Cup, cut a forlorn figure after the match. My goodness the best of the best teams can never say they can win the World Cup. What did he drink on the day he said this!!!. The person who should be kicked out of the Japan team should be Keisuke Honda. If a team cannot even win against a 10 member team...there is really something missing there.

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Posted in: How do you think Japan will do in the World Cup? See in context

Japan will win the world cup " The new World Cup Champions"

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Posted in: What are some of Japan's best free sightseeing spots? See in context

My Balcony which gives view of the Tokyo tower and all the Fireworks in the summers anywhere in Minato area/ Azabu Juban summer festival

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Posted in: What would you say are the pros and cons of having legalized casino gambling in Japan? See in context

There is more con then pros here... The Filthy rich will only get filthier and richer... The social problems will get bigger and it will be time to legalize prostitution in Japan as well Casinos and prostitution do go hand in hand...

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Posted in: Getting ready for Obama See in context

You better be good ...You better be nice Cause Obama san is coming to town...

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Posted in: How come Japanese couples don't say "I love you" to each other as often as their Western counterparts? See in context

To the Westerners "I love you" has lost its real meaning, to the Japanese it does not mean anything...so what difference does it make anyway!

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Posted in: Akie Abe not afraid to speak her mind See in context

Most women..be it Japanese or non..be it Akie or anyone...usually speak their mind...but speaking their mind is one thing but do they make any sense is another...as far as i know and all the women I have met...most do speak their mind off most of the time, then it should be that most women should not be depressed at all but i don't see it that way with all the women i meet...cheers

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Posted in: Turkish PM, in Tokyo, says Assad must go if Syria is to have peace See in context

Its should be Erdogan should go if Turkey and Syria is to have peace and while Erdogan is going he will do this planet a whole lot good if he can take the Saudi King's along with him...

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off sleeping woman's underwear See in context

How can some break into a locked house so easily...there must be a window or door left unlocked.

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Posted in: Boko Haram gunmen slaughter 40 students in college dorm See in context

lostrune2 Saudi and Qatar will be willing to help .

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Posted in: Mizuho considers making English an official language in workplace See in context

It would be better if they make Chinese as the official language instead of English.

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context

I had a friend who was working for NHK collecting the so called fees and he himself told me that this fees is a farce and its just used for the commission/salary of the retired personals of NHK and every month whenever the collectors are able to collect more then their target amount the extra amount is used for entertainment purposes like drinking parties and karoke and lavish dinners among the collectors. Further some of the old geezers also get the chance to date old ladies who are also collectors. My friend got disgusted with his work and the way the money was been spent and stopped working as a fee collector. He had strongly advised me to stop paying this fees. Now folks you can think what you like but i for one know that this is really true how some things work here. Cheers.

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Posted in: Japan’s first 'cuddle cafe' lets you sleep with a stranger for Y6,000 an hour See in context

I don't understand why all this fuss about this "cuddle Cafe"...It's just a stupid idea for stupid people...so why all the fuss...its will also just pass away with time...so what's next...'Cuddle Hello Kitty Cafe'... 'Cuddle my Puppy Cafe'... Cuddle my Kitty...Cuddle my A@@ Cafe'...this is just the beginning folks... see what comes next will be more fun...cheers

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Posted in: Japanese department store chain sees Y500 mil damage in China riots See in context

...And what is Mr Ishihara doing here...sitting and thinking what other islands to buy next...

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Posted in: U.S. says world can't afford crisis in Asian seas See in context

And yes..The world can afford all the conflict in Africa and the Middle East....

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

They must have got paid to put on those silly hats...

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Posted in: Details of Roppongi slaying emerge, but raise new questions See in context

Sometimes you can see semiconscious women get booted out from passing cars right at the main Roppongi intersection.

What nonsense...Have been living in Roppongi for the last 20 years.. yes things have gone bad in Roppongi...but random cars booting out drugged girls right at the Roppongi intersection right in front of the Koban...now either the person does not know Roppongi or has had one too many at the time of writing this.

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