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Posted in: China, S Korea wary of release of Fukushima treated water into sea See in context

Why don’t they ferry it to the middle of the ocean and dump it there, far from any coastline?

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The lack of green space in Tokyo is horrific.

Tokyo has more parks than most other big cities I’ve been to. I enjoy going to a new one every time.

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Posted in: Assemblyman in Mie reveals same-sex couple's address online See in context

I think some misunderstand

Not really. The couple’s name is irrelevant for the story. The only name relevant is the politician’s. He’s a public figure and needs to be held accountable accordingly.

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Posted in: Yubari may offer Japan a taste of things to come See in context

Not true. France's total fertility rate of 2.06 live births per female is right at replacement and that of Okinawa at 1.94 is almost there. Find out what the secret sauce is in these places and apply it liberally in the Japanese mainland.

Right, France, where about 30% of the population are immigrants and you can’t figure out why they’re able to maintain their fertility rate?

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Posted in: Tokyo likely to reduce age limit on kids in opposite-sex public baths, report says See in context

Here’s a novel idea; why not just make all baths mixed-sex and everyone wears a bathing suit, like in the rest of the civilized world.

Having to look at shrivel-d all night is not exactly my idea of a relaxing time. It’s also not that great if you go out with your partner for a relaxing evening that you then have to spend apart.

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